Thursday, July 22, 2010

48 Hours and 15 Minutes by The Hubby

And the Adventures continue...

So I must first say thanks to all of the very nice comments that my wife and I received for her 1st ever HNT. The Wifey just told me that she felt a little giddy today after the sweet comments she read. Thanks again and we are already thinking about next Thursday, but I digress.

We just got back from our 2day Holiday to a SinFul little place that we enjoy from time to time, and boy are my balls tired. I mean that. My wife nearly fucked me to death. I mean that too. I'm lucky to be alive right now, but she said that she would let me live so that I could tell our, NOW SIX, followers the dirty, dirty, dirty story of our 48hours and 15 minutes of Naughty-Holiday Fun.

Monday, 12:35am

We arrive in the cover of darkness to Casino/Motel thing. We've been here before, but somehow the warm night air felt different; like there were going to be some pre-established morals tested soon. We checked in and went to the room. As a hubby who has a strong desire to watch his wife have sex with another man, in front of me, I always scan the room for its potential capacity to serve my voyeur fantasy. There are two queen beds in the room, one for wifey to sleep on and one for hubby to sleep on. There are also two chairs that could have all sorts of useful uses for a pervert hubby like myself. I get excited by the slight chance that this may be the room that my wife has sex with a stranger from the casino. O. Immediately I begin to attack my innocent wife with my touchy hands. My wife protests. She claims to be hungry and in need of a hot shower. We go to coffee shop which worked out swell because they had THEBEER so after 2 of THEBEERs for me and a warm dinner for both of us, the wifey and I hurried back to the room to shower and touch each other's bits.

I'm not a religous man by any goddamn means, but when my wife comes out of the shower all naked and warm, I swear that I'm the most blessed man in this world. Her long burnette hair falls like a sexy veil over her shoulders and chest. My wife's sweet and shy face stands out, with her innocent expressions somehow not seeming to fit with her body, because everything else about Carrie's body screams orgasm maker; from her delicate neck down to her perfect strawberry nipples that sit atop of her squeezable breasts. Then beneath her breasts, her hips curve out to give this world one of the greatest behinds ever seen from behind or the side or any other direction. And lastly, from that World Class Ass, you can travel down two of the most lovely lady legs that are both soft and firm, and creamy and sweet to look at, to feel, and of course to taste. I love my wife's body and after her shower, that is exactly what I did.

I quickly buried my head between Carrie's freshly showered legs and began enjoying my wife. I love going down on her and have worked on my techniques (Thanks for the advice "Hands..."), so that Carrie enjoys herself as much as I enjoy her. It didn't take Carrie long to come from what my tongue was doing to her, and then she got on her hands and knees, and put her beautiful ass over the edge of the bed so that I could take her from behind. I entered Carrie and nearly lost it immediately, but I tried to relax and enjoy the sensations of me burying myself into her, as I squeezed her sexy latina ass. I didn't last long, but I pounded Carrie from behind until I couldn't take the intense friction of my throbbing penis that comes after I come. We cleaned up and went to bed.

Just before Carrie turns the light off, she tells me that she is going to dream of other men. I love my wife.

Monday, 3:33pm

Carrie and I finished our lunch at the pub in the casino and were feeling horny after having two beers each and splitting a pizza. My wife has found a blog written by a married man who has all sorts of interesting ideas that he posts about. He wrote a post about "Eating Pussy" that my wife really enjoyed and he even wrote us with a Suggestion that I try to replicate his techniques with my wife. (For the rest of this sexytime post, read wifey's last post) All I will say is thanks again to "Hands..." my wife loved your techniques.

Monday, 9:00pm

Carrie and I were looking for something to do, so Carrie suggested that we should go check out a local gentleman's club that offered attractive females who enjoy dancing in a nearly pitchblack room that encircled a tiny stage. Carrie and I spent two hours in "da club" watching middle-aged runaways smack their asses and kick the stage with stripper shoes so that they could keep the attention of the paying customers, like Carrie and myself. It was fun hanging out with my much sexier wife while watching women pretend to enjoy the Tommy Bahama crowd that came in after us. At one point I thought the Tommy Bahama group of sausage might fight the Polo Shirt group of sausage for the attention of one stripper, but calmer bald heads prevailed. We had a couple of offers from girls who wanted to dance for her or us, but we both like hot, classy strippers, not hot, trashy strippers.

Monday, 11:59pm

Carrie was frustrated because she told me later that she wanted to get a lapdance for us, and when I say for us, I mean, she wanted to get a lap dance that I could watch her get, but none of the strippers were that cute so Carrie went to plan B.

Plan B, or as I now refer to it as "the perfect night", had me sitting in the hotel room with the lights dimmed. Carrie had turned on her iphone music and then she put on a sexy outfit, and I mean sexy. She had on the hot pink bra and panty set from Victoria Secret that is featured in today's HNT. As the music began to fill the room, there was my Carrie giving me my very first lap dance. It was incredible to see Carrie in only a bra and panty dancing inches from my face, and the little devil wouldn't let me touch her! I could only sit there helpless as Carrie slowly wiggled her ass in front of my face and grinded on my crotch just like the dancers we saw in the club. She slowly, and I mean s...l...o...w...l...y..., pulled her panties down to reveal her warm pink spots.

I had the biggest hard-on I have ever had in my life, and then that's when Carrie undid my belt and pulled my pants and boxers off. She put a pillow on the floor and kneeled in front of my cock.

Now, I must say that my wife is the type of girl that looks like she doesn't give a great blow job. She is a sweet and caring woman and never gives the impression that a dirty thought has ever crossed her mind, but watching my cock slide into her mouth, then feeling her tongue stroke my shaft, and finally the rubbing of her hands on my balls was all I could take before I shot my...

Wait! There is one more thing about my wife's blow jobs that drives me up the wall with pleasure, and before the money shot, picture yourself seated in a chair. You're watching Carrie's lips wet your rigid shaft. You can feel her tongue going up and down your cock while you're in her hot wet sucking mouth. And don't forget about her fingers as they play with your balls. Carrie then will rub her hard nipples up and down your bare thighs as she strokes the orgasm out of you with her mouth. FUCK who needs a cigarette!?!

And this completes Part I of 48 Hours and 15 Minutes

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  1. SO many HOTTTT thoughts here...

    The best though was that you got to watch her squirm on the end of (H's?) tongue. For it wasn't your tongue she was thinking of was it? You got to watch her imagine and actually experience the sensation another man's technique. (honed carefully on his wife's pussy? mmm the layers here)

    I was typing up this ~I love my husband~ type post and strayed in mind and with fingers to some other blog for inspiration and boy am I feeling inspired....slutty secrets pool boy revelations REALLY got to me especially her calling him her "cuckold bitch"

    Your dynamic seems more co-equal partners, but it sure seems like it wouldn't take much to tip the scales a bit...~evil grin~