Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Better Hurry Up, I'm In Dutch With The Wifey

Well things don't always go as planned and sometimes I make mistakes. Yesterday was one of those days and I think I need to publicly apologise to my Wifey.

What Went Wrong:

1. Sharing my Wifey has always been my thing. At times she is willing to participate at different levels but for the most part Wifey doesn't fully understand why I am so insane about getting her to find a lover.

We were at a hotel pool one night and there were 3 Russian mobsters sitting at a nearby table smoking and talking in a language that sounded like they were eating stones. Now true story, the Wifey is a bit of a dolphin and she takes to water like...a dolphin, so she didn't notice that the Cold War table was watching as she played in the empty pool by herself. I, of course, did notice the Russians staring at my wife, so I "Begencouraged" the Wifey for like 25 minutes to "Do Something!" I get sooo fucking desperate sometimes and finally to shut me up, my wife swam over to where the 3 Stalins sat. She got out of the pool right in front of them, and went up to their table. I sat frozen, unable to hear the conversation, but one of them reached down and gave my wife something that I couldn't see from where I sat. My wife then slowly turned around and walked back to where I was. The mobsters watched my wife's ass as she walked away. I was struck stupid.

"What did they give you?" I asked.

"A cigarette." My wifey doesn't even smoke but I was more than impressed by her daring that we quickly went back to the room and I can still remember fucking my wife with such intensity that I broke the condom. You could probably guess, but I'm not the condom breaking type of guy, so I felt like the fuckin Incredible Hulk when that tiny piece of latex snapped under the pressure of my passion for the wife.

Another reason why this really is my fantasy is for the longest time Wifey felt suspicious about my intentions for her to find a lover because she thought that I may use her extramarital fun as a reason for me to have my fair share of fun with other women. Now, I may not be as hot as my wife, but I get a few looks and smiles from other women from time to time, but I have absolutely zero desire to fuck other women. I'm not gay and I think women are amazing, but for me it starts and stops with my wife. I'm nuts for my Wifey and I couldn't find a better woman, so why bother. Wifey is the ultimate. She cooks, she cleans, she's entertaining, and, as you all can tell from our HNTs, Wifey is flat out beautiful.

2. I have always had a problem distinguishing between fantasy and reality. No, I don't think there are superheroes out there in attractive spandex costumes. I don't believe in aliens, ghosts, or even Justin Bieber. I play video games but I have never lost touch with the Call of Duty world while on a Sunday afternoon at Petco buying dog food. But I do have a problem with fantasy when my Wifey is my fantasy, and she is gorgeous and I get to see her naked all of the time. Like almost everyday. I get to have sex with my fantasy and it's incredible. She touches my dick, it goes hard. She coughs and my dick goes hard. She does the dishes and my dick goes hard. My Wifey puts the bone in my boners.

3. This blog is not exactly helping me keep my fantasies in check. When my Wifey posts her HNT and she gets a great response, this makes the Wifey very happy. For me though, I also love reading other gentlemen's comments about how attractive my wife is but this feeds my fantasy which makes it hard for me to separate fantasy v. reality, and this pretty much makes it totally impossible for me to not understand why Wifey wouldn't be at the same level of interest in her being shared as I am.

Also, even more than hearing what other men think of my wife's HNTs, I love reading my wife's posts. Not only do her readers learn about my wife's kinky side, but I have learned a lot from just reading her posts too. I have learned about previous Wifey experiences that I thought I already knew everything about, and that has been worth making this blog, but then I also get to find out more about my wife's fantasy. I don't know if she would agree with my calling her additional restaurant service a fantasy, but I think more than needing the money, my wife would really like to role play with another man so that she could please him so much that she could learn her sexual value. I could be completely wrong again about her fantasy like I was in my post "WifeyCANDY" but that is why this blog has been so much fun for me and I hope for my Wifey.

I guess it comes down to how me and the Wifey enjoy the fantasy. I don't know if my wife will ever enjoy the fantasy in the way that I would like her to enjoy it, but I need to appreciate that I am lucky to have such a wonderful wife who does love me enough to try to accept my strange fantasy. I have no doubt that Wifey would enjoy the excitement, desire, and passion that would come from her taking a lover, but she isn't there yet and all my confidence comes off as insensitive pressure to just do it already. That wouldn't be great for anyone. I'm just a stupid hubby who loves his wifey too much at times. And I owe my sweet Wifey an apology and an even more important public statement of trust that if this happens it will happen and if it doesn't happen, I still have an amazing wife to fall back on.

I love you Wifey :-)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Wifey's Clarification

Editing note: For my post to make just a little more sense, it might be helpful to scroll down, read Hubby's post "WifeyCANDY" first and then come back up here and read my post. Otherwise, keep the comments coming...we love hearing your thoughts.

Hmmmm, interesting. I thought my hubby's interpretation of what we discussed to be very interesting. However, not quite where I was going with the idea or the concept that I had in mind. I guess in print we are technically saying the same thing but in theory I found his wording to be off track. Let me explain...

He is right that we are hustling a little to make ends meet these days. He is right that I adore businessmen...so clean cut, so well-dressed, so professional and usually well mannered, they travel, they are powerful, they usually smell nice...ahhh. However, I see vulnerability and loneliness in them too. They are forced speak meeting-speak all day and required to act appropriately for long periods of time. I see someone who goes back to a boring, beige, cold, silent hotel room at the end of a long day. I see someone who might want to unwind with a glass of wine and some friendly, real conversation about whatever is on their mind.

I wait on these men, or groups of men, constantly and I always sense a sort of hopefulness from them. In some men it comes across as creepy and dirty or just down right desperate. This icky feeling comes from the men who see a waitress and automatically assume we are all easy sluts who will screw anything that will throw a few extra bucks at us. Some men see a waitress and see a captive audience for misogynistic remarks they can't dole out to their bitter, unhappy wives. Some men treat a waitress like a piece of meat who needs to laugh at their every horribly unfunny joke and then fetch them their every need only to not repay them with an adequate tip for dealing with their bullshit.

Sorry, bitter waitress tangent, back to the hopefulness...

the men I am attracted to emit a hopefulness without even knowing it, maybe it's because I give them a smile or accidentally brush against their shoulder when I refill their water. Then, a sort of mild chemistry starts. They notice when I come to the table, they look me in the eye but do not stare, they have manners, they tip well. Maybe they feel a little like themselves for the first time all day and don't want it to end but can't just ask the waitress to come back to their hotel room in front of all their coworkers.

So, I started thinking. How could my food service and adequate tip escalate into more than just food service and more than just and adequate tip? I, in no way, want a sugar daddy as hubby suggested. Having a sugar daddy implies I just want to be spoiled for no reason. No, I'm a hard working girl and am willing to earn my dough. I was especially careful with my wording too when talking to hubby so as not to make him think that his faithful, innocent wifey is all the sudden having prostitute fantasies! I guess I just fantasized about two people meeting by chance, having some chemistry, and fulfilling some needs. It is only natural that I would continue to see my customers as customers...but in a different light. You still following me, here? It's a slippery slope.

Imagine the possibilities.

We meet back at the hotel bar. He has had a long day. He flies home tomorrow to where-ever-land. We have a glass or two of wine and talk about whatever and nothing. He asks if I'd like to come back up to his room for a little bit. He sits in one of the hotel room chairs. I help him loosen his tie and move behind him to rub his neck and shoulders. He pulls me around to stand in front of him. He moves his hands up my legs and once he gets to my hips I straddle him. We kiss slowly and passionately. I begin unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his neck. I untuck his shirt and he removes mine. He kisses my neck and firmly holds me to him. He picks me up and places us on the bed....I'm sure you kind readers know what goes on from here without all the gory details, as my hubby has made quite clear I am rather shy and figure you have your imaginations from here on out. In the end, my businessman had a good time and a warm body to caress. I leave with my gratuity and smirk.

What do you think? Would this really happen? Would any of you weary travelers do something like this if the oportunity presented itself? Just wondering. Tell me about it.


I don't know how to start this post, but My Wifey just came up with an interesting idea and I wanted to share it and see what our readers think. This idea has given me a bunch of new ideas but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Our Thanksgiving was long and tiring but not in a family dinner way. The Wifey and I had to work this year, and at the Wifey's restaurant job, she had the pleasure to serve an unpleasant looking gray Turkey dinner for other family's Thanksgiving.

Now the Wifey and I don't enjoy working on Thanksgiving, but in these tough times we got to hustle a little just to pay rent nowadays so there isn't a lot of extra. After the Wifey's shift tonight, as we were relaxing on the couch, watching an intense Apprentice episode on DVR, that Wifey came up with this interesting product.

Wifey is about the most innocent looking woman ever, so maybe it was the wine or it could have just been the Apprentice synergy but Wifey suggested a new way to add a little spice to our bank account. WifeyCANDY

Wifey is always serving groups of businessmen, and the men of business are her weakness and they usually eat up her cutesexiness. She loves the whole clean cut smart classy man sort of thing and they love her girl next door look. Let's just say that we never miss an episode of Mad Men in this house.

So the Wifey told me that recently she has had an impulse to pick out a lonesome businessman from her night job. In her restaurant, businessmen are everywhere and they are always waiting for their flights or in town for a conference, and maybe they would like a little cute wifey attention. Maybe they are married and the idea of bringing another woman back to their hotel room has always been their fantasy and their own wife would never find out about my wifey. The wifey would be a wonderful treat after a long business conference, and if the tip was nice then everyone would win. WifeyCANDY for a SugarDaddy?

I love this naughty idea from the Wifey, but we wanted to hear what other people thought about Wifey getting a businessman SugarDaddy who would treat my Wifey and my Wifey would treat them in her fantastic way, and I would finally get to become the Cuckold Hubby who waits for his Wifey at home while she is getting all hot and bothered, businessman style! Whew!

I really think that my Wifey deserves a lover who could send her to another orbit of pleasuretown and I have no problem if that lover wanted to treat her with treats. I am laying down the challenge to the Wifey. You, the reader, know what my Wifey looks like nearly naked, and I promise her face is just as sexy as her body, so help me encourage the shy Wifey to accept, not just my challenge, but OUR challenge to go for a BIG extra TIP from her next handsome businessman customer, and who knows, maybe you will get seated in her section.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

HNT - Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I love the holiday season, and Thanksgiving is the perfect middle between the sexy Halloween and the joyful Xmas. The food, the football, and the food make for one gluttonous delightful day for this hubby and I just want to give a huge shout out to my amazing Wifey, because she puts my Thanks in Thanksgiving.

I am Thankful for my Wifey because everyone thinks she is so Sweet and Innocent in our boring normal lives but you, our now 52 followers! get to read and see a side of her that would shock those loud people that fill up our everydays.

I am Thankful for my Wifey because she fills my belly every Thanksgiving with the most amazing foods and treats. She buys me wine and weed whenever I am in need and she makes me crazy tasty dinners all the time, not just on the 3rd Thursday in Novemebers. Seriously, she's a black belt in Kick Ass meals.

Finally, I am Thankful for my Wifey because she is just the best Wifey in the world. She is way too pretty for me and she even puts up with my spells of moodiness. She deserves a much better husband, or at least a hot Friend With Benefits, but until she comes to her senses...let me share my wifey with you in a picture that I have named, My Orange Crush:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

HNT- In bed with Wifey

It was that kind of Thursday. The kind of Thursday that kicks your butt and takes names! I came home exhausted and immediately changed into something more comfortable before diving into bed for a nap. Helpful Hubby gave good hugs before allowing me to catch some zzzz's before dinnertime....oh, and he couldn't resist sharing my sleepwear with you...perfect for HNT, right?
Sweet dreams!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

HNT- Veteran's Day Edition

Hello Veterans!

Wifey and I hope you are having a nice day. Since Wifey hasn't yet had the pleasure to thank a brave rugged soldier in her own special way (she came very close though this year) Carrie would like to give back to all the soldiers out there with the gift of a HNT.

We haven't posted a picture in awhile and it was Wifey who suggested we make our grand return with a thank you to our veterans for all of our freedoms. Like the freedom for a Watchful Hubby to share a half naked picture of his Playful Wifey, so that maybe a soldier somewhere today will look at my nearly naked Wifey and know that he is protecting her delicate creamy white thighs, her sultry hips, her enticing breasts, and those alluring lips from all the bad people out there.

So for the veterans and anyone else who likes looking at another man's wife on Thursdays, please enjoy my beautiful wife...