Tuesday, July 13, 2010

...Present, and Future?...or, We're Not That Scary; BOO!

I can't believe how much fun it has been this last week with posting on this blog. The wife and I have been having a lot of fun, and only speaking for myself, explosive, orgasms. I love reading Carrie's posts because I'm learning so much more about what happened with D and Adam that my cock has been hard ever since we started this awesome blog. I had know idea about Adam touching Carrie's leg until I read the last post, and after talking to Carrie about it, we both wondered why she didn't let him keep his hand on her leg or even more...

And that is where I, Hubby Doug, am at right now. I love the idea of watching my wife with another guy, and as we've talked about it in the past, it has always been a possible one time only experience, and then we go back to our normal lives, and this is amazing and I totally accept this deal, but I won't lie...I would love it even more if my wife would find a gentleman that could become a "regular" friend with benefits, for whenever my wife or him wanted each other. Because, I know my wife, and I'm sure that the other guy will absolutely want more of my wife. I've been with her for 15 years and I want her more each and every day, and that shit is for real. I also know that Carrie is gorgeous, intelligent, and really funny, but she is also shy at times, so what my wife said this morning shocked me, but god do I love this woman.

Picture me eating my breakfast, as my wife is also, when she looks over at me and says, "I feel like I can tell you this now, that I want BBC (Big Black Cock)." Only she started giggling halfway through the BBC part. O, but I made her finish and did that shit affect me like a crackhead's first piece of crack. I love my wife soooooo much and I know she was joking, but that is my fantasy that a small part of me thought "HOLY SHIT!!!" NICE!!!

I would love to see my sweet and innocent wife, with her creamy white skin, and her little body, be engulfed by a large-thick-athletic-black man. Not a gangster type of humilating experience but a gentleman that will wine and dine my wife before he pounds her sweet pink spot until it is too sore for me to even touch her for like a week. Ok that last part went a little too far, but I want my wife to have the ulitmate experience for this ultimate very taboo couple fantasy that we share. True story, when my soft spoken wife told a 24 year old marine about our fantasy, he "literally" was shocked. Shocked! This guy has been to Iraq for years, but my little Carrie, with her delicate voice, broke this marine, but only for a little while, because he quickly approved of our fantasy of me watching Carrie have sex with him, but well, poo-poo happens and we are still looking for the future to happen. Me, I'm hoping the future happens in the present.

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