Friday, November 26, 2010

Wifey's Clarification

Editing note: For my post to make just a little more sense, it might be helpful to scroll down, read Hubby's post "WifeyCANDY" first and then come back up here and read my post. Otherwise, keep the comments coming...we love hearing your thoughts.

Hmmmm, interesting. I thought my hubby's interpretation of what we discussed to be very interesting. However, not quite where I was going with the idea or the concept that I had in mind. I guess in print we are technically saying the same thing but in theory I found his wording to be off track. Let me explain...

He is right that we are hustling a little to make ends meet these days. He is right that I adore clean cut, so well-dressed, so professional and usually well mannered, they travel, they are powerful, they usually smell nice...ahhh. However, I see vulnerability and loneliness in them too. They are forced speak meeting-speak all day and required to act appropriately for long periods of time. I see someone who goes back to a boring, beige, cold, silent hotel room at the end of a long day. I see someone who might want to unwind with a glass of wine and some friendly, real conversation about whatever is on their mind.

I wait on these men, or groups of men, constantly and I always sense a sort of hopefulness from them. In some men it comes across as creepy and dirty or just down right desperate. This icky feeling comes from the men who see a waitress and automatically assume we are all easy sluts who will screw anything that will throw a few extra bucks at us. Some men see a waitress and see a captive audience for misogynistic remarks they can't dole out to their bitter, unhappy wives. Some men treat a waitress like a piece of meat who needs to laugh at their every horribly unfunny joke and then fetch them their every need only to not repay them with an adequate tip for dealing with their bullshit.

Sorry, bitter waitress tangent, back to the hopefulness...

the men I am attracted to emit a hopefulness without even knowing it, maybe it's because I give them a smile or accidentally brush against their shoulder when I refill their water. Then, a sort of mild chemistry starts. They notice when I come to the table, they look me in the eye but do not stare, they have manners, they tip well. Maybe they feel a little like themselves for the first time all day and don't want it to end but can't just ask the waitress to come back to their hotel room in front of all their coworkers.

So, I started thinking. How could my food service and adequate tip escalate into more than just food service and more than just and adequate tip? I, in no way, want a sugar daddy as hubby suggested. Having a sugar daddy implies I just want to be spoiled for no reason. No, I'm a hard working girl and am willing to earn my dough. I was especially careful with my wording too when talking to hubby so as not to make him think that his faithful, innocent wifey is all the sudden having prostitute fantasies! I guess I just fantasized about two people meeting by chance, having some chemistry, and fulfilling some needs. It is only natural that I would continue to see my customers as customers...but in a different light. You still following me, here? It's a slippery slope.

Imagine the possibilities.

We meet back at the hotel bar. He has had a long day. He flies home tomorrow to where-ever-land. We have a glass or two of wine and talk about whatever and nothing. He asks if I'd like to come back up to his room for a little bit. He sits in one of the hotel room chairs. I help him loosen his tie and move behind him to rub his neck and shoulders. He pulls me around to stand in front of him. He moves his hands up my legs and once he gets to my hips I straddle him. We kiss slowly and passionately. I begin unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his neck. I untuck his shirt and he removes mine. He kisses my neck and firmly holds me to him. He picks me up and places us on the bed....I'm sure you kind readers know what goes on from here without all the gory details, as my hubby has made quite clear I am rather shy and figure you have your imaginations from here on out. In the end, my businessman had a good time and a warm body to caress. I leave with my gratuity and smirk.

What do you think? Would this really happen? Would any of you weary travelers do something like this if the oportunity presented itself? Just wondering. Tell me about it.


  1. What businessman would not want to have an experience like that in his life? But let me be honest woman, you are so damn sexy that any man would not want it to be for just "one" night. YOU COULD ruin a man's career because he would want to keep traveling again and again to your local. Opportunities would be missed and fortunes would be lost, but oh what a great way to go down. ;)

  2. Does he leave a large tip at the restaurant or when you leave his hotel room? I guess that is the only question.

    By the way, I think it would be a huge turn on for the business guy to know that your husband is home waiting for you to come share details. Of course, I'm probably not the average business guy, because when I travel and am sitting in a hotel room alone, I'm imagining my wife fucking other guys while I'm away!

  3. Theres an old joke..."will you sleep with me for a Million? Yes? What about $50?"

    She protests she isnt that kind of girl...

    "Yes, you are, we are just negotiating price!'

    Ive told this joke a couple of times when closing the deal..

    And yes, a lot of "faithful, innocent wifey(s)" do all of the sudden have "prostitute fantasies."

    to explain: I like paying for sex...I like corrupting. I never visit actual prostitutes.

    I have a number of gambits that work..(not always waitresses, but I like waitresses because they are already flirting for money.)

    Often I tip slightly outrageously, like more than twice the price of the meal. I try to pick a rounded off point, like $50 on a $14 meal. When she does that blushing, "Oh that's too much." look of sometimes say that.

    This gives me a chance to say something about how the look was worth it or some such. I tell a story..(possibly true) about a favorite waitress that I tipped $200 on what is usually a horribly slow night for her, and how it ended in an argument with her husband who wanted to know what the hell she had done for $200??

    This leads to a discussion of her being propositioned, or a friend or someone she heard about...

    I slip in the idea, what if you were already interested, and the guy misunderstood your friendliness for being professional? Would you be offended if the guy left you some money on the dresser?

    Economy being what it is I can;t expense what I used to...but the most I have paid to turn a waitress into a whore was $500(no offense, wifey, I'm sure you would be more like a, hmmm high priced escort, or consort! ~wink~)

    The "cheapest whore" (again no offense, its just the fantasy is debasing them, so...cheaper is somehow naughtier?" Was $20.

    LOVED that girl. She had a jealous boyfriend that would wait for her after work. She was a hotel bartender,, fairly busy bar. 2 girls and a guy working the bar.

    I propositoned her like that, we talked about it as "roleplay". She mentioned boyfriend and no way to sneak up to my room after work. I mentioned that "I had heard" of girls that visit businessmen in their hotel room for "quickies" at a very reasonable rate.

    She said they sounded kind of skanky. I said, they make it up on volume.

    She wanted to know how much these girls made. I low-balled her (and she knew it) I said $20 for a BJ.

    She asked for my room number in case she saw any "skanks" she'd send them up.

    I lingered thinking it was banter...she looked at me and said, you should go wait for one, right now. I have a break in 20 minutes.

    She came up..asked for the $20, tucked it in her bra, and got on her knees.

    I took that as foreplay and ended up fucking her. For $20. I almost 'tipped' her some more, then realized she liked that it was cheap.

    mm good times,

    God! that made me horny I'm not even out of town, and I'm am seriously thinking of taking a room downtown and trying this again tonight!

  4. Get8more, awwww, what an incredibly flattering compliment!!! Thanks, you sure know how to make a girl feel powerful! :)

    JFBreak, good question. I was wondering that too. I suppose strippers have the best policy on this one, "money first". However, I'm guessing establishing the proposition at my job wouldn't be the best idea. Meeting at another location and going from there would probably be the best idea.

    Anonymous, even though I think, I too, am "not that kind of girl", I have also wondered in the past what my value is or would be in this type of scenario. I don't think I would be the most amazing woman a man had ever been with but I think I would price myself out of most guys' range...for good reason though. It is a really big fucking deal! I am married, I'm clean, I'm the good girl next door type, but I'm also very passionate when the chemistry is right. Let's just say I would scoff at a "skanky" $20. ;)
    Dying to know though, how was your evening?!!

  5. Great story Anonymous. And I was thinking I would never pay for sex. You make it sound fun. LOL I still would never pay for it. I love the thrill of the chase and knowing I can get a woman without having to resort to money. No offense. I also wish I had your expense account. I too travel but have never bedded a waitress or anyone else I have come across. Well, that is unless you count women who work in the same company as me that I just met. :)

    Playful Wifey. I don't think you are cheap if you sleep with men outside your marriage -- for money or not. You can still be clean and a good girl and have fun with other guys. Just my opinion. Have fun! And tell us all about it.

  6. this is a very interesting post. I dont travel that much any more but I have had years where I had 200 hotel stays. I love flirting with the waitresses. Usually much younger than I but I always compliment them without being leacherous. I smile at them, ask them about themselves, aspirations, school etc. I leave big tips, no less than 20% and sometimes up to 40% depending on how much they flirt back, but I never know how far to take it...probably why I remain the cuckold husband and not the bull

  7. I'd be down - where do I have to travel to?

    I love corrupting, and being corrupted - this is pretty much perfect, and I think about it every time i travel...

  8. P., so have you ever acted out your fantasy or just thought about it? Most of all, are you a great tipper? ;)

    <3, Wifey

  9. I am one of these businessmen. I'd much rather spend my nights spoiling and being spoiled by an eager partner than sitting in my hotel room al night jerking off to pornhub.

    Different issue - I just don't understand people who are asses to servers (unless she is a bitch from teh get go). Treat them with respect and tip well!