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Movie Review 2

2nd Movie Review: Emmanuelle

Well it's been awhile since me and the wifey sat down to watch a movie, and not just any movie, but a classic hotwife movie. Our second movie review is for the soft core porn movie Emmanuelle.

I have always heard about this movie being about my favorite subject, hotwife!, and it really is about a hotwife, but to be honest this movie is more offensive than hot, and it has sort of pissed off Wifey, but we are not there yet...

To be fair, the movie isn't bad from start to finish and it was actually kind of enjoyable until the last 30 minutes. In the beginning, we are introduced to Emmanuelle and her husband as they are arriving in Thailand. Apparently the hubby is some sort of political big pants and he is off on a lot of business, but the hubby has always encouraged E. to take a lover. This leaves the beautiful young innocent wife, Emmanuelle, all alone. Except she isn't all alone. There is a blonde cougar who takes to E. right away. There is also Marie-Ange, who decides to masturbate in front of E. in a wicker chair of all places. And finally Mario.

I don't remember Marie-Ange too much other than her masturbating in front of E. scene. There is a part of me that can totally accept a woman unzipping her tiny jean shorts and stroking it in front of another woman but then the other part of me goes...really? I would love to live in a world where women spontaneously maturbated in front of other women but this probably doesn't happen too much outside of the San Fernando Valley. Marie-Ange did shock E. with the whole solo thing but E. begins her own finger session while re-living a very strange plane flight where E. got fucked by one guy in a window seat and then taken to the restroom by guy #2 after guy #1 finished.

Now the Wifey and I aren't haters, and both agree that the whole plane scene was pretty hot. E. is restless on a night flight and soon the man across from her comes over to where E. was sitting. E. is married but she freely gives herself to the attractive stranger. The stranger begins to rub his hands over her body while kissing her neck and lips. Soon the stranger has E.'s skirt hiked up and he is taking E. from behind. The stranger kisses the back of her neck as he reaches around her to rub her breasts, and while this seduction is taking place between E. and her stranger, there is another man watching from a few seats behind the cuddling couple. After stranger #1 has spent himself, and gone back to his seat, that is when stranger #2 comes over and in a very tender moment, he picks the nearly naked E. out of her seat and carries her back to the plane's restroom. The Wifey liked the way E. put her exhausted head onto stranger #2's muscular shoulders, as he carefully took E. into a more private area of the plane to have his turn with her, but not in a dirty "sloppy seconds" way but more of E. really being into giving herself to these two men.

Good movie so far right? No...great movie, but wait.

This brings us to the cougar and this is where the movie begins to come off the tracks for the wife and I. Now the wife and I are not opposed to the idea of cougars but maybe we should change our views of older women because in this movie the cougar is not so nice.

The cougar fucks E.'s hubby, and though E. didn't have a problem with it, I myself have a problem with it, as a hubby who wants his wife to take a lover. I don't want Carrie to think for a moment that I want freedom to fuck other women because that couldn't be further from the truth. I want my wife to have the sexual freedom in our relationship. This would be a good time to mention that E.'s hubby is a huge prick because he only married his wife because she loves sex and not for any sort of love.

Now, I don't know about other hubands who share their wives but this is fucked up to me. I married Carrie because I love her and the turn on for me, in her taking a lover, comes from Carrie's and my love for each other. But another problem with the cougar is she also encourages E. to meet Mario, and Mario is an asshole.

The movie builds to E.'s meeting with Mario. E. is told that she can't consider herself a real woman until she has taken a lover, and the cougar insists that Mario is the shit.

I thought, in my Pollyanna way, that Mario would be the type of older man who knows how to seduce a young woman that I want Carrie to find, but Mario is so much more. Mario does seduce E. with his power and swag, but he also gets her raped by two guys and then later during an mma fight, Mario gets E. to fuck a boxer in front of a group of shocked fight fans. And the entire time E. gives up her wife body, Mario's motto is "There is no love except the love of three people introduced by force"

Thanks! the good people who made this movie, because you've probably disgusted Carrie away from becoming a hotwife forever. It's one thing to make E. an innocent young woman being seduced by both men and women while her hubby completely encourages her to live it up, but instead the movie makes E. a dim wit in the end who gets taken advantage by both the cougar and Mario.

So, for the WIfey and I, two thumbs down on this one and it is too bad because the beginning began well until the end ended up sucking.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hubby Questions Wifey

The Wifey and I not only enjoy writing our blog, but we also enjoy reading other blogs about Hotwife/Cuckold relationships (See ExtraCurricular Reading for some of our favorite blogs).

We've seen on quite a few blogs lately that the authors write themselves questions and then answer them so that they can share with their readers. Well, I asked my Wifey if she would be interested in being interviewed by her very own Hubby, and after a skeptical moment of hesitation, or maybe it was more a suspenseful moment of suspicion, the Wifey agreed to answer my tough hard hittin' questions. So please enjoy as we learn what makes my Wifey so darn cool:

Wifey, I'm sure after seeing a few of your HNT pictures, your readers have a favorite part of your body, but would you please share what part of your body that you like the most? clothes, I criticize myself to death, but out of clothes I have come to appreciate my body a lot more as I've gotten older. I love that my breasts, although smaller than most women's, are extremely perky and sensitive. I have always been blessed with a flat tummy and skinny waist and I have come to really love my grabable hips.

Wifey, you are so delicate and delicious looking. Would you let your readers know what are some of your most sensitive spots that you like to have...squeezed? rubbed? kissed? lightly touched? or sucked on?
Oops, I guess I answered that in the previous question. Squeezed? Hips, when I am on top of you. Rubbed? Shoulders, firmly. Kissed? Once in a while you kiss my back and it gives me wonderful chills. Lightly touched? You know I love to be teased...over my panties when you are warming me up.

Wifey, for the next few questions think about what your requirements are for a potential male friend with benefit relationship?

Hair...long? short? shaved head?
No requirement, but it must suit him and be clean.

Body Type...muscular? swimmer's body? a little chubby?
I do like muscles but not crazy body builder types. I like tall and lean, but toned.

Manscaping...trimmed? natural? no body hair at all?
I'm not so much into furry bears. I don't expect a guy to shave everything, but DO want some manscaping to go on "down there".

Penis...cut or uncut? doesn't matter?
Definitely cut.

Penis...thick? long? size doesn't matter?
"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."
I like it ruff...hehe.

Race...doesn't matter? matters? 32 flavors to try?
Doesn't matter. I will admit that I am shallow and prefer a handsome man with a spark over just any ol' anybody.

Age...younger? older? doesn't matter?
I definitely prefer older than myself. Always have.

Sexually...dominate? submissive?
This one is tricky because my mood changes. Sometimes I like to be in charge and sometimes I want you to ravage me.

Wifey, I have seen a lot of women over the years who have had more than small crushes on you, but! do you have any interest in women?
I think women are beautiful and intriguing and terrifying.

Wifey, do you like your feet to be played with in bed? do you like to play with feet?
Absolutely not and absolutely not. Feet make me nauseous.

Wifey, what is your favorite part of receiving foreplay?
That you are the most amazing Hubby! You give more than you receive and it never stops you from giving me more. I love you and you deserve more, I'll work on that.

What is the first thing you notice in a man (other than your hubby)?
This one is difficult to answer because I feel like I don't assess someone who is attractive the way most people do. For example, I figure a guy who is into boobs, just looks at women's boobs all day. Or a girl who is into big muscles only seeks out huge guys. In this respect I think I am both not picky and extremely picky. I see a man and involuntarily assess him as a whole quickly. Does he have some sort of style? I like businessmen types as we all know, but smart guys (have you read a book in the last 6 months?) and creative looking guys (artists, musicians, writers) are also appealing. Is he polite and well-mannered? I don't feel like I am answering the question, but don't know what to say other than just because a guy has one certain feature doesn't mean he is instantly attractive to me.

What is your favorite male body part?
I like a nice, strong upper body...arms, shoulders, back.

Least favorite male body part?
Ewww, feet.

What is your favorite part of a woman's body?
I think if I were a raging lesbian, I would like boobs. I'm rather fond of mine so I think I would like others, maybe some a little bigger than mine but not the obscenely large floppy ones.

Least favorite female body part?
I really can not imagine going down on a woman. It's so wet and complicated!

What's your favorite/least sexual position?
Favorite? Me on top.
Least favorite? Is there such a thing?!

What do you like more: to give oral or to receive oral?
I'm greedy....receive.

Describe your favorite piece of lingerie?
I. Love. Lingerie.
I love feeling sexy and seeing your eyes do that cartooney "Baaaa-ooooga!!!" thing when you like what you see. I love pretty, sexy things. I love wacky little costumes. I love boy shorts and tank tops.

Better place for man watching: TV? Internet? Bookstore? Pub? Coffee Shop? Grocery Store?
Yes. Attractive men are everywhere.

One thing that excites you about a friend with benefit relationship?
Being surprised. Having that new, exhilarating feeling when you kiss someone for the first time.

One thing that you don't like about a friend with benefit relationship?
I am having a very hard time figuring out the logistics of how to separate actions and emotions. My biggest fear is that we will fully go through with this and it will tear us apart.

Well, thank you Wifey for answering these tough questions. And if you, our readers, would like to ask Wifey a question please feel free, and if you are really bored and want to ask me, the Hubby of the greatest Wifey on Earth, then please leave your question in the comment area.

Til next time...