Monday, July 9, 2012

Wifey's Date...

After a little time to digest what happened, I think I'm ready to write about it. THE date. THE long awaited date! THE date Hubby and I fantasized about then had super hot sex to! THE date we thought was not going to happen but then was (Holy OMFG) planned.

***I'd like to preface my date neurosis by stating that @WatchfulHubby is THE ONLY man I have ever been with besides our minor foreplay sessions with Adam.***

Soooo.....we (I had been telling Adam in e-mails "we" would be meeting him, but all along knew "I" would show up for drinks alone) finally worked out a mutual time and place to meet Adam. I let him pick the time and place halfway between where we both live and agreed to show up. Where and when did he pick? A family friendly restaurant...IN! THE! MIDDLE! OF! THE! DAY! How is a perfectly respectable-horny-hotwife supposed to get respectably-horny-hotwife buzzed in the middle of the day in a bright sun-lit restaurant with a day server?! OK, so I did my best. Did my hair. Got a mani/pedi, courtesy of Watchful Hubby's wallet. Shaved....let's be entire body! Drug Watchful Hubby through HOURS of shopping for THE perfect outfit...SUPER short black shorts, a flowy low-cut top with a tight tank top underneath (per Adam's request), and extremely high, strappy heels.

If any of you have read my Twitter account, you know my main goal from the date was to see if we had maintained our sexual chemistry over the years. I was also CRAVING a super hot kiss and an ass squeeze from Adam. I had pictured it all for days. I knew I would be nervous on the date, but I hoped that he would calm me in some way. I pictured him kissing me in the parking lot. Pinned against my car...or his...who the fuck cares which! I imagined making out passionately, without abandon for many minutes. Women and children walking by? Your fault! Shield their little eyes! We are in the middle of something here damn it! I hoped he would grab my ass. I had found the perfect little black shorts and high heels. Shorts short enough but not tight enough for him to slide a hand up my leg and maybe a finger...or two...into my wetness without the whole world knowing. Heels tall enough to meet optimum height to feel his firm chest against mine.

Day of the Date:
I have no idea what happened to my bravery but I was like a paralyzed nervous wreck the day of. Hubby and I drove to our destination. I deposited Hubby at his nearby location and then drove a few blocks away to meet Adam. I saw him as soon as I pulled up.

...............O. M. G...............

What had I just gotten myself into?!

My adoring husband sat less than a mile away drinking a beer alone and another ruggedly handsome man sat nervously in front of a restaurant waiting for me.

............Shit, shit shit!!!

I had spent all day telling Watchful Hubby that I was nervous Adam's "wife" had gotten a hold of his e-mails and I was probably just about to be Buttafuoco'd when I pulled up and...damn, he is handsome... Why do men get to get more sexy with age?! It is just not fair! So, I totally forget to text Hubby that I have not been shot in the face, hop out of the car and receive and extremely warm, welcoming hug from Adam. We say "hello" quickly and his billion watt smile disarms me. He opens the restaurant door for me and we head inside. We sit in the empty bar and order sodas. WTF?! Sodas?! I need a fucking drink to calm my nerves, but Adam orders a soda. I am not about to look like the middle-of-the-day-lush alone, despite his suggestion that I get a
"drink-drink", I also order a fucking soda.

As I looked at Adam, I couldn't even believe how attractive he still was. His eyes sparkled with a naughty twinkle and I could see the outline of muscles under his button down. He tells me I look "great". We sit and stare awkwardly and nervously and intensely at each other for a minute or two. I could drag him into the bathroom right, fucking NOW and be happy! But no, we proceed to have an hour of the most mundane, boring, mind-numbing, vagina-drying conversation I think I have ever had had in my life.

Why the fuck did I not just drag him in the bathroom at the get go?!?!?!?!

After about an hour, I have just about had enough. I was so excited for this date and I am so confused now. Hubby is sitting alone in a bar nearby expecting to hear about this exciting encounter and Adam and I have proceeded to talk about everyday mundane chit-chat. I excuse myself to the bathroom to freshen up and text Hubby. I tell him, "Not sure where this is going. Feel done. Coming to get you soon." I return to the table and without even sitting back down, ask Adam if he is ready to go. I see money on the table and start walking out before he is even out of his chair. I am terrified to look at anyone at the surronding tables for fear either of us knows somebody. I should be blindingly horny, instead I am horrified and feeling claustrophobic. We walk outside and our cars happen to be parked right near each other's. We stop at mine first, that happens to be right in front of a large wall of windows facing the restaurant. Since it is still fucking daytime, I am worried the whole restaurant can see my wedding ring and the man-whore I have spent the last hour with...oh, and they also know my husband is nearby by. Did I not warn you of my neurosis?! So Adam and I chit-chat a few moments more and then BOOM....he goes in for that kiss I have so eagerly wanted.

.......Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!......

I will eagerly admit that it was nice for half a second, but then I pulled back.

I-fucking-pulled-back! I have know idea why. It just didn't seem right. We ended up in hug stance for a moment...rubbing each other's seventh grade! I could, ummm, "feel" he wanted more and I had been fantasizing about grabbing a hold of that "feeling" but just felt paralyzed. We wished each other a safe drive and that has been it.

Now the fuck what?

I have certainly been tempted by what my mind has remembered of the kiss but haven't forgotten what my mind did with my nerves. I wish I could go back and calm myself. I should have taken full advantage of that kiss. How often does a married woman have full permission from her loving-adoring-committed husband to go out and have a fling? And then she blows it?! What is wrong with me?!


  1. I don't think you blew it. What was he thinking?

  2. I'm so sorry...I feel your disappointment. I don't think it was all you. He should have taken the lead more and helped calm you with the conversation instead of drying you out with it!

  3. You deserved something much hotter.

    He made some serious errors.

    How short were shorts? How high were heels?

  4. I think there are any number of guys out there who would give you something a lot more adult, and sexy than that. If you made that kind of effort, I'd at least finger you over some artichoke dip.

  5. Nerves are a bitch! I get it! I went through the same thing with someone. I say you try again but tell him ahead of time - listen I'm nervious! Please just take the lead! I bet he does.

  6. Loved loved loved your post! I just found your blog. What a great writer you are! I have been in this position and know EXACTLY how you felt! It was your first time, so you didn't know what to do. I can tell you from my experience as a hotwife that it is up to YOU to take the lead. He was a nice guy. You're not single, he knows that, so he was being respectful waiting for you to give him permission. I have met guys in bars like that and we too had an hour of the most boring, mundane conversation as well, but it always led to sex at my place after. I would tell myself that if I was attracted from the get-go that the goal was to make sure he wasn't creepy or dangerous, and then get going to the good stuff. This was your first time. You are being way too hard on yourself! Call or text Adam and set up a time to fuck. He is a nice guy. I have found that being a hotwife, the guys will be submissive as they respectfully wait for you to take the lead. Your mixed signals let him know you weren't really ready for anything else to happen. It's fine! It goes with the territory.

    Good luck, and keep posting!!!!

  7. Confused by the opening part - didn't you get some on your girls' getaway?