Thursday, November 1, 2012

Adam & PlayfulWifey 3: After, Day After, More After, And Now

Hello our Lil'Personal-Sized Perverts and of course all of our Full-On-Figured Freaks,
It's been awhile but we still love you all equally so I wanted to just finish cleaning up around here and give you the what is what and now and new.

After the Date...

(To really explain my reaction to after the date, please allow me to reintroduce myself during my wife's date with Adam)

I must admit whilst my sweet and ever sexy playfulwifey was next door dating another man, I was left alone with 2 + Too Attentive = 4way intoxicating bartenders who seemed just as concerned about my levels of dehydration as I was with seeing double, so I may have had a few too many MANly pints.  My excuse that it was a summer afternoon with a Yankee v. Indians game on and a new New York Times to read is legit, but to the bartenders I probably just looked like an old unemployed hobo with an anxious disposition and no evident ability to small talk. 

My mind was elsewhere that beautiful afternoon, so while it was away with the wifey, whoever was left in charge let the scene lead to a few couple lot of beers and once wifey picked me up after her date and caught me up to after the date, I became the result of a grumpy bad attitude only displayed in very young children, middle aged men, and dying zebras.  Adam had yet again let down Kink Team Sex by not taking more charge of his date with my wife.  Christ, from what I heard it was like an awkward latenight episode of Sportscenter, with Adam and my wifey talking more baseball and football, than "suck my balls then rub one out on my foot."  Not the expected outcome of spending the last of my youth shopping for the damn outfit that Adam apparently ignored while playing the Wide World of Sportsmanship with my wifey who was game for something else on the menu at Applebees that afternoon.

So...Wifey and I drove to sushi and drowned our blue bull sorrows with Japanesse Beers.  Yorokobi! some Asahi 
Then...Wifey and I drove home and dropped our drawers with in seconds of being with in our sexroom. YAY! a lay
Next...Wifey and I dove undercover and played cowboys and robbers. She was a Yankee cop and I was a Cleveland Indian. You're OUT! of order
Finally...Wifey and I done it with her vibrating rocketship that sent her O-biting my shoulder while I skeetered with my 0.1524 metered peter.  3 Times! 4 Hubby

Day after the day...

Feeling shitty about the date with Adam, both Wifey and I needed to think about what the fuck just happened and what to do next with him.  So what do you do after you have a confusing affair that went nowhere, well if you were we, you'd also go away to get away, and of course to play in your own special way.

After the date, Playfulwifey felt horrible about how the "it" went.  She took way too much blame for Adam's lack of game and since I wasn't around to see what went down, I didn't know what to say to her or about the date.  I was confused, frustrated, and probably hungover.  I could tell that there was a part of my wifey that really still wanted to play with Adam and this was hard for both of us to deal with and what to do next and if there was to even be a next.  Adam was still very interested in my wifey, as though in his head the date went great, and though Playfulwifey was disappointed in Adam's "bore a date to sex my mate" approach, wifey found herself "tempted" by that very brief kiss they had at the end of their date.

So...just like when Charleton Heston went up a hill with a robe and came down with a text message on some paper made of rock, Playfulwifey and I were led by something tingly under our robes to go down to the pornstore for new supplies to aid between our thighs.

8 inch WifeSaber: $90
6 speed Vibrating-Wife/Happy-Life Toy: $50
4 hour Underground Parking Spot in the Middle of a Major Metropolitan City: $30
Playfulwifey Taking You to Your Overpriced Underground Parking Spot and Letting You Work Her Over with Her New BuzzingToy While Really Fucking Old People Take Their Sweet OblivAss Time to Get the Fuck Away from You While Playfulwifey Orgasms While You Are Also LookOut for More Old Fucking Blue-Haired ToyCockBlockers:  Priceless

More After the Day than I Care to Remeber...

This is the part I hated the most because I didn't do anything.  Wifey was tempted and ready to plan a hotel stay to play with Adam and his ideas of all sort of naughty things he wanted to do to my wife eventhough he was unable to demostrate these ideas in verbal and/or nonverbal cues during his date with my wife.  I choked.  I should have just nutted up right there and gave wifey my credit card and loaded on the computer myself, but instead I played our favorite game at our house, THE DINNER GAME.  This game sucks and sucks and then sucks some more and no matter how strong of mind you think you are you will never ever out think your oppenent because you're your only oppenent in THE DINNER GAME.

Dinner Game:
2 or more players; preferably married

1st player:  What do you want for dinner? (Have a great idea in mind already)
2nd player:  I don't know. (Clearly knows)
1st player:  What sounds good to you? (Wait for other player to guess idea)
2nd player:  I don't know. (Clearly knows)
1st player:   ...                   (...)
2nd player:  What sounds good to you? (Clearly knows)
1st player:   ...                   (...)
2nd player:  ...                   (...)

Game continues til the last person that starves is declared "the winner" by EMT. 

And Now...

It's been three months since Playfulwifey and Adam have written and I really don't know anymore than I did three minutes after the date.  Wifey and I talk about Adam once in awhile but usually it's a random comment and it never goes anywhere.  Adam hasn't written or contacted wifey or I as either a way of being respectful of our relationship or as a signal of a major mental handicap that was earlier thought only to be politeness.

The End

Butt it's not the end yet I think.  In fact, it may be the end of Adam, may, but my wifey is still pursued by other men and they have been way more interesting in their pursuits than Adam has been to date.  Get date...Adam.

to be or not to be continued...