Friday, November 26, 2010


I don't know how to start this post, but My Wifey just came up with an interesting idea and I wanted to share it and see what our readers think. This idea has given me a bunch of new ideas but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Our Thanksgiving was long and tiring but not in a family dinner way. The Wifey and I had to work this year, and at the Wifey's restaurant job, she had the pleasure to serve an unpleasant looking gray Turkey dinner for other family's Thanksgiving.

Now the Wifey and I don't enjoy working on Thanksgiving, but in these tough times we got to hustle a little just to pay rent nowadays so there isn't a lot of extra. After the Wifey's shift tonight, as we were relaxing on the couch, watching an intense Apprentice episode on DVR, that Wifey came up with this interesting product.

Wifey is about the most innocent looking woman ever, so maybe it was the wine or it could have just been the Apprentice synergy but Wifey suggested a new way to add a little spice to our bank account. WifeyCANDY

Wifey is always serving groups of businessmen, and the men of business are her weakness and they usually eat up her cutesexiness. She loves the whole clean cut smart classy man sort of thing and they love her girl next door look. Let's just say that we never miss an episode of Mad Men in this house.

So the Wifey told me that recently she has had an impulse to pick out a lonesome businessman from her night job. In her restaurant, businessmen are everywhere and they are always waiting for their flights or in town for a conference, and maybe they would like a little cute wifey attention. Maybe they are married and the idea of bringing another woman back to their hotel room has always been their fantasy and their own wife would never find out about my wifey. The wifey would be a wonderful treat after a long business conference, and if the tip was nice then everyone would win. WifeyCANDY for a SugarDaddy?

I love this naughty idea from the Wifey, but we wanted to hear what other people thought about Wifey getting a businessman SugarDaddy who would treat my Wifey and my Wifey would treat them in her fantastic way, and I would finally get to become the Cuckold Hubby who waits for his Wifey at home while she is getting all hot and bothered, businessman style! Whew!

I really think that my Wifey deserves a lover who could send her to another orbit of pleasuretown and I have no problem if that lover wanted to treat her with treats. I am laying down the challenge to the Wifey. You, the reader, know what my Wifey looks like nearly naked, and I promise her face is just as sexy as her body, so help me encourage the shy Wifey to accept, not just my challenge, but OUR challenge to go for a BIG extra TIP from her next handsome businessman customer, and who knows, maybe you will get seated in her section.

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