Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are You There Wifey?...It's Me Your "Cuckold Bitch"

Well I was a little surprised by how many people enjoyed the fact that I was left with blue balls. I knew you all were preverts, and I think that is why I like you all so much, so here is my view of what happened and what could happen "maybe" in the future if Mistress Carrie comes back.

Blue Balls. Let's discuss. I don't know if I've ever really felt this unique sensation before this exxxperience with Carrie. After she rolled over and went to sleep, I could feel a pressure terrorizing my nutshack. I've haven't ever felt so helpless with my aching nuts. My boxers were wet and sticky as my dick leaked my excitement even though there was going to be no relief for me in the near future.

Don't get me wrong lady or ladies...I don't always demand sexual satisfaction everytime Carrie gets off. Hold your applause please. I'm just a gentleman like that. In fact, I've always enjoyed it a little more when Carrie has more fun in bed than myself. Who would have guessed that the cuckold in me enjoys the unbalanced sexual orgasam total, but then came my experience with Mistress Carrie.

I remember the last thing I asked Mistress Carrie before she went to sleep, "Would you ever cuckold me?" and her Playful Wifey response, "Maybe."

My balls went into a panic. They cried, "What did you just ask for?" Did I really want Carrie to cuckold me? Do I really have the hubby size confidence of King Kong to allow my wife to cuckold me?

I guess a cuckold is different to me than just a Watchful Hubby. As you may or may not know by now, I have always wanted to watch Carrie go through the entire experience from the choosing of another man to watching her have sex with him in front of me. I want to see and hear all the intense moments of passion that will stir in my sweet wife and her male companion. I want to see his "action star" perform feats of daring sexual exploration on the sweet, and nearly virginal, territory of my darling Wifey. I want him to send my wifey into levels of pleasure that she deserves because I truly think Carrie deserves a hot torrid sexual affair in her life. Maybe that does sound like a cuckold?

Again, I guess a cuckold to me is different. In a cuck experience, Carrie would probably go on a "girls only" vacation. Carrie would inevitably meet someone at a bar that her girlfriends take her to on a night of bar hopping. Maybe Carrie would approach the other man or maybe the other man would approach Carrie while her friends were talking, but she wouldn't be left alone for long, even with her wedding ring on display. Then Carrie and the other man would have some drinks and their conversation would probably quickly lead to flirtation and then more. Carrie feeling a little buzzed would probably make the ultimate move when she would more than likely suggest that the other man come by her hotel room after she says goodnight to her girlfriends.

Maybe Carrie would send me a text right before he knocks on her hotel room. Just to tell me that her kness are weak with anticipation and that her panty area is getting terribly warm. I've always wanted a text that would tell me bits of info without giving too much away. Text or not enough texts, my wifey would fuck him and then he would fuck her and back and forth all fucking night. Then the next morning, maybe Carrie tells her girlfriends that she "cheated" on her faithful hubby who is miles and miles away or maybe she tells them the truth, that right now her cuckold hubby is so excited as he waits to hear all the details and reclaim his wifey.

I can't lie to you or the blog...I could love the idea of becoming a cuckold and letting Carrie do all sorts of crazy things but I don't know if I could just sit at home and wait. I'm not a patient man. I would swell with anticipation just like our friend Violet when she went on that candy factory tour. I would go Taxi Driver frisky with the knowing and not knowing of what Carrie was doing. It would remind me of that time when Carrie was away with D and I couldn't be near her or talk to her because she was with him. Whew! But it was nice once Carrie came back to me. And I love when she tells me things about D and the time she spent with him.

Maybe I am a cuckold?

Monday, July 26, 2010

"Cuckold Bitch"

Hubby and I have been helping a friend out this summer by being servers for her catering company. Last night, after I showered, I was getting ready to go while only wearing a white bra, white tank top, and white panties. I was hot after my shower and was trying to hold off on putting on the black pants for my uniform as long as possible. After I had put on make-up and lotion and deodorant and girly spray and was sitting on the bed putting some more lotion on my legs, Hubby just couldn't take it any more. He came over to me, lovingly pushed me down on the bed, spread my legs to put all his weight on me, and began kissing me on the neck. We NEEDED to leave in about five minutes mind you. He kissed me over the top of my clothes, starting at my neck, down to my breasts, and quickly down to my thighs. He held my legs open as he kissed me over my panties. Have I mentioned,!? I raised my hips up in pleasure of his warm breath on my panties and instantly began to tingle all over. Unfortunately, it was time to put on our monkey suits for the night.

Later in the night, I was extremely busy delivering food and drinks to my portion of the party. Hubby was too, but he was having a harder time concentrating after our earlier encounter. While I was entering a drink order into the computer he came up behind me, grabbed one of my ass cheeks and said under his breath,
"I want to take you home NOW and do devious things to your ass."
"Promise?", I said with a grin.
This went on pretty much all night with much grab-ass and naughty comments being made, mostly revolving around Hubby saying that he wanted to finish what he started earlier and didn't even care if he got his.

When we got home, much later and much more tired than anticipated, we unwound with a bottle of wine. Hubby massaged my tired legs as we watched some benign show. I don't know if it was just because I was so tired or because I hadn't eaten much for dinner, but the wine went straight to my head. Hubby pestered enough about still wanting me, so I said I would go take a shower if he promised to be quickish so I could go to bed soon. I stood under the hot, steaming water for several minutes and begun to realize just how tipsy I might really be. Hubby surprised me by jumping in the shower with me. He grabbed my spongy/bath/loofah thingy and carefully cleaned my breasts, neck, stomach, back, arms, and ass. It felt really good to just stand under the warm water and have Hubby soap me up. When he was done, I turned to press and wiggle my soaped up ass against his cock and he immediately became hard. We rinsed off and moved to the bedroom. Now, remember, he had advertised all night that all he wanted to do was go down on me with NOTHING in return. Also remember that I am tired and buzzed. He proceeded to go down on me and because I was a little numb all over, I wanted him to be more aggressive than normal. I pushed his head into me, moved his hands to my breasts with my hands and made him squeeze HARD. Errr....I'm not normally this aggressive. He continued to go down on me with the climax ending in me saying like, "Suck harder! Harder!" Errrr....still not something I've done before. Afterward, I could tell he had enjoyed what he was doing because his cock was dripping. I reached down to see if he was hard but he was not so I let go.
He said, "Oh, that was mean!"
I said, "I was just checking what was going on down there. You said you didn't want anything, but now you are dripping all over."
He said, "I would take something if you are giving."
I looked at the clock...nearly four in the morning.
I said, "I'm really tired and you weren't nearly as quick as you said you would be."
He said, "I was really enjoying myself."
I said, "Mistress Carrie is tired and not happy with how long this took. You could have done better so now you will have to wait until tomorrow."
He said, "Ohhhhmyyyygodddd, that is so hot!"
I rolled over and went to bed.

When we woke up in the morning, I asked with a smirk how he liked being my cuckold bitch. He said he wouldn't want to get into all the time but it was way more hot than he thought it would be. He asked me what I thought. "I feel terrible that I left you blue, but I was tired and kind of drunk", I said, "I owe you one...after I have some coffee and Advil."

Friday, July 23, 2010

48 Hours and 15 Minutes - The Conclusion

Part II

Tuesday, 12pm

I woke up feeling really good. I would even say I had a hop to my step. The first part of our vacation was amazing and I felt like anything could happen on our last day, maybe even the ultimate fantasy of Carrie meeting another man, though even I must admit that the casino was stocked full of some of the oldest human beings still waddling around the world.

Carrie and I woke and went down to the casino for a bit of a walkabout. At one point I had to use the restroom, I have a bit of a teacup bladder, and Carrie decided that she would go play a slot. I wasn't gone very long but Carrie managed to tell me later that I missed out on a moment. Apparently, Carrie noticed a blonde haired man playing a slot nearby that was checking her out. Of course I walked up and killed the moment, but as we left, Carrie and the other man made eye contact and she gave him a little smile. Nice.

Tuesday, 1:11pm

Carrie and I came back to the room after our walk and a visit to the gift shop for water, red bulls, and beer. We were back for 3 seconds when Carrie jumped on the bed with her beverage of choice and a candy bar. As Carrie floated down to the bed, her black skirt opened and I could see her black panties. Now you don't know this yet, but I have a thing for Carrie in these black panties that she wears. Carrie has the creamiest skin color and the black thong looks so sexy as it covers some of my most favorite parts of Carrie's body.

That glimpse of her panties was all it took and I went for her honeypot without any warning to the Wifey. Before I knew it I had my wife's panties pulled to the side and I was licking all over her always warm and always wet pussy.

I don't normally lick and tell, but I will share that I am guilty of sucking on Carrie's lips really hard. I did it. I also licked Carrie from the bottom of her slit, in long slow licks, as my tongue parted her lips, until I was flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue. I did that too. And I am also guilty of the taboo of running my tongue all over my wife's ass. My wife's moans were encouraging me but that was nothing compared to the sight of her pulling on her own nipples as I worked my tongue all over her bits.

I know what your thinking..."Doug we've all seen porn where the ladies pull their nipples and say 'moan, moan'," but that my dear readers is not what I'm talking about. My wifey is never like a bored porn star. When Carrie isn't into sex she doesn't try to fake it. I've never caught her lying about sex or anything. She is one of the most honest people I've ever met and I'm glad she is mine, but back to the story, and she was really really squeezing the hell out of her nipples as she pulled her breasts away from her body until they couldn't stretch any further. If I never see anything else in my life, that image is going in my all time top ten list.

I continued to devour my wife until she came, but even her coming didn't stop me from playing with her sweet spot. I teased her pussy with my tongue as I blew warm air up and down her still writhing pelvis. After a few more flicks or maybe it was after a couple of more licks, the wifey tapped out and I felt like the king. There is something very powerful about getting the wifey off with my mouth and after a job well done, we were ready for lunch.

Carrie and I ended back at the pub for some lunch and happy hour beers. I love my wife and I love happy hour beer. Hooray for Wifey/Cheaper Beer!!!

Tuesday, 4:20pm

We head back to the room to unwind and one thing led to another and before I knew it the wifey was seducing me again. Picture me innocently enjoying a smoke, as I looked out our 13th floor room toward a decaying city landscape. Then comes the lil' diabla as she leans over the window's frame, she wiggles her behind. WTF? I know I've been with my wife over 15 years but everything she does gives me at least, at the very least!, a partial chub. Her butt wiggling led to her sitting on my lap with her legs over one side of the chair.

I rubbed Carrie's back which of course went straight to me spanking her ass. Yeah, I Know! I have never in the 15 years had Carrie bent over with her skirt hiked up and my hand spanking her thong-wearing bare-ass until it went from pink to red. I didn't know that Carrie enjoyed this sort of thing so much because I took a break from the ass spanking and rubbed her pussy over her panties. Carrie told me how much she was enjoying my fingers running over her swollen lips and I could tell because her panties went from dry to warm to moist to hot and wet. I pinched her pussy lips over her panties and pulled on them until Carrie let out soft moans. I ran my fingers from her stomach, between her legs, and then up her ass.

Tuesday, 4:45pm

Carrie told me to close the curtains and take off my clothes. Then she told me to sit in the chair until she got back. I'm not going to make a big deal about the next part, and in case you think I'm only going to write Skin-A-Max porn bullshit, the chair sex didn't go so well. I was hard, and Carrie was wet, but somehow we could not line up our bits to make them do what they do. It was frustrating. I couldn't take it any longer and I bent the wife over the bend. Carrie looked so tiny and pettite. I was already about to come from everything and I went to grab a condom when Carrie had an idea.

Carrie's ideas are the best and I'm usually always down, so she suggested that I fuck her bareback but pull out and "come where you want to, just not in my hair". I couldn't argue with that logic and I pumped like 2 more times before I pulled out and came on her ass.

It was beautiful. My dick was rock hard with bulging veins running up and down the shaft. I jerked off a couple of times and the cum came a coming in beads of white rain on Carrie's ass. I was impressed with how much spunk I still had after this weekend and I truly felt "drained".

Carrie and I got dressed again and headed back down for a dinner and drinks evening. I enjoyed watching other men look at Carrie as we walked through the casino and the crowd got younger as the night went on. A pitboss in a suit stared at Carrie's legs as she cashed out a ticket and there was a moment in the bar later when a couple of older men were hooting it up over winning a $1, that I thought Carrie might flash them to shut them up, but the night was ending and so was the vacation.

Wednesday, 12:50am

As we were leaving the Casino's parking structure, we realized that the parking attendent really wanted us to have our ticket validated in the hotel. We had forgot. So when we decided to leave early in the night like gypsies, the parking attendent seemed even more suspicious of me and my wife. He said that he needed either $20 for the parking fee or our hotel key or receipt for validation. We had our hotel key still, we like to keep them for...I don't know why we keep them, and he took the key and slid it into his machine. I don't know what showed up on his computer, but his expression seemed shocked. It was like he had a list of all the shit we had done over the last 48 hours and 15 minutes.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

48 Hours and 15 Minutes by The Hubby

And the Adventures continue...

So I must first say thanks to all of the very nice comments that my wife and I received for her 1st ever HNT. The Wifey just told me that she felt a little giddy today after the sweet comments she read. Thanks again and we are already thinking about next Thursday, but I digress.

We just got back from our 2day Holiday to a SinFul little place that we enjoy from time to time, and boy are my balls tired. I mean that. My wife nearly fucked me to death. I mean that too. I'm lucky to be alive right now, but she said that she would let me live so that I could tell our, NOW SIX, followers the dirty, dirty, dirty story of our 48hours and 15 minutes of Naughty-Holiday Fun.

Monday, 12:35am

We arrive in the cover of darkness to Casino/Motel thing. We've been here before, but somehow the warm night air felt different; like there were going to be some pre-established morals tested soon. We checked in and went to the room. As a hubby who has a strong desire to watch his wife have sex with another man, in front of me, I always scan the room for its potential capacity to serve my voyeur fantasy. There are two queen beds in the room, one for wifey to sleep on and one for hubby to sleep on. There are also two chairs that could have all sorts of useful uses for a pervert hubby like myself. I get excited by the slight chance that this may be the room that my wife has sex with a stranger from the casino. O. Immediately I begin to attack my innocent wife with my touchy hands. My wife protests. She claims to be hungry and in need of a hot shower. We go to coffee shop which worked out swell because they had THEBEER so after 2 of THEBEERs for me and a warm dinner for both of us, the wifey and I hurried back to the room to shower and touch each other's bits.

I'm not a religous man by any goddamn means, but when my wife comes out of the shower all naked and warm, I swear that I'm the most blessed man in this world. Her long burnette hair falls like a sexy veil over her shoulders and chest. My wife's sweet and shy face stands out, with her innocent expressions somehow not seeming to fit with her body, because everything else about Carrie's body screams orgasm maker; from her delicate neck down to her perfect strawberry nipples that sit atop of her squeezable breasts. Then beneath her breasts, her hips curve out to give this world one of the greatest behinds ever seen from behind or the side or any other direction. And lastly, from that World Class Ass, you can travel down two of the most lovely lady legs that are both soft and firm, and creamy and sweet to look at, to feel, and of course to taste. I love my wife's body and after her shower, that is exactly what I did.

I quickly buried my head between Carrie's freshly showered legs and began enjoying my wife. I love going down on her and have worked on my techniques (Thanks for the advice "Hands..."), so that Carrie enjoys herself as much as I enjoy her. It didn't take Carrie long to come from what my tongue was doing to her, and then she got on her hands and knees, and put her beautiful ass over the edge of the bed so that I could take her from behind. I entered Carrie and nearly lost it immediately, but I tried to relax and enjoy the sensations of me burying myself into her, as I squeezed her sexy latina ass. I didn't last long, but I pounded Carrie from behind until I couldn't take the intense friction of my throbbing penis that comes after I come. We cleaned up and went to bed.

Just before Carrie turns the light off, she tells me that she is going to dream of other men. I love my wife.

Monday, 3:33pm

Carrie and I finished our lunch at the pub in the casino and were feeling horny after having two beers each and splitting a pizza. My wife has found a blog written by a married man who has all sorts of interesting ideas that he posts about. He wrote a post about "Eating Pussy" that my wife really enjoyed and he even wrote us with a Suggestion that I try to replicate his techniques with my wife. (For the rest of this sexytime post, read wifey's last post) All I will say is thanks again to "Hands..." my wife loved your techniques.

Monday, 9:00pm

Carrie and I were looking for something to do, so Carrie suggested that we should go check out a local gentleman's club that offered attractive females who enjoy dancing in a nearly pitchblack room that encircled a tiny stage. Carrie and I spent two hours in "da club" watching middle-aged runaways smack their asses and kick the stage with stripper shoes so that they could keep the attention of the paying customers, like Carrie and myself. It was fun hanging out with my much sexier wife while watching women pretend to enjoy the Tommy Bahama crowd that came in after us. At one point I thought the Tommy Bahama group of sausage might fight the Polo Shirt group of sausage for the attention of one stripper, but calmer bald heads prevailed. We had a couple of offers from girls who wanted to dance for her or us, but we both like hot, classy strippers, not hot, trashy strippers.

Monday, 11:59pm

Carrie was frustrated because she told me later that she wanted to get a lapdance for us, and when I say for us, I mean, she wanted to get a lap dance that I could watch her get, but none of the strippers were that cute so Carrie went to plan B.

Plan B, or as I now refer to it as "the perfect night", had me sitting in the hotel room with the lights dimmed. Carrie had turned on her iphone music and then she put on a sexy outfit, and I mean sexy. She had on the hot pink bra and panty set from Victoria Secret that is featured in today's HNT. As the music began to fill the room, there was my Carrie giving me my very first lap dance. It was incredible to see Carrie in only a bra and panty dancing inches from my face, and the little devil wouldn't let me touch her! I could only sit there helpless as Carrie slowly wiggled her ass in front of my face and grinded on my crotch just like the dancers we saw in the club. She slowly, and I mean s...l...o...w...l...y..., pulled her panties down to reveal her warm pink spots.

I had the biggest hard-on I have ever had in my life, and then that's when Carrie undid my belt and pulled my pants and boxers off. She put a pillow on the floor and kneeled in front of my cock.

Now, I must say that my wife is the type of girl that looks like she doesn't give a great blow job. She is a sweet and caring woman and never gives the impression that a dirty thought has ever crossed her mind, but watching my cock slide into her mouth, then feeling her tongue stroke my shaft, and finally the rubbing of her hands on my balls was all I could take before I shot my...

Wait! There is one more thing about my wife's blow jobs that drives me up the wall with pleasure, and before the money shot, picture yourself seated in a chair. You're watching Carrie's lips wet your rigid shaft. You can feel her tongue going up and down your cock while you're in her hot wet sucking mouth. And don't forget about her fingers as they play with your balls. Carrie then will rub her hard nipples up and down your bare thighs as she strokes the orgasm out of you with her mouth. FUCK who needs a cigarette!?!

And this completes Part I of 48 Hours and 15 Minutes

Hot, Pink, Hot Pink HNT

I have made it fairly clear that I love sharing my wifey. So, when I googled HNT to find out what it meant, I couldn't wait to post the following. Thursdays are my new favorite day!

Cheers to our first HNT!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Winna, Winna, Chicken Dinna!

Well, since H over at Hands in my Pants was the only one to play along, he is the big winner of our "Suggestions?" game. Congrats H!!

We loved your suggestion, however we had to modify it for a couple of reasons. One, forgot to pack my strap-on...truth be told, I don't even own one. I know, I know, what proper hotwife doesn't own a strap-on, right? Two, I have yet to come around to being turned on by putting things up hubby's ass, much to his disappointment. Maybe someday.
Okay, so what we did do was still exciting. I read H's post about Eating Pussy and made him follow H's directions exactly. Some quick background: I don't know why but throughout the years, hubby and I have been hit and miss in the giving Wifey head department. Sometimes I have been too stressed, self-conscious, and distracted to enjoy him going down on me and sometimes he doesn't focus or get attuned enough to my needs to make it worth making a wet spot on the bed. Lately, we have been a lot more in sync and he has been going downtown much more frequently and with more consistent results. But, when I read H's post, I got so turned on that I told Hubby, "you should read offense."

So, I pulled up H's post on my phone and started reading,
H wrote, "I started by kissing her neck, and with my hand touching her inner thighs, tracing my fingers just outside her pussy lips and clit, but never actually touching either."
I absolutely love being teased and feeling like hubby is exploring me for the first time everytime, but he gets so excited most of the time he just goes straight to work. So I loved this part. I love the anticipation and the nerves and the goosebumps and chills I get when his hands are so close but hardly even doing anything yet.

H wrote, "I slowly kissed, licked and gently nibbled down her body, making sure to lick her entire breast not just the nipple, working my way down her body, to her stomach, belly button, taking my time. The entire time I am kissing, licking her body, my hands are caresssing all around her pussy, but never touching her clit or lips"
Hubby did exactly as I said and I loved that he was having to wait much longer than he usually has to touch my already wet, sweet spot.

H wrote, "As I reached the top of her pelvis area, I spend a lot of time kissing, licking her lower stomach, and with my tongue trace that beautiful "V" area the top of her hips make with her mound. While licking the V area, my hands, trace her pussy lips, caress her clit, slowly I increase the pressure on her clit with my fingers."
Hubby had a hard time with this part because he is hardly what I call patient and isn't used to having to wait before diving in. I, however, am loving all the extra attention to all my lady parts. Thanks, H!!

H wrote much more and of course we did every little detail. If you want to read it for yourself, go to:
Thank you for the suggestion and great writing. It was incredibly hot and a lot of fun!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hello fellow watchers,
Hubby and I have been having a lot of extra fun with this blog lately. As we have mentioned, we have been together for a long time and although we were not in any kind of sexual rut in the least, the blog has certainly kick started more bed-shaking lately. I don't know if it is my spectacular writing that is turning him on or the fact that I have been seeming more open to going through with his MFM fantasy, but it has been great. I am proud of us for still enjoying to squeeze in a "quickie" that turns into a "not so quickie" and we end up leaving the house when we should be arriving at a dinner party, despite our usual strict observance of punctuality.
In keeping with all this new-found fun, I though it might be interesting to see what our fellow pervs out there have in mind. We have noticed we have a couple followers (hey, you two!)...although we would LOVE more. We have also noticed we already have had some visitors to our blog from all over the world. Well, we will be going on a little getaway in a few days and I thought it might be fun if our readers left a comment suggesting something I could surprise hubby assignment of sorts for wifey. I want to see what is going through all your sick little heads...of course I mean this in the kindest way possible. Hopefully, you will have some good suggestions and I can write about it when we get back. So let's hear it!

Friday, July 16, 2010

She Said...,or excuse me while I whip this out!

So you've hopefully had a chance to read my wife's post about Adam, but I wanted to give my perspective, as wifey's husband, since Carrie was kind of busy at the time.

My memories of that spring night are burnt into my head. Seriously; it was a super ass hot mutha of a night, and I am in no way referring to the weather that night. My wife and I met Adam at a national restaurant chain and in hindsight that was a strange experience in itself. I felt like the waitress knew immediately what our threesome was going to be doing that night after we left her table but I didn't give a shite. No one ate that night except for me. I enjoyed dinner because I wasn't apparently as nervous about the rest of the evening as my wife and her boyfriend appeared to be because they didn't eat or drink anything. I don't remember much conversation at dinner and I began to worry that the night might get cancelled due to apathy, but when I left to use the restroom; the night picked up.

I spent an extra amount of time in the restroom so my wife and Adam could have some time alone together. I remember reading the entire sports article about Yao Ming at the urinal, not because I'm a fan, but I wanted Adam to make his move. And he did.

When I got back to the table, Adam took off to the restroom, and Carrie hit me with his idea. She said that he wanted her to ride with him in his car to the strip club, and that I could follow behind him. I don't know why that shocked me, but I was instantly aroused. Holy Shit! Adam wanted my wife to himself and she was cool with it!! And I was completely cool with it!!! Holy Shit!

I love my wife's post about seeing me from another car at the bank while Adam went to the ATM. I know she wasn't doing anything with him at the time, but to see my Carrie sitting in his car was intense. I highly recommend it. The rest of the ride wasn't as exciting in my car as what was going on with Adam and Carrie in his car, which I had no idea about til reading Carrie's Memories post. (You must read her post for yourself)

I followed Carrie/Adam to the strip club like I was a cop from Dragnet. I could just see their heads, and the not knowing what was going on inside his car was going to give me a heartattack. We went into the strip club but honestly it could have been a library to me. I've never been very good at strip clubs eventhough Carrie doesn't usually mind going to them. (I really do have the best wife in the world!) She even got a private lap dance one time from a woman that she picked out; I'm 36 and I've never had a lap dance, but that's why me and Carrie work because I get off when she is very happy.

I remember that Carrie went to restroom before we all sat at a table like two fucking feet from the damn stage. I don't know why we sat that close to the stage because as soon as Carrie left, a stripper came up to Adam and me and wanted to know which one of us was with Carrie. I said she was mine, maybe too quick, but she is and always will be mine.

Carrie's post about the strip club was on point describing this because once I came back from the restroom and saw Carrie's hand squeezing Adam's very much larger arm than mine, and his paw pushing its way up Carrie's skirt to rub her soft soft soft thigh, I was ready to go. Check please!Sorry strippers but you are not the best show in town tonight. So off to home we went.

Adam followed us to our appartment, and we all crept into the appartment like it was XXXmas inside and we didn't want to surprise Santa with our dirty intentions. Carrie went to the restroom and told me to put some music on. I offered Adam a drink but this dude was in the zone and he declined. I offered Adam a seat on the couch but again he ignored my suggestion because he stood like a gentleman waiting for Carrie to return.

Carrie came out of the restroom and Adam and her sat on the couch side by side. Adam was sweet to Carrie and didn't just jump her bones which is one of my favorite moves. Instead he rubbed Carrie's neck and shoulders. It seemed like that worked because Carrie began to relax and soon Adam pulled one of the greatest moves I've ever seen done to my wife.

Adam very smoothly grabbed Carrie at her hips and lifted her onto his lap. Fucking INCREDIBLE! Then they began to make out and that was when pornography died to me. You can never watch porn and feel anything more naughty and dirty than seeing your wife make out with a handsome man in front of you.

Their clothes quickly came off and Adam sure did seem to know how to make Carrie happy. He sucked on her breasts harder than I thought was possible and she loved it. He grabbed her ass like it owed him money and lifted her up and literally rubbed my wife on his stiff junk. Her wet panties made the sexiest noise as the sheer pink thong was being tested with the friction of their grinding.

I remember Carrie looking over at me at one point and asking me to get the flavored condom that we had bought 4 hours earlier at the adult shop. I can't properly describe one of my wife's blow jobs. Imagine the best blow job you've ever had, Carrie's blow jobs will make that look like a handshake. So I didn't blame Adam because it did not take him long before he groaned like a bear in the woods. I thought for a moment that my wife was hurting him but the dude came hard.

Fuck dude we have neighbors, but I loved this night a lot. A WHOLE LOT!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

MFM Manners

I couldn't help but come over and write a post after reading a post over at Hotwife Experiences. Andrew is currently leaving us all in suspense about how his night went with a gentleman he picked out for his gorgeos wife. I can't believe how much my hubby and I sound like them too! It got me thinking...if many couples who are into this can feel the same, why can't the T.O.M. consistantly be what we want.

For example:

Punctuality: BE ON TIME!!
We are offering you an experience of a lifetime. We are nervous as hell. We will reward you later in ways that will wake the neighbors. Just. Be. On. Time.

Manners: Shake my husband's hand, make eye contact, be observant, have some personality, try to be discreet in public. We corresponded with a guy once and upon meeting him in person, he looked NOTHING like his pictures (can you guess which rule is next?). We released him back into the sea but for weeks he kept barraging us with requests for pics of wifey...wifey sweaty from the gym, wifey in lingerie, wifey making pancakes. Ughh, it got creepy!

Honesty: Look like your pictures!! We have met a few guys and each time been met with faulty advertising. We are getting better at questioning shots of a guy who is just a little too far away from the camera or if something is up with the lighting.

Hygeine: Dress like you are going on a date, because you are. You just so happen to be dating another man's wife. Dress even better because you aren't buying this woman Tiffany's you are earning the opportunity to impress her enough that she will...wait for it...have SEX with you, like, very, VERY soon. Don't you dare show up with a unibrow and chapped lips!!!

Disclaimer: Obviously, these are my very uptight, rigid standards about a T.O.M., but I'm okay with that. I am contemplating letting a man do something with me that only my husband has done, oh and my husband is going to sit across the room and WATCH the whole thing. It is a VERY big deal and I want the man I choose to think it is just as big a deal too.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

...Present, and Future?...or, We're Not That Scary; BOO!

I can't believe how much fun it has been this last week with posting on this blog. The wife and I have been having a lot of fun, and only speaking for myself, explosive, orgasms. I love reading Carrie's posts because I'm learning so much more about what happened with D and Adam that my cock has been hard ever since we started this awesome blog. I had know idea about Adam touching Carrie's leg until I read the last post, and after talking to Carrie about it, we both wondered why she didn't let him keep his hand on her leg or even more...

And that is where I, Hubby Doug, am at right now. I love the idea of watching my wife with another guy, and as we've talked about it in the past, it has always been a possible one time only experience, and then we go back to our normal lives, and this is amazing and I totally accept this deal, but I won't lie...I would love it even more if my wife would find a gentleman that could become a "regular" friend with benefits, for whenever my wife or him wanted each other. Because, I know my wife, and I'm sure that the other guy will absolutely want more of my wife. I've been with her for 15 years and I want her more each and every day, and that shit is for real. I also know that Carrie is gorgeous, intelligent, and really funny, but she is also shy at times, so what my wife said this morning shocked me, but god do I love this woman.

Picture me eating my breakfast, as my wife is also, when she looks over at me and says, "I feel like I can tell you this now, that I want BBC (Big Black Cock)." Only she started giggling halfway through the BBC part. O, but I made her finish and did that shit affect me like a crackhead's first piece of crack. I love my wife soooooo much and I know she was joking, but that is my fantasy that a small part of me thought "HOLY SHIT!!!" NICE!!!

I would love to see my sweet and innocent wife, with her creamy white skin, and her little body, be engulfed by a large-thick-athletic-black man. Not a gangster type of humilating experience but a gentleman that will wine and dine my wife before he pounds her sweet pink spot until it is too sore for me to even touch her for like a week. Ok that last part went a little too far, but I want my wife to have the ulitmate experience for this ultimate very taboo couple fantasy that we share. True story, when my soft spoken wife told a 24 year old marine about our fantasy, he "literally" was shocked. Shocked! This guy has been to Iraq for years, but my little Carrie, with her delicate voice, broke this marine, but only for a little while, because he quickly approved of our fantasy of me watching Carrie have sex with him, but well, poo-poo happens and we are still looking for the future to happen. Me, I'm hoping the future happens in the present.


Haha, hubby! Wow, your post sure did bring back some memories! Those couples were way too much crazy for us to handle. Plus, I think we were really young back then and needed to age a little before we really realized what we wanted. I am glad we have come to the agreement that maybe just one is enough for us. Since you brought up memories, I thought I would pick up where you left off and tell you my favorite one since we began this search.

Ahhh, our first T.O.M., let's just call him Adam for all the kindly readers out there. We met Adam on an adult dating site and I was still very wary of this whole thing, but in print, this guy was into what we proposed, seemed polite and was not very ax-murdery. Then came a picture of him...hello! I instantly tingled all over at the site of his handsome smile and muscular arms. We decided to meet for dinner, even though we were all too nervous to eat since we thought everyone in the restaurant knew what we were up to! We had a couple drinks and decided to head to a strip club. Why did we do that anyway? To get MORE turned on?! I don't think that was possible! We decided last minute that I would go with Adam in his car while you followed behind us. I remember that he had to stop at an ATM and it was so surreal looking over at you in our car while I sat in his. I looked at him standing at the ATM machine and admired/wondered how nice he would look when I took off those jeans and polo shirt. As we drove to the club, I was extremely nervous...nervous to be in another man's car, nervous about what he wanted or could do to me, nervous about if he liked me. I was so stupid, young and self conscious and nervously asked, "are you really attracted to me or are you just doing this because you think you might get some no strings sex?" In retrospect it was a shallow and rude thing to say, but Adam calmly told me that he held no expectations for the night and he would be happy with whatever happened or didn't happen. Then, he very gently put his hand on my knee and slid his hand slowly up my leg, moving my skirt up slightly. He gave my mid-thigh a firm squeeze and said, "but to answer your question, yes, I am attracted to you." It was nice to hear the reassurance and as much as I loved his hand on my leg and wanted him to move higher, I put my hand on his and told him, "I'm not sure how this works. Maybe we should wait for Doug." He smiled and moved his hand back to the gear shift. I watched his hand and wished I hadn't said what I had said and wished his hand was back on my leg.
We all arrived at the nearly empty club and choose a table in the middle of the room. I sat between you two and we ordered some drinks. As we waited for drinks, we mostly just stared silently at the dancers, unsure of what to do next. You excused yourself to the bathroom and while you were gone Adam and I pretty much sat in tense, silent nervousness. I thought, "oh great this guy is more nervous than me! We're really never going to get anywhere!!" But just then, he reached under my chair and pulled me as close to him as possible. My heart raced. Our legs were touching. He once again put his hand on my thigh and this time I let him keep it there. At this point, I told my inner prude to go take a nap and took the opportunity to grope his arm that was closest to me. I reached up under his polo shirt sleeve and was impressed at the hard muscle and warm, soft skin. You returned from the bathroom and your eyes nearly fell out of your head! :) If I remember correctly you said, "Alright, you guys ready to go?!" even though we had only been there about ten minutes! We tipped our waitress and hustled out of the club. You and I got in our car together and he got in his. We raced to our apartment and all went inside. You turned on some music and a dim light. I sat next to Adam on the couch and you sat across the room in a chair. Adam immediately started touching my legs and kissing my neck. I thought, "whew, glad he is taking the initiative, because I am frozen solid!" He quickly defrosted me and before I knew it we were kissing passionately and I was straddled on top of his lap. He used his hands to grab my hips and grind me on top of him. It felt amazing! I remember the thrill of him taking my shirt off, pulling my bra down, and using his strong tongue to vigorously kiss my nipples. I remember undoing his belt, unbuttoning his pants, and feeling his warm hardness between my hands. I remember learning quickly that if I did not hold the base of the strawberry flavored condom while I went down on him that the condom would go down my throat as I sucked on him voraciously. Lastly, I remebered how he groaned SOOO loudly when he came that I was afraid the neighbors would complain the next day! The rest was pretty much a blur of kissing, and touching, and rubbing. Although we decided to not go all the way that night, it was an extremely satisfying introduction into the MFM world.

I also remember that we had amazing sex after Adam left!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Other People Who Commute...

Well, after reading the wifey's post last night, I had to devour her in bed immediately. I knew that some "fooling around" went on with her and D a long time ago, but she hadn't told me all the details til 15 years later, and that is why I still love my girl more and more and more.

As you can tell, I live in the past sometimes, and my wife and I have had some really interesting "hotwife" experiences over the last 15 years, but in the beginning we weren't always into just another guy. After D, about a year into my relationship with Carrie, we somehow began an online search for group fun. Carrie and I went on two dates with two different couples but each one of those couples had issues. The first couple was late to our date, a no-no with the mrs. and I, and then the small ginger man from the other couple said something about wanting to punch a girl in the face after some bullshit soccer incident that just happened. WTF Dude?
But we still ended up at their small condo in the whitest burb in the suburbs. Picture grandma's house after nana went to sleep, in the living room with all the lights off except for one in the dining room. The gingerbread man sat with his wife as we listened to some kind of musical that was popular in the early 1990's. I tried to keep a straight face as they asked Carrie and I for our opinions of the soundtrack, it was ginger-ale's wife's F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E.

So we all endured.

I don't know what my future wife was thinking at the time, but I was sure I was going to get raped that night and left for dead in the recycling dumpster at the minicommunity rec-center. Somehow Carrie and I escaped, and we didn't have anything to do with those pyschos again, but we did meet another pyscho couple about a month later...

The 2nd couple wasn't dangerous pyscho so much as they were like two strangers who happened to be married pyscho. She was from Australia and he was a dentist and that was the most interesting thing about them. I don't remember much about them other than the dentist's hands were stone dead cold as we shook hands and I instantly thought about those lifeless things touching my Carrie. Needless to say, it wasn't a hit between us all and I think it was the ride home that Carrie and I decided that maybe a couple was just one too many personalities for group fun, and so we decided that in the future we would just look for another man and the wife sure did eventually find a perfect man for this crazy fantasy of ours...or so we thought.
But this post is long, so it is no longer.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Really, Hubby?!

I had no idea that my time with D that weekend would ever ultimately lead to or explain the MFM fantasies you have today!! Wow! We really could have skipped some weird fights way back then and I could have fulfilled some strong desires by doing more with him. Unfortunately, we weren't where we are now and I was trying not to hurt you but still trying to have a little fun too. Oh, how we've grown!!

Since we have never REALLY talked about what we did here ya' go...

D was not a large man, but he was strong and toned and tan from working outside with his hands all day. He was sweet, polite, and had an intense way of looking at me like he wanted to kiss every part of my body. The weekend he came to town, you and I had just started exploring that weird transition between "we've been hanging out a lot" and "should we be more?" However, he and I had already been corresponding for some time and there was definitely some sexual tension that had been brewing. I had gone to his hotel room with the intention of JUST picking him up so we could go explore the town...that plan lived a short life. I wasn't in the room but a few minutes when he grabbed me around the waist and brushed my hair behind my ear (note to all men: big points!! in the girl world if you can pull this off successfully!). His move knocked the wind out of me. I felt warm all over and he began to firmly kiss my neck. We were quickly touching each other all over and I could tell he was becoming quite excited. We moved to the bed and he pressed all his body weight on me as simultaneously grabbed my hips, waist, was like he had eight hands! I took off his shirt and took in his smell, muscles, and tattoo. At this point, every part of us was throbbing and warm. We continued to kiss and it felt amazing, but I started thinking of you and how I had told you "don't worry, nothing is going to happen." So, with all of my being I took a huge deep breath and told him we needed to slow down. He continued to kiss me for several seconds, but then let out a deep, disappointed moan and buried his face in my hair. We both laid there for a wet, him hard, me thinking of you, him respecting my boundaries.

Why? - The Beginning

Why would a loving husband want to share his bride, well it all began in the beginning...
I met my wife, Carrie, through one of her old boyfriends and I fell for her instantly. Not like cupid and candy hearts but an "O-Hello" type of feeling that I had never felt before or since meeting my future mrs.
Carrie is a mid-size brunette with a bootay that makes you say "hhhheeeeyyyyy", and it was her amazin' ass that I couldn't get out of my mind as I charmed and courted her for a year! I guess this is where I also began to compete for milady's affections as my best friend was also trying to put moves on Carrie, while she had a boyfriend at the time as well. I didn't think I had a chance but then luck struck and after a night of poor pool playing, Carrie told me she liked me and I spent the night with her; but nothing happenned that night.
The next few days were lovely as I literally floated around knowing that, "I won muthafuckers! I got the girl that I wanted!!!" Then...
...a mason that my Carrie had met before me came to town for a weekend and Carrie promised, but you know how that goes. The mason would later become the 1st T.O.M.
The first T.O.M. spent a weekend with my love and though she told me the mason tried hard to conquer my Carrie, she remained faithful, well almost faithful-there was some making out but GOD I would love to know more about that weekend.
It's been years since then but I still can feel an immense excitement thinking about how that mason tried and tried. He was the first man to seduce my girl since we began as a couple. He was the one responsible for opening my eyes to how I felt about Carrie being with another man.

There have been other T.O.M.s since...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

First installment of T.O.M. Dos and Don'ts from Wifey

Although I love and adore my husband, I believe his fantasy is just about the most unusual thing next to a leafy sea dragon. We have talked, contemplated, dabbled, disagreed, fantasized, and argued about having a threesome for many years now. Much of my hesitation stems from the fact that he is the only man I have ever been with and I am very reluctant for that to change any time soon, if ever. I am very picky about who The Other Man (T.O.M.) will be, so picky in fact that sometimes I think I might be being too picky in order to get out of having to do this thing at all. The few times we have come close to finding the right T.O.M., I, or we, have inevitably found something wrong with him or he has managed to ruin it for himself.

Most recently, we met a man six years younger than me. I had never even pictured the possibility of being with someone younger since even back when I had boyfriends before husb, they were ALWAYS older. This younger T.O.M., who I will call Tate to protect his identity, is also enlisted in a revered branch of the military and is set to be deployed soon (for the fifth time!!). My protective and patriotic side perked up at the idea of giving a heroic soldier a fond farewell before heading off to war. We ferociously texted each other back and forth for about a week before we decided to meet. We happened to be heading to his neck of the woods for a few days and I thought, "eff it! Let's just do this already!!" I had already bluntly asked some of my questions that help determine if I stay interested or drop the dude like a pair of panties on Sunday. One of my big ones is,
"How tall are you?"
"Tall. Tall enough to ride this ride!", was his response.
"Hmmm?", I thought. Nice answer, but didn't answer the question...oh, well, I'll find out eventually right?

Come to find out when we actually met in person that Tate was a good four inches shorter than me!! No good. No good at all. He hugged it out like I was one of his bros and his head came up to my collarbone. I am not a tall girl by any means but this guy had made comments about how much he wanted my legs wrapped around him. Little did I know that my legs would wrap around him only because he was so little!! I don't want to feel like I am crawling on top of a child. I want a man...a big, strong man...a man who can toss me about a bit. I felt like by not answering the question outright that he had lied to me. In retrospect, it should have been a big red flag that he never gave me a straight-forward answer. In the end, he also wasted our time because I am sorry to say that I have a lot of the control in this whole thing and I just DO NOT want a man smaller than me if/when this fantasy happens. So, to all the T.O.M.s out there, or perspective couples, if you have criteria and you ask about it, make sure you give and receive honesty from the get go.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The New Guy on da Blog

Let's begin...
I'm walking down a hallway carrying a load of "it-doesn't-matter" when I see an hombre with a pitcher of soda pop staring into a small room off the hallway. Some sort of sixth sense tells me that this proud cola drinker is enjoying a young lady, and judging from the angle of his gaze, I'm guessing that she must be busy because the sprite-man is not even trying to hide his eyefucking of this young lady's behind. And as I walk by it crosses my mind, my wife works at the same job as me and soda-eyes and in fact she is working right now, so it didn't surprise me when I turned to catch a look of my own and it was indeed my young bride who was making the young man enjoy his soda experience so much more. What should a husband do?

For me, this was the shit I love, because I don't get mad when other dudes check out my sweet innocent looking wife. I love when other men stare at my wife like she is a dancing porkchop, because I know that my wife is 100% sweet! but she isn't always as innocent as she looks. And that is what this blog is for...

Over the course of this summer and beyond, we would like to share our new journeys as we explore in ways most couples are not willing to explore. Wait for it...I want to watch my wife in the throws of passion with a handsome man who will toss her around and send her into a different orbit of orgasms. I hope to be able to write a record of how my wife gains a friend with benifits and how this experience builds to hopefully one of the greatest day/nights of my and my wife's life.