Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are You There Wifey?...It's Me Your "Cuckold Bitch"

Well I was a little surprised by how many people enjoyed the fact that I was left with blue balls. I knew you all were preverts, and I think that is why I like you all so much, so here is my view of what happened and what could happen "maybe" in the future if Mistress Carrie comes back.

Blue Balls. Let's discuss. I don't know if I've ever really felt this unique sensation before this exxxperience with Carrie. After she rolled over and went to sleep, I could feel a pressure terrorizing my nutshack. I've haven't ever felt so helpless with my aching nuts. My boxers were wet and sticky as my dick leaked my excitement even though there was going to be no relief for me in the near future.

Don't get me wrong lady or ladies...I don't always demand sexual satisfaction everytime Carrie gets off. Hold your applause please. I'm just a gentleman like that. In fact, I've always enjoyed it a little more when Carrie has more fun in bed than myself. Who would have guessed that the cuckold in me enjoys the unbalanced sexual orgasam total, but then came my experience with Mistress Carrie.

I remember the last thing I asked Mistress Carrie before she went to sleep, "Would you ever cuckold me?" and her Playful Wifey response, "Maybe."

My balls went into a panic. They cried, "What did you just ask for?" Did I really want Carrie to cuckold me? Do I really have the hubby size confidence of King Kong to allow my wife to cuckold me?

I guess a cuckold is different to me than just a Watchful Hubby. As you may or may not know by now, I have always wanted to watch Carrie go through the entire experience from the choosing of another man to watching her have sex with him in front of me. I want to see and hear all the intense moments of passion that will stir in my sweet wife and her male companion. I want to see his "action star" perform feats of daring sexual exploration on the sweet, and nearly virginal, territory of my darling Wifey. I want him to send my wifey into levels of pleasure that she deserves because I truly think Carrie deserves a hot torrid sexual affair in her life. Maybe that does sound like a cuckold?

Again, I guess a cuckold to me is different. In a cuck experience, Carrie would probably go on a "girls only" vacation. Carrie would inevitably meet someone at a bar that her girlfriends take her to on a night of bar hopping. Maybe Carrie would approach the other man or maybe the other man would approach Carrie while her friends were talking, but she wouldn't be left alone for long, even with her wedding ring on display. Then Carrie and the other man would have some drinks and their conversation would probably quickly lead to flirtation and then more. Carrie feeling a little buzzed would probably make the ultimate move when she would more than likely suggest that the other man come by her hotel room after she says goodnight to her girlfriends.

Maybe Carrie would send me a text right before he knocks on her hotel room. Just to tell me that her kness are weak with anticipation and that her panty area is getting terribly warm. I've always wanted a text that would tell me bits of info without giving too much away. Text or not enough texts, my wifey would fuck him and then he would fuck her and back and forth all fucking night. Then the next morning, maybe Carrie tells her girlfriends that she "cheated" on her faithful hubby who is miles and miles away or maybe she tells them the truth, that right now her cuckold hubby is so excited as he waits to hear all the details and reclaim his wifey.

I can't lie to you or the blog...I could love the idea of becoming a cuckold and letting Carrie do all sorts of crazy things but I don't know if I could just sit at home and wait. I'm not a patient man. I would swell with anticipation just like our friend Violet when she went on that candy factory tour. I would go Taxi Driver frisky with the knowing and not knowing of what Carrie was doing. It would remind me of that time when Carrie was away with D and I couldn't be near her or talk to her because she was with him. Whew! But it was nice once Carrie came back to me. And I love when she tells me things about D and the time she spent with him.

Maybe I am a cuckold?


  1. I don't know if you are a cuckold, either, but it sure was hot reading about it. Wow!

  2. Cuckold is just a label, I think you can find your own identity within that world. But one thing is for sure, you want your wife fucked by other men and that is quite exciting to read about.