Thursday, March 31, 2011

Birds and the Bee's Wife

Dear Readers,
I'm the happiest hubby in the world tonight, because finally, I have joined the cuck members only status. I cannot say it was what I thought it would be in the end but let's start in the beginning where civilized perverts and pervertesses can appreciate. My wife has the best schedule. As a catering waitress, she can easily get time off when she wants and then can come back and make a bunch of money instantly. Honestly, it sort of pisses me off because I'm salary so if I sell a few more copies of an example well you get the point. Well, my darling wife got a last minute invitation to a girls only vacation. I don't want to give away the exact location but she brought only her tiniest outfits and promised me that as a birthday present she would fuck with me a little while she was away; meaning she would flirt a little but I really thought that would be the end of it. Fuck was I wrong.
So, Wifey and her friends leave to hop on a plane and it seems as though our normally frequent texts cease. Completely. Usually we send each other a billion silly pointless texts and smiley faces and "i miss u"s throughout the day, but as soon as she was in her she-pack...crickets. Their flight departed at 4:20 so I knew it would be quiet for a little bit after that butt I certainly expected something in-flight like, "off to a good start" or "sitting next to someone handsome" but still nothing. I got squeamish thinking about her past with D (reread "Why?-The Beginning" for reference on that). I started to hyper-ventilate thinking about what I had done. I had willingly sent my beautiful bride on a trip with a bunch of horny ravenous women to a warm sexy locale. ALONE!
I had the most painful hard-on, but I still in my mind kept reminding myself that out of all the years that Carrie and I have been together, nothing too crazy has happened. I know she was out of town, very far out of town, and who knows, but Carrie is a sensible woman and I really could not predict that within the first two hours of landing in her desert oasis resort hotel destination that she would have already meet...him. Him has a name but Wifey wants to keep it a secret that she won't even tell me. Instead, she refers to him as M.
Apparently, M and Wifey WERE on the plane next to each other. Through some odd coincidence, Wifey ended up being the only girl separated from "the horny herd" as I found out they loudly proclaimed themselves all weekend. Her and M, were a full five rows behind "the herd" on the plane!!! M and Wifey chit chatted only at first but by the time they landed, there was a pat on the arm here, a giggle there, and M even bought Wifey and in-flight libation despite her very obvious wedding ring. I pretty much had an initial heart attack when Wifey told me that she used the restroom late in the flight and as she gave M and bootyful view, he pretended to "help" her by placing both of his hands on her hips. Wifey said she froze in her tracks, but also savored the moment and may have even lingered to let him enjoy the view.
WTF! I was shocked and couldn't swallow as Wifey recounted the details (once she got home!). Yes, folks, we are talking a full weekend of radio silence. As Wifey unfolded the story, my fucking knees felt like dough and though I really wanted to hear EVERYTHING, at the same time I was starting to feel afraid. M touched my wife like it was nothing and already my stomach felt like a natural disaster was about to happen. I was already hoping and dreading more had went on; especially since Wifey said that his hotel was across from hers and that he had a penthouse and she was sharing a room with a last second pairing. M had some last-minute change of plans and that night he asked my wife to ditch "the herd" and join him at BOA steakhouse.
Hesitantly, Wifey made an excuse to slip out of the first night's activities. She is a terrible liar and was worried her friends would sniff her out on the first night, making the rest of the weekend incredibly uncomfortable. However, the sexed up "herd" didn't suspect a thing and as Wifey stayed in with a "turbulence tummy ache" from the flight, nobutty questioned a thing. As soon as they were gussied up and out the door, Wifey also gussied herself up and slipped out to dinner with M. He was already waiting for her at the bar when she arrived. They sat and had an awkward drink before settling in to their table. M order an extremely expensive bottle of wine and they both ordered a dinner they eventually didn't eat. They talked a lot about M's work and travels and M frequently let his hand linger on Wifey's upper thigh. Wifey admitted to me that she jumped the first time he touched her leg but he was so confident about it that she also enjoyed it.
Their dinner turned into an unnoticed scandalous stroll through the casino where they went for dessert at another restaurant Wifey couldn't remenber the name of, but they had some amazing chocolate something or other. Wifey said that she felt tipsy from the wine, but mostly from M's gazing at her all during dinner. M was a gentleman and did not stare but at the same time Wifey said he wasn't shy about his compliments and she even blushed a time or two. After the dessert arrived, and no sooner had the server walked away, M grabbed my wife by the back of her neck and began to rub her neck. My wife always, ALWAYS, goes submissive from this move and M quickly went for a few soft kisses on my wife's face before moving down to her neck. Wifey told me this like it was the greatest thing she ever felt and I sort of got my butt hurt a little and I haven't even told you where his other hand had moved to. I guess in this establishment, it's cool for a gigolo to smooch with my wife, rub her neck, and move his free hand up her thigh to her warm delicious and already wet pussy.
Wifey told me at this point she both sobered up and succumbed to the intoxication of years of talking about this fantasy. She said the sobered up side of her thought, "holy shit, think about what you are doing and stop it right now!" She said the devilishly intoxicated side of her thought, "Hubby has wanted you to do this for SOOO long. We have talked about it, he wants you to do it. This guy is clean cut, handsome, sexy, very into me, and I'm very into him." Wifey said she immediately whispered into M's ear, "want to show me your penthouse?"
M apparently knew what that meant because before my wife knew it, she was in his room looking out at his impressive view of the city at night. Wifey recounted the early moments of her visit with M by describing just how warm and sensitive her body felt the moment she was in his room. By this time she had already committed in her head for the ultimate exprience and she was not going to say no to M. Carrie felt secure enough with him after the plane ride and dinner and drinks to finally tell her good girl to take the night off. M left the room dark and Wifey went for the bright lights of the city looking out of the floor to ceiling windows in the "front room" of M's penthouse...Wifey is a sucker for a view, and when I say "sucker", I mean...ohhhh! Wifey could feel M coming up behind her as she looked at the glowing city. She told me that he was both soft and firm with her as he came up behind her and kissed the back of her neck. Soon his hands clenched her wiggling hips before they slid up her body and over my wife's breasts. Carrie didn't seem shy anymore, and as she told me more and more, I began to wonder where this amazing sex goddess had been hiding.
She had always told me how scared she was to actually go through with this fantasy but here she was telling me about her encounter with M as if SHE was the one who came up with it! She continued to tell me about how he kissed her neck and unzipped the back of her dress until she was standing in her bra and panties for all the city to see. She said she didn't even care as M and her kissed and she unbuttoned and removed his shirt. She said that although he looked fit under his shirt, she was surprised to find a more well toned and strong physique than she had fantasized about. He could have used a little sun she said, but he also sounded a little busy to be hanging around pools. They apparently moved pretty quickly from here with M removing Wifey's bra and panties and Wifey removing M's pants but not his boxers. They still hadn't moved from the extremely large open windows, but had laid down on the flat-artsy-couch-like furniture in front of the window.
M laid on top of my wife as he stroked her here and kissed there. Wifey is always hung up on tiny details but somehow she must have hit her lady luck that night because M was exactly what she had been saving herself all these years for, other than the pasty skin of course. At this point, I could tell Carrie was holding back, waiting for me to give her a sign of yes keep going or O my god what have you done you little slut. I kissed her on the mouth and pulled her hand to my crotch. My dick has never been more ready to fuck my wife than when she continued to tell me how M went down on her sweet married pussy. I have always felt confident on my oral skills but just listening to my wife tell me how M sucked what needed to be sucked on and licked when something needed to be licked, I began to feel a bit lame. M brought my wife to her first orgasm pretty quickly apparently and she told me it was "the best orgasm of her life." That turned me on a lot more than it should have but when she told me what she did next, I nearly came in my pants.
After she recovered from her orgasm and was relieved the cops hadn't banged on the door yet... she said she immediately ripped M's boxer's off to reveal a cleanly shaven and noticeably larger unit than mine. She went down on him with the fury of a starving being. I was all at once shocked/jealous/ecstatic since that is one act I don't see too often. I know she is amazing at this so I wasn't shocked to hear that he clenched and writhed like an epileptic at her skills. Once she again recovered from no knock at the door, they moved to the bed. With the initial O out of the way they relaxed into sensual and slow riding of the cowboy.
Picture yourself under my wife, seriously, look at her last picture in her little boyshorts and picture yourself under her as she is riding your cock. You will first feel that initial push and then look out boys and girls because my wife and her booty can knock you out. Well, Wifey has always been able to make me cum quickly but as my wife told me about how she rode M, I began to get the impression that he didn't finish as quickly as yours truly usually does. Maybe it was the experience or maybe it was M but Wifey said that she had "drenched" M's unusually high thread count sheets early and he seemed to enjoy the fact that he could make highly wet? As my wife could tell that I was enjoying her exploits with M, she clenched my cock tightly and whispered in my good ear...

"April Fool's! Cuckold Bitch"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

HNT-Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy HNT lucky little leprechauns! We will certainly be enjoying corned beef and cabbage, Guinness, and "If You're Lucky" loving! I hope Wifey's cute little panties leave your eyes smiling!