Friday, July 9, 2010

Why? - The Beginning

Why would a loving husband want to share his bride, well it all began in the beginning...
I met my wife, Carrie, through one of her old boyfriends and I fell for her instantly. Not like cupid and candy hearts but an "O-Hello" type of feeling that I had never felt before or since meeting my future mrs.
Carrie is a mid-size brunette with a bootay that makes you say "hhhheeeeyyyyy", and it was her amazin' ass that I couldn't get out of my mind as I charmed and courted her for a year! I guess this is where I also began to compete for milady's affections as my best friend was also trying to put moves on Carrie, while she had a boyfriend at the time as well. I didn't think I had a chance but then luck struck and after a night of poor pool playing, Carrie told me she liked me and I spent the night with her; but nothing happenned that night.
The next few days were lovely as I literally floated around knowing that, "I won muthafuckers! I got the girl that I wanted!!!" Then...
...a mason that my Carrie had met before me came to town for a weekend and Carrie promised, but you know how that goes. The mason would later become the 1st T.O.M.
The first T.O.M. spent a weekend with my love and though she told me the mason tried hard to conquer my Carrie, she remained faithful, well almost faithful-there was some making out but GOD I would love to know more about that weekend.
It's been years since then but I still can feel an immense excitement thinking about how that mason tried and tried. He was the first man to seduce my girl since we began as a couple. He was the one responsible for opening my eyes to how I felt about Carrie being with another man.

There have been other T.O.M.s since...

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