Thursday, November 1, 2012

Adam & PlayfulWifey 3: After, Day After, More After, And Now

Hello our Lil'Personal-Sized Perverts and of course all of our Full-On-Figured Freaks,
It's been awhile but we still love you all equally so I wanted to just finish cleaning up around here and give you the what is what and now and new.

After the Date...

(To really explain my reaction to after the date, please allow me to reintroduce myself during my wife's date with Adam)

I must admit whilst my sweet and ever sexy playfulwifey was next door dating another man, I was left alone with 2 + Too Attentive = 4way intoxicating bartenders who seemed just as concerned about my levels of dehydration as I was with seeing double, so I may have had a few too many MANly pints.  My excuse that it was a summer afternoon with a Yankee v. Indians game on and a new New York Times to read is legit, but to the bartenders I probably just looked like an old unemployed hobo with an anxious disposition and no evident ability to small talk. 

My mind was elsewhere that beautiful afternoon, so while it was away with the wifey, whoever was left in charge let the scene lead to a few couple lot of beers and once wifey picked me up after her date and caught me up to after the date, I became the result of a grumpy bad attitude only displayed in very young children, middle aged men, and dying zebras.  Adam had yet again let down Kink Team Sex by not taking more charge of his date with my wife.  Christ, from what I heard it was like an awkward latenight episode of Sportscenter, with Adam and my wifey talking more baseball and football, than "suck my balls then rub one out on my foot."  Not the expected outcome of spending the last of my youth shopping for the damn outfit that Adam apparently ignored while playing the Wide World of Sportsmanship with my wifey who was game for something else on the menu at Applebees that afternoon.

So...Wifey and I drove to sushi and drowned our blue bull sorrows with Japanesse Beers.  Yorokobi! some Asahi 
Then...Wifey and I drove home and dropped our drawers with in seconds of being with in our sexroom. YAY! a lay
Next...Wifey and I dove undercover and played cowboys and robbers. She was a Yankee cop and I was a Cleveland Indian. You're OUT! of order
Finally...Wifey and I done it with her vibrating rocketship that sent her O-biting my shoulder while I skeetered with my 0.1524 metered peter.  3 Times! 4 Hubby

Day after the day...

Feeling shitty about the date with Adam, both Wifey and I needed to think about what the fuck just happened and what to do next with him.  So what do you do after you have a confusing affair that went nowhere, well if you were we, you'd also go away to get away, and of course to play in your own special way.

After the date, Playfulwifey felt horrible about how the "it" went.  She took way too much blame for Adam's lack of game and since I wasn't around to see what went down, I didn't know what to say to her or about the date.  I was confused, frustrated, and probably hungover.  I could tell that there was a part of my wifey that really still wanted to play with Adam and this was hard for both of us to deal with and what to do next and if there was to even be a next.  Adam was still very interested in my wifey, as though in his head the date went great, and though Playfulwifey was disappointed in Adam's "bore a date to sex my mate" approach, wifey found herself "tempted" by that very brief kiss they had at the end of their date.

So...just like when Charleton Heston went up a hill with a robe and came down with a text message on some paper made of rock, Playfulwifey and I were led by something tingly under our robes to go down to the pornstore for new supplies to aid between our thighs.

8 inch WifeSaber: $90
6 speed Vibrating-Wife/Happy-Life Toy: $50
4 hour Underground Parking Spot in the Middle of a Major Metropolitan City: $30
Playfulwifey Taking You to Your Overpriced Underground Parking Spot and Letting You Work Her Over with Her New BuzzingToy While Really Fucking Old People Take Their Sweet OblivAss Time to Get the Fuck Away from You While Playfulwifey Orgasms While You Are Also LookOut for More Old Fucking Blue-Haired ToyCockBlockers:  Priceless

More After the Day than I Care to Remeber...

This is the part I hated the most because I didn't do anything.  Wifey was tempted and ready to plan a hotel stay to play with Adam and his ideas of all sort of naughty things he wanted to do to my wife eventhough he was unable to demostrate these ideas in verbal and/or nonverbal cues during his date with my wife.  I choked.  I should have just nutted up right there and gave wifey my credit card and loaded on the computer myself, but instead I played our favorite game at our house, THE DINNER GAME.  This game sucks and sucks and then sucks some more and no matter how strong of mind you think you are you will never ever out think your oppenent because you're your only oppenent in THE DINNER GAME.

Dinner Game:
2 or more players; preferably married

1st player:  What do you want for dinner? (Have a great idea in mind already)
2nd player:  I don't know. (Clearly knows)
1st player:  What sounds good to you? (Wait for other player to guess idea)
2nd player:  I don't know. (Clearly knows)
1st player:   ...                   (...)
2nd player:  What sounds good to you? (Clearly knows)
1st player:   ...                   (...)
2nd player:  ...                   (...)

Game continues til the last person that starves is declared "the winner" by EMT. 

And Now...

It's been three months since Playfulwifey and Adam have written and I really don't know anymore than I did three minutes after the date.  Wifey and I talk about Adam once in awhile but usually it's a random comment and it never goes anywhere.  Adam hasn't written or contacted wifey or I as either a way of being respectful of our relationship or as a signal of a major mental handicap that was earlier thought only to be politeness.

The End

Butt it's not the end yet I think.  In fact, it may be the end of Adam, may, but my wifey is still pursued by other men and they have been way more interesting in their pursuits than Adam has been to date.  Get date...Adam.

to be or not to be continued...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Wifey's Date...

After a little time to digest what happened, I think I'm ready to write about it. THE date. THE long awaited date! THE date Hubby and I fantasized about then had super hot sex to! THE date we thought was not going to happen but then was (Holy OMFG) planned.

***I'd like to preface my date neurosis by stating that @WatchfulHubby is THE ONLY man I have ever been with besides our minor foreplay sessions with Adam.***

Soooo.....we (I had been telling Adam in e-mails "we" would be meeting him, but all along knew "I" would show up for drinks alone) finally worked out a mutual time and place to meet Adam. I let him pick the time and place halfway between where we both live and agreed to show up. Where and when did he pick? A family friendly restaurant...IN! THE! MIDDLE! OF! THE! DAY! How is a perfectly respectable-horny-hotwife supposed to get respectably-horny-hotwife buzzed in the middle of the day in a bright sun-lit restaurant with a day server?! OK, so I did my best. Did my hair. Got a mani/pedi, courtesy of Watchful Hubby's wallet. Shaved....let's be entire body! Drug Watchful Hubby through HOURS of shopping for THE perfect outfit...SUPER short black shorts, a flowy low-cut top with a tight tank top underneath (per Adam's request), and extremely high, strappy heels.

If any of you have read my Twitter account, you know my main goal from the date was to see if we had maintained our sexual chemistry over the years. I was also CRAVING a super hot kiss and an ass squeeze from Adam. I had pictured it all for days. I knew I would be nervous on the date, but I hoped that he would calm me in some way. I pictured him kissing me in the parking lot. Pinned against my car...or his...who the fuck cares which! I imagined making out passionately, without abandon for many minutes. Women and children walking by? Your fault! Shield their little eyes! We are in the middle of something here damn it! I hoped he would grab my ass. I had found the perfect little black shorts and high heels. Shorts short enough but not tight enough for him to slide a hand up my leg and maybe a finger...or two...into my wetness without the whole world knowing. Heels tall enough to meet optimum height to feel his firm chest against mine.

Day of the Date:
I have no idea what happened to my bravery but I was like a paralyzed nervous wreck the day of. Hubby and I drove to our destination. I deposited Hubby at his nearby location and then drove a few blocks away to meet Adam. I saw him as soon as I pulled up.

...............O. M. G...............

What had I just gotten myself into?!

My adoring husband sat less than a mile away drinking a beer alone and another ruggedly handsome man sat nervously in front of a restaurant waiting for me.

............Shit, shit shit!!!

I had spent all day telling Watchful Hubby that I was nervous Adam's "wife" had gotten a hold of his e-mails and I was probably just about to be Buttafuoco'd when I pulled up and...damn, he is handsome... Why do men get to get more sexy with age?! It is just not fair! So, I totally forget to text Hubby that I have not been shot in the face, hop out of the car and receive and extremely warm, welcoming hug from Adam. We say "hello" quickly and his billion watt smile disarms me. He opens the restaurant door for me and we head inside. We sit in the empty bar and order sodas. WTF?! Sodas?! I need a fucking drink to calm my nerves, but Adam orders a soda. I am not about to look like the middle-of-the-day-lush alone, despite his suggestion that I get a
"drink-drink", I also order a fucking soda.

As I looked at Adam, I couldn't even believe how attractive he still was. His eyes sparkled with a naughty twinkle and I could see the outline of muscles under his button down. He tells me I look "great". We sit and stare awkwardly and nervously and intensely at each other for a minute or two. I could drag him into the bathroom right, fucking NOW and be happy! But no, we proceed to have an hour of the most mundane, boring, mind-numbing, vagina-drying conversation I think I have ever had had in my life.

Why the fuck did I not just drag him in the bathroom at the get go?!?!?!?!

After about an hour, I have just about had enough. I was so excited for this date and I am so confused now. Hubby is sitting alone in a bar nearby expecting to hear about this exciting encounter and Adam and I have proceeded to talk about everyday mundane chit-chat. I excuse myself to the bathroom to freshen up and text Hubby. I tell him, "Not sure where this is going. Feel done. Coming to get you soon." I return to the table and without even sitting back down, ask Adam if he is ready to go. I see money on the table and start walking out before he is even out of his chair. I am terrified to look at anyone at the surronding tables for fear either of us knows somebody. I should be blindingly horny, instead I am horrified and feeling claustrophobic. We walk outside and our cars happen to be parked right near each other's. We stop at mine first, that happens to be right in front of a large wall of windows facing the restaurant. Since it is still fucking daytime, I am worried the whole restaurant can see my wedding ring and the man-whore I have spent the last hour with...oh, and they also know my husband is nearby by. Did I not warn you of my neurosis?! So Adam and I chit-chat a few moments more and then BOOM....he goes in for that kiss I have so eagerly wanted.

.......Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!......

I will eagerly admit that it was nice for half a second, but then I pulled back.

I-fucking-pulled-back! I have know idea why. It just didn't seem right. We ended up in hug stance for a moment...rubbing each other's seventh grade! I could, ummm, "feel" he wanted more and I had been fantasizing about grabbing a hold of that "feeling" but just felt paralyzed. We wished each other a safe drive and that has been it.

Now the fuck what?

I have certainly been tempted by what my mind has remembered of the kiss but haven't forgotten what my mind did with my nerves. I wish I could go back and calm myself. I should have taken full advantage of that kiss. How often does a married woman have full permission from her loving-adoring-committed husband to go out and have a fling? And then she blows it?! What is wrong with me?!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pre-date Post Part 1

Sorry for the delay in this blog post, but it's been a very interesting and a very confusing past few days for me.  Here is only my side of these last few days and I hope wifey can share her side when she can.  This will probably be at least two posts for me, so if you want the shorter version of this same story, please read our twitter accounts (@Watchfulhubby and @Playfulwifey). 

3 Days Before the Date
We began this day with an innocent wake-up cuddle, which quickly led to me lightly petting my pajammied wifey until I then slowed it down with some serious stroking of a now perfectly naked wifey.  What follows was tame compared to later, but I teased the wifey's sexy body as she played with her vibrating friend.  Im always encouraging their friendship.  Wifey came as I laid next to her and we then recuddled up before she asked me again if I was sure I didn't want my hand to hand cumback? 

Aside: I was trying this new cuckold torture technique called "Stupidity" by the wifey or "Orgasm Denial" by some others.  Whatever potato you want to call it, I had gone about a week without an orgasm.  I had the balls to prove it too.  Wifey had played along with my game as good a sport as could be expected but just say she probably wasn't going to be winning the Orgasm Denying Wife MVP this year. 

So after I convinced wifey that I still wanted to be denied an orgasm until at least after her date with Adam, we went shopping.  Nothing can give enough emphasis to any of this entire experience; especially to the last part because we went shopping like I have never been shopping before as a man.

I will freely admit right now, and I swear there is no weapon nearby poised to greet me unkindly if I say otherwise, but I really enjoyed this shopping time with wifey and I may have even earned my WoMAN Badge because, girlfiend, we spent something like the next 53 hours that afternoon going through multiple malls and endless stores looking for THE date outfit.  And I had a blast.  Really!  I don't think the clerks had ever seen a more attentive hubby help his wifey look for clothes, but I thought I was just that typical husband who was very happy to have such a sexy wifey because we were buying her a date outfit, although I didn't care what any people thought.  Wifey was going out on a date!

In further digression into my perversion, wifey's date was the only thing I was thinking about after all that shopping and I was hoping wifey's dirty mind was keeping up with mine.  I soon had my answer because her mind didn't seem to mind what ended up happenning to her next.  As you all already know, I'm a very simple man and I am often surprised by my wife's greatness, but her greatness should becoming to a motion picture screen near you, because wifey let her perverted hubby keep her naked in bed for two hours that night as I ordered her to use her vibrating friend to have orgasm after orgasm.  By ordered, we all know wifey did it because she's cool like that and because we had a few minutes to kill before the date in 3,600 minutes.  Also to demonstrate my fairness as a sex cult leader, I did allow wifey to have water, a few rest periods, and even one bathroom break.  By the time I was done with her, her nipples were nearly sucked off, her kittykitty looked liked it had drowned, and her body gave me 5 orgasms to witness and to enjoy being a part of, for my sexy wifey that night.

The next couple of days were amazingly spent much the same as I only wanted everything to be for my amazing wifey.  I was having so much fun and it seemed like wifey and I were getting to be like youngsters again, as we couldn't keep our hands off each other.  I wanted wifey to do this and she wanted to do this.  Done.

Date Day

Fucking had me yelling!  I'm not that guy that makes a lot of noise in bed, or coming up behind you, so after I helped wifey have yet another orgasm, I couldn't resist wifey's advances any longer.  Don't blame wifey or her orgasm advances.  It was me.  I caved.  I was so close to my Orgasm Denial Award, and I blew it.  Literally!  But it was worth it.  Wifey is only guilty of giving me a most spectacular handie.  It was the best handjob given since the invention of hands.  I may have blacked out because the last thing I remember was wifey using a hand grip that can only be accurately described as OH YEAH.  I don't know if it was the cirCUMstances, the O Denial, or what, but I didn't hold anything back.  It's been days since that orgasm, and I can still feel that release in my hairyballs.  I probably cried a little too because when I finally gathered myself, I was holding a giggling wifey like we just won a championship or a Prius.

The rest of the day until the date was brutal but I enjoyed every brutal moment.  I tried to watch tv but all I could think about was how my wifey was in the bathroom getting ready for Adam.  I can't describe at all what it truly felt like because it was like a little bit of everything racing through me all at once.  I could tell I was loving each moment. 

Speaking only for me.  I was ready.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

3 Days 21 Hours 38 Minutes...

It's is my great pleasure to tell all of our loyal followers, as well as our new followers, that I do believe the weather is looking really good soon...

...but let me fill you up with what's what since wifey's last post.

Wifey and Adam have continued sexmailing each other over the last few weeks, and Adam has made it very well known that he is really really really looking forward to playing with my wifey's booty.  Not like pass the Anal-EasyGoesIt-Lube or anything Human Centipede crASSlike, but Adam has been a bit more cheeky with sexpressing his sinterest in playing flappity-flap with my wifey's rear flappers more than he has before. 

Wifey's MILKSHAKE has been giving me Tally-Wacker Phatties for over 15 years strong like bull, so Adam, be prepared sir, for an asstasstical sexperience that WILL change the way you eat gooey cinnamon buns for the rest of your life.

I must confess something dear readers, it is not just Mr. Adam that should enter with caution this time, because sweet HGH y'all Mr. Adam has been either training for his next sex encounter with my wifey for awhile or Mr. Adam has been serving a stretch in prison with nothing to do but workout in his cell Cape Fear De Niro style!

I Said God Damn! 
Butt I shit your imagination not, Adam looks much more like a gorilla than a fortysomething old white businessman...sooo...that brings me to my joint, wifey may be in some bedroom monkey trouble because when a gorilla fucks you, you're done when the gorilla is done.

...3 Days 19 Hours 30 Minutes...

There is a lot more that is different about our proposed th3rd meeting with Adam.  The biggest difference is my dainty ass is not going to be near the room. 

The room where Adam and PlayfulWifey will be alone together. 

The room when they are spending their time alone together it will likely be time spent getting up to naughty goodtimes. 

This is a huge difference because I've always watched wifey play and it makes me very anxious to wait during the best of times for my wifey, so I figure I'm going to be a maniac during this self-inflicted separation from my wifey.

But wifey has made it clear from the start that she would feel more comfortable and less inhibited if she and Adam played alone the next time, also she has promised to tape her and Adam's next playtime. 

Honestly, wifey had me at "less inhibited" but when she promised me my very own first ever Playfulwifey Porno from her lustful time with Adam, HELLS YEAHS I was balls deep in on that deal.

And that has been one of the key words for our th3rd time with Adam.  Deal. 

I made a deal to let wifey have a fun fling without me before life makes us too old and too grumpy to even talk to the dog anymore, and wifey made a deal to video her steamy sex scenes with Adam for my grumpy old man iphone wank-bank.  Adam is also in on this indecent merger because he made a deal to let us video himelf expressing his genitalia on and in my wifey for a limited time only and that means I also made a deal with Adam, that he jumped at in a sexond, to have all the private th3rds of my wifey he can handle. 

And I think that is why this time with Adam may be the most successful time ever. 

Because I'm not there... make anyone feel weird or on the wetspot, or worst, as a possible ref to call silly fouls when everyone knows that it's all good in between the sheets. expect my junk to be entertained while wifey has her hands, amongst other sensual awesome bodyparts, possibly busy. take away from anyone's enjoyment because this isn't just my experience and everyone involved is involved for their own pleasurable outcum. ha.

And seeing this experience through other people's perspectives has made me feel like I'm able to calm down for once about this kink and just enjoy with it.  And I think the other members of my perverted thr33som7 feel the same way.  Not that we've discussed it out loud to each other like silly drunks at last call, but it seems that we are all being more open this thime with each other. 

In Adam's emails, he has been specific for once in what he wants to do to my wifey, and this has given my wifey the confidence to see that another man doesn't just desire her amazing body, that he has been fantasising about having time to do what he wants with her amazing body.  This has been good for wifey to hear because she has been more open in telling me about what she wants this time from a new experience with Adam.  And all of this has given me confidence to understand that my wifey loves me and may be doing this for me, but she is also doing this because she has sexual desires, and that may include other men than me from time to time too.

Because by the end of wifey's and Adam's time together, we will hopefully all get something out of this experience.  I will get a video that shows for one day, whenever ago, just how hot and desirable my wifey was to another attractive man (probably a gorilla).  That other man already does know that he will be getting a very special treat, that so far, only I have been treated to.  Lastly my wifey, my amazing in so many ways wifey, gets to indulge in the gulitiest of pleasures by allowing another man to possibly explore her body, in ways that I have been many to do over the last 15 years, with the full encouragment of her hubby that loves and adores her more than anything (yes, including this).

That's one HELLS YEAHS of a DEAL!

...3 Days 18 Hours 3 Minutes...

...Playfulwifey will be meeting Adam for a date.  I hope the weather will be good.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Dam Idiot no more...

You all are never going to believe this...He! Wrote! Back! Yes, our gently used mantoy Adam, finally wrote back. It had been almost two months since we sent him an email and then received no response. We figured he was dead, married, or worse...had turned to religion, when....BAM, one day an email appeared. It was a surprisingly lukewarm response at first but he did explain that he rarely checked that account anymore, he was interested still, and wanted to know what we had in mind. Our avid readers will remember that Hubby has been in the room the couple of other times I have fooled around with Adam. We have discussed that perhaps this next time it might be better for me to be alone with Adam. We trust him and he has been well-behaved in the past...maybe even a little too well-behaved! ;) Hubby and I discussed that I might have less inhibitions if he is out of the room and we are hoping Adam won't be too opposed to filming so that Hubby can watch...and watch...and watch some more..later. When Hubby responded to Adam's email he told him that he was willing to let Adam have me to himself for the day and/or evening. This elicited a quick and hearty response from him telling us how "definitely" interested he was and how hard he instantly became at the thought of my body. This was a nice little confidence boost and Hubby and I have been going at it like rabid little bunnies for two weeks now. One night I was so turned on even that I boldly blurted out, "Show me how you want Adam to fuck me." Hubby wasted no time grabbing my hips and thrusting with everything he had. I am almost certain our neighbors three houses down heard us and I almost certainly did not care.
So, here we are. In a bit of limbo due to my nerves with follow through and inability to meet due to a temporarily demanding schedule. We will have more free time soon and then I must finally commit to doing this. Hubby has wanted this so badly for so long and I can not deny that it turns me on to think of being with Adam. Of course, I am scared that it will change our marriage slightly or epicly, soon or 10 years from now, or in a way we are not even anticipating yet. I love Hubby more than life and would regret ever doing this if it changed us. I want to do this but I also want it to be an experience we can enjoy and be able to move on from. I don't want to discuss it everyday forever and I don't want to have a revolving door on our bedroom. On the other hand, I look forward to this amazing opportunity Hubby is presenting me with. I hope Adam turns me on like he once did, makes me feel sexy and beautiful, and that he fucks me like crazy.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Dam Idiot

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Please allow me to update you on my wifey's and my little journey into the beautiful world of cuckoldry. On the last episode of The Adventures of the @WatchfulHubby and his @Playfulwifey...wifey and hubby were good to go on wifey meeting up with her old boytoy Adam. The light was green. GREEN! The wifey and I had discussed some ideas about wifey and Adam meeting again, we went shopping for some special pantywear for guest penis, and then we sent a letter to Adam and waited...
and waited...
It's been a month now so it seems that Adam is:
1) Not Interested in making sweet sexxxy with my wifey.
2) Changed his email address.
3) No longer is alive or is now super newly religious and/or gay.
If I was to guess, I would guess that Adam has changed his email in the last 7 years and didn't see our email or he may be dead or religious or both. I don't believe for a sexond that he wouldn't be interested in fucking my wifey because Adam was all over her the last 2 times they were together and you've seen her pictures for christ sake. PERIOD
THIS CLOSE! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm better, and now I try to regroup, but before I can fully move on to a possible future fuckbuddy for my wifey, I wanted to expel my Wifey/Adam fantasy for good so that we can get on to the getting on to the wifey getting turned on with something new and probably better than Adam.
So for your fictional enjoyment...this is my fantasy-enactment of how I thought wifey and Adam would have gone if they had gone together for a third time.
The wifey and Adam would meet in a wonderful city in a hotel suite that I would have very happily paid for. I would have also paid for wifey to get a thorough massaging at a spa in the afternoon before Adam arrived. I would have happily paid for wifey's sexxxy dress and shoes that she would have put on after showering the massage oils off her succelent body before she met Adam for dinner.
At dinner, Adam would charm and flirt with my wifey as they caught up after a few years apart. Adam would have been complimentary to wifey's outfit at which point wifey would suggest that Adam would greatly more enjoy the sexy panties under the dress that I (hubby) paid for, but I did not see wifey in the sexy panties since they were a gift for her and Adam and not me.
Adam and wifey would have finished their dinner, drinks, and dessert, before they went to the room. The room where wifey and Adam would immediately tear at each other once they closed the door. The room where wifey would give herself to another man without me around to watch. The room where Adam had a weekend to do whatever he and my wifey wanted to do to each other.
I hoped wifey would be willing to go all out with Adam because I wasn't there to make her feel awkward and because her and Adam knew each other and were comfortable with each other.
I hoped wifey would feel comfortable with Adam to try things that she knew would drive me NUTS! Such as:
10) Adam and Wifey take a shower together (So they could get dirty together)
9) Video of Adam fucking my wifey
8) Adam texting me pictures of my wifey naked (Maybe even some pictures with his obivious enjoyment still visible on my wifey)
7) Adam getting multiple wifey blow jobs (THEY ARE AMAZING!)
6) @Playfulwifey tweeting details about her sexploits with Adam
5) Wifey showing me all the empty condom wrappers that her and Adam went through
4) Adam and Wifey go to a strip club together and both flirt with the girls
3) Adam getting to enjoy booty loving (OK A BIG DREAM BUT I CAN DREAM RIGHT?)
2) Wifey calling my voicemail while I'm at work so I can listen to them enjoying it
1) Wifey to come home happy, satisfied, and without any regrets to her hubby
Well, it looks like Adam and Wifey won't get to the getting with each other and I guess that's just fate saying Adam was a tool and maybe we can find a better tool for thy wifey. Wifey may have been on to something when she told me that she wished Adam was a little bit "bigger", which made me go to chubbyhubby status because Adam was just a bit bigger than me and I'm sure we can find an above average dong for the mrs next time.
But who knows when the next time will be, but I'm not only hopeful, I'm sureful that there will be a new Adam, a better Adam next time.

Monday, February 27, 2012

100K Boo-tay!

Wow...we reached 100,000 page views today!!! Thought we would show a little appreciation with a lot of booty...enjoy and thank you for being a part of our blog!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


A few days ago Hubby and I went on a long, leisurely walk and started talking about everything from work to the grocery list to the meaning of life (not really) and of course to his fantasy. It was a beautiful day but cold day and we seemed to have the streets to ourselves. It was odd talking about his fantasy just out in the open like that but we may have hashed out some details. For example, we agreed that the previous times I have played with another man, Hubby has always been in the room and watched. It makes things awkward for all but it is HIS fantasy so HE should see it, right? We discussed the ways we have gone about trying to meet new "friends" and how any potential guy we have gotten close too has either blown it in some way or we know he won't be into our thing. So here is what we hashed out: Hubby assured me this was no trick just to see if I would cheat on him. Hubby assured me this would not lead to him wanting to sleep with other women. Hubby also suggested maybe next time, he isn't even in the room or a video camera could be set up to record the happenings. I told him I would ponder these things and we continued our stroll.

As we got home from our walk, tired and thirsty, we decided to mix a cocktail. As hubby handed me my drink, he said, "What if we contacted Adam again?" I felt like the clock stopped ticking momentarily as a flood of old thoughts and images flooded my mind. I thought about Adam's large muscular arms and how he was able to scoop me up with one arm so he could be on top of me as we made out that first time. I thought of how he ravished my body and made me forget my flaws for a few moments. I remembered how the second time we played around I was still not ready to have sex with him but he became so excited and lost in the moment that he tried to slip inside of me. He managed just the tip before I pulled back, but oh how I wanted to keep going! Why didn't I just keep going?!

I have been so hesitant about Hubby's fantasy for so long that I was shocked at how warm and tingly I felt about finally finishing what we started with Adam so many years ago. I have never actually pictured myself going all the way through with being with another man other than Hubby. I trust Hubby though and I trust that our love would remain strong after an event this crazy-sexy-scary. So we decided to send him an email to see if he would be interested in meeting. And now we wait. We wait and think and have sex because we are turned on like bunnies in springtime.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 + 2012=Maybe?

HappY HapPy hAppy 2012

Well, it's 3 days after the nEw yEAR and I have another weekoff to drinkoff this week, so I just opened a bottle of red wine and I'm feeling that wonderFUL red wine feeling that will either make this a spectacular post or an unreadable mess of letters and puncuation errors. Let's hope for the best.

2011. What's there to say about a pretty miserable year all over. Earthquakes, Tsumanis, and The Hangover 2. I can't say it was a banner year for the Ful Family, butt it actually wasn't that bad according to my penis, and really, nowadays is there anymore realible resource for social progress than my weiner?

The Bad of 2011: see Time magazine or Entertainment Tonight.

The Good of 2011: For the wifey and I, there wasn't much in the way of financial success to report, I'M BROKE BITCHES!, but in the gentiallia department, it was a great year for the wifey and I. There was a FUL couple of moments when I thought the wifey was really going to FUL ON cuckold me, teehee, there were some very, um... public displays of affection this last year, there were also some new toys added to our adultTOYchest, there was a new member inducted to the Dirty30's Club this year in the FUL Family, and the year ended in an upended embrace that brought back some memories. O, and I can't, and don't let me, forget about TWITTER.

BecareFUL Watchful WishFUL Because I Nearly Got IT
We called him "F" in our previous blog posts this last year, and it really seemed like him and my wifey were headed for my marital bed one or more afternoons but...what happened? It was so very exciting for awhile when it did look like my beautiFUL wifey was going to seduce her coworkmate for a lil mating session or maybe it was her HUNKy workboyfriend was seducing my wifey for some InsideHer information, but either way it really may have been my undoing that undid the deed.
"F" is what the wifey and I have been looking for since our days with "Adam". "F" is tall, dark, and very muscular. All the girlies at my wifey's work want him and miwifey was/is no different. F and my wifey took to each other pretty quick, with obivious flirting going both ways. Wifey would come home and tell me how F "accidentally" bumped into her, or my favorite, touched her ass...often. I didn't mind and wifey seemed to enjoy the attention, so I ecouraged her to flirt and/or touch back. It was going so well that I sort of still can't believe it didn't happen. Especially when it looked like I was going to have to go away for a week on a business trip and wifey was maybe looking for a little company while I was going to be going going gone.
It sucks that I didn't go away for that week and wifey didn't play with F, but I got my hubbyfeathers ruffled when it seemed to me that F was looking for miwifey to be his girly and not just a mutual boy girl fling while the hubby was away. "F" is still around, and he still tries with my wifey, and who knows, maybe someday...but right now "F" isn't F-ing my wifey, but the "who knows" is because I still get why my wifey could like him and I don't blame him for liking what I got, but I'll leave that at that...for now.

Shhh...Did You Hear That?
I really don't know what has come allover the wifey and I, but we have regressed in our supposed development as a middle aging couple. I was told that I was supposed to look at other women the longer I was with my "Ol'Ball'N'Chain" and my wifey was supposed to dry up like grandma pussy left out in the summer heat, but something terrible has happened here in our rears, the wifey and I are acting fools for each other again in a way that we never, even, achieved when we were, odd, young and foolish.
I am not lying even a lil bit when I proclaim my wife has never looked more intensely attractive to me than she does today and tomorrow. I can not get enough of her crazy hot body. I know you all know how much I want to share her with others; men, women, and groups of men and women, but I also can't get enough of her, after 15years together, for myself. It's not natural I tell you to want your wife more and more each and everyday, and that really is my reality. Christ, you've seen her pictures. My wife is THATS Incredible! that I have no interest in other women. Why wood I?
I got the best No.1 Wifey in the world, so you cant blame me that moist of the time I want to hump on my wifey. I don't care if you are having a conversation with my wife, I want to hump her. My wife does the dishes, I'm inappropiately too close to her rubbing my junk all over her dishpan pants. My wife goes to the store, I sneak a pinch here and there in front of the all the old blue hairs in line while they are extreme couponing, and when My wife dresses for her day, time and priorities stop at our home, so that I can get a watchFUL of the greatest naked wife show on earth!!! AMEN!
So explain to me like I'm a perverted hubby, why the wifey and I had to make magic fingers on her magic-maker in a parking lot, in the middle of the saturday, at a beer/chocolate festival while people not SexualHealingTheirSpouses parked centimeters away from our sinFUL backseat with a zooFUL of monkeybussiness. Seriously, we were already paying to attend a beer and chocolate festival! Who isn't satiated in their primal cravings at a beer and chocolate festival that they have to rub private participles in the backseat like it's the last conjugal visit at Alcatraz.
There was that time last year while the wife and I were camping, that we erected more than a tent pole missionary position whilst outside the tent an innocent family enjoyed what they thought was an innocent family outing. They got too close, too close, to our home sweat bone home and well hopeFULly there was a let birds and bees be conversation later between mommy and daddy.

You're Dirty...&...30, Now Go Pick A Toy Out of the TreasureChest
So, Playfulwifey finally joined the Dirty30 Club this year and to make her feel welcome I got her some cool toys for herday.
My wife and I both got each other some porn for each other's bdays and I also got her a pretty 7in glass dong with romantic red hearts all over for her pleasure. The porn was porn but the dong says I love you in ways your family and other friends don't.
At first the glasstoy was met with skeptical apprehension, but after a couple of drinks (I don't know how people have kinky sex without drinks) the wifey gave the go ahead and well I don't know who enjoyed the new toy more, the wifey or hubby. We don't use the glassblower everytime but it's nice to know that I'm still able to treat the wife's pantyparts every now and then with something new and glassblown.
I also got my wife a book for her bday that I already had but havent read yet. In our FUL Family we read books and every now and then we have a book of the month club meeting with my wife and me. Basically we read the same book at the same time and talk about it like a bunch of NERDS. We read "The Devil in the White City" a few years ago like this and have enjoyed other books in a similar way. I told you, NERDS!
The Book I got for the wifey this year isn't a historical murder mystery set in 19th century Chicago, butt instud the book that the wifey and I will be doing our next BOMC meeting is about HOTWIVES!!!
It's called, "Insatiable Wives" and I'm looking forward to reading and discussing this literature with my wife. We are NERDS!!!

Odds, Upends, and Twitter
There is one more gift I got my wife for her bday and I can't wait for her to truly USE IT!!! I bought her a showerhead massager for her aches and pains on her body but mostly for her vagina. Now we are sort of having a bit of a mexican showerdownthere because wifey has no objections to using the shower massager on her most delicate of delicates but the family crisis we are having is in my role in watergate. Wifey thinks I should be in the shower making my hubbiness known up on her delicateness, but what I had in mind is more of a soloshowertime experience while I was far far work. What hubby wouldn't want to get that special texttreat during the workday from a satisfied wifey with just a ";)" response. Enough txted
There is one regret that I have with my wifey and that is that she was willing when I was too young and silly to know what I know now. Meaning. I was given chances with my adorkable wife to do all sorts of ManlyTings but I screwed it up. Long story short, I wasnt ready to have the keys to the wifey's candyshop.
It's taken my wifey a bit of some time to give stuff a try again and well one of those things has been given a numerical value of 69.
The wifey and I had to work in 10 minutes and there was no time to slowly get the old gray horses galloping quick enough from the stables unless drastic measures were ordered. Call in the 69ers!
It must have been 10 plus years since the wife and I did a bit of math in bed and neither one of us was feeling like we were missing anything until an emergency oral sexing was called for but the wife and I didn't miss a number in this sexual dance step. Readers! It felt awesome and I felt like a maniac attacking my wife's woman parts in equal parts to her devouring my manlihood. I don't know if it was the angle my penis was in my wife's mouth but GODDAMN DID IT FEEL AMAZING IN THERE!
My last fond memory of last year was when my wifey created her own Twitter account. I have had my own account for a couple of years, but it wasn't until the wife found out that I had 700 followers just how interesting our weirdness was to others. Since October, my wife has already attained 300+ followers and you'd be crazy not to follow my nutty butt amazing wifey @PlayfulWifey. If you're not following my wife or you don't already tweet, then c'mon man, get your shit together and join my wifey for all of her wifeyness.

Erect, Wet, And Beyond
I can't leave this post of looking back on 2011 without a hope for 2012. I'm hoping this will be the year that my wifey goes on a date without me with another man/woman. I'm hoping that my wifey will have a friend come over and spend some time with her while I'm working all day long. I'm hoping that the wifey will allow me to send her to sincity with her best friend while I wait at home. I hoping that the wifey will allow me to set her and "Adam" on a dinner date to catch up after all these years later. I'm hoping the wifey and I can try this "pegging" thing that all the kids are raving about. Basically, I'm just hopeFUL that this year will be even more exciting as last year butt all I careFUL is that I get to spend it with my PlayfulWifey.