Friday, July 16, 2010

She Said...,or excuse me while I whip this out!

So you've hopefully had a chance to read my wife's post about Adam, but I wanted to give my perspective, as wifey's husband, since Carrie was kind of busy at the time.

My memories of that spring night are burnt into my head. Seriously; it was a super ass hot mutha of a night, and I am in no way referring to the weather that night. My wife and I met Adam at a national restaurant chain and in hindsight that was a strange experience in itself. I felt like the waitress knew immediately what our threesome was going to be doing that night after we left her table but I didn't give a shite. No one ate that night except for me. I enjoyed dinner because I wasn't apparently as nervous about the rest of the evening as my wife and her boyfriend appeared to be because they didn't eat or drink anything. I don't remember much conversation at dinner and I began to worry that the night might get cancelled due to apathy, but when I left to use the restroom; the night picked up.

I spent an extra amount of time in the restroom so my wife and Adam could have some time alone together. I remember reading the entire sports article about Yao Ming at the urinal, not because I'm a fan, but I wanted Adam to make his move. And he did.

When I got back to the table, Adam took off to the restroom, and Carrie hit me with his idea. She said that he wanted her to ride with him in his car to the strip club, and that I could follow behind him. I don't know why that shocked me, but I was instantly aroused. Holy Shit! Adam wanted my wife to himself and she was cool with it!! And I was completely cool with it!!! Holy Shit!

I love my wife's post about seeing me from another car at the bank while Adam went to the ATM. I know she wasn't doing anything with him at the time, but to see my Carrie sitting in his car was intense. I highly recommend it. The rest of the ride wasn't as exciting in my car as what was going on with Adam and Carrie in his car, which I had no idea about til reading Carrie's Memories post. (You must read her post for yourself)

I followed Carrie/Adam to the strip club like I was a cop from Dragnet. I could just see their heads, and the not knowing what was going on inside his car was going to give me a heartattack. We went into the strip club but honestly it could have been a library to me. I've never been very good at strip clubs eventhough Carrie doesn't usually mind going to them. (I really do have the best wife in the world!) She even got a private lap dance one time from a woman that she picked out; I'm 36 and I've never had a lap dance, but that's why me and Carrie work because I get off when she is very happy.

I remember that Carrie went to restroom before we all sat at a table like two fucking feet from the damn stage. I don't know why we sat that close to the stage because as soon as Carrie left, a stripper came up to Adam and me and wanted to know which one of us was with Carrie. I said she was mine, maybe too quick, but she is and always will be mine.

Carrie's post about the strip club was on point describing this because once I came back from the restroom and saw Carrie's hand squeezing Adam's very much larger arm than mine, and his paw pushing its way up Carrie's skirt to rub her soft soft soft thigh, I was ready to go. Check please!Sorry strippers but you are not the best show in town tonight. So off to home we went.

Adam followed us to our appartment, and we all crept into the appartment like it was XXXmas inside and we didn't want to surprise Santa with our dirty intentions. Carrie went to the restroom and told me to put some music on. I offered Adam a drink but this dude was in the zone and he declined. I offered Adam a seat on the couch but again he ignored my suggestion because he stood like a gentleman waiting for Carrie to return.

Carrie came out of the restroom and Adam and her sat on the couch side by side. Adam was sweet to Carrie and didn't just jump her bones which is one of my favorite moves. Instead he rubbed Carrie's neck and shoulders. It seemed like that worked because Carrie began to relax and soon Adam pulled one of the greatest moves I've ever seen done to my wife.

Adam very smoothly grabbed Carrie at her hips and lifted her onto his lap. Fucking INCREDIBLE! Then they began to make out and that was when pornography died to me. You can never watch porn and feel anything more naughty and dirty than seeing your wife make out with a handsome man in front of you.

Their clothes quickly came off and Adam sure did seem to know how to make Carrie happy. He sucked on her breasts harder than I thought was possible and she loved it. He grabbed her ass like it owed him money and lifted her up and literally rubbed my wife on his stiff junk. Her wet panties made the sexiest noise as the sheer pink thong was being tested with the friction of their grinding.

I remember Carrie looking over at me at one point and asking me to get the flavored condom that we had bought 4 hours earlier at the adult shop. I can't properly describe one of my wife's blow jobs. Imagine the best blow job you've ever had, Carrie's blow jobs will make that look like a handshake. So I didn't blame Adam because it did not take him long before he groaned like a bear in the woods. I thought for a moment that my wife was hurting him but the dude came hard.

Fuck dude we have neighbors, but I loved this night a lot. A WHOLE LOT!!!

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