Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Winna, Winna, Chicken Dinna!

Well, since H over at Hands in my Pants was the only one to play along, he is the big winner of our "Suggestions?" game. Congrats H!!

We loved your suggestion, however we had to modify it for a couple of reasons. One, forgot to pack my strap-on...truth be told, I don't even own one. I know, I know, what proper hotwife doesn't own a strap-on, right? Two, I have yet to come around to being turned on by putting things up hubby's ass, much to his disappointment. Maybe someday.
Okay, so what we did do was still exciting. I read H's post about Eating Pussy and made him follow H's directions exactly. Some quick background: I don't know why but throughout the years, hubby and I have been hit and miss in the giving Wifey head department. Sometimes I have been too stressed, self-conscious, and distracted to enjoy him going down on me and sometimes he doesn't focus or get attuned enough to my needs to make it worth making a wet spot on the bed. Lately, we have been a lot more in sync and he has been going downtown much more frequently and with more consistent results. But, when I read H's post, I got so turned on that I told Hubby, "you should read offense."

So, I pulled up H's post on my phone and started reading,
H wrote, "I started by kissing her neck, and with my hand touching her inner thighs, tracing my fingers just outside her pussy lips and clit, but never actually touching either."
I absolutely love being teased and feeling like hubby is exploring me for the first time everytime, but he gets so excited most of the time he just goes straight to work. So I loved this part. I love the anticipation and the nerves and the goosebumps and chills I get when his hands are so close but hardly even doing anything yet.

H wrote, "I slowly kissed, licked and gently nibbled down her body, making sure to lick her entire breast not just the nipple, working my way down her body, to her stomach, belly button, taking my time. The entire time I am kissing, licking her body, my hands are caresssing all around her pussy, but never touching her clit or lips"
Hubby did exactly as I said and I loved that he was having to wait much longer than he usually has to touch my already wet, sweet spot.

H wrote, "As I reached the top of her pelvis area, I spend a lot of time kissing, licking her lower stomach, and with my tongue trace that beautiful "V" area the top of her hips make with her mound. While licking the V area, my hands, trace her pussy lips, caress her clit, slowly I increase the pressure on her clit with my fingers."
Hubby had a hard time with this part because he is hardly what I call patient and isn't used to having to wait before diving in. I, however, am loving all the extra attention to all my lady parts. Thanks, H!!

H wrote much more and of course we did every little detail. If you want to read it for yourself, go to:
Thank you for the suggestion and great writing. It was incredibly hot and a lot of fun!

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  1. I am flattered, appreciative and very turned on knowing that you, made your hubby eat your pussy the way that I do....... I hope two things happened, one, that you had a mind blowing orgasm and two, at some point you though of me even if ever so briefly.

    Grrrr, this is very hot for me