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Monday, December 20, 2010

Movie Review 2

2nd Movie Review: Emmanuelle

Well it's been awhile since me and the wifey sat down to watch a movie, and not just any movie, but a classic hotwife movie. Our second movie review is for the soft core porn movie Emmanuelle.

I have always heard about this movie being about my favorite subject, hotwife!, and it really is about a hotwife, but to be honest this movie is more offensive than hot, and it has sort of pissed off Wifey, but we are not there yet...

To be fair, the movie isn't bad from start to finish and it was actually kind of enjoyable until the last 30 minutes. In the beginning, we are introduced to Emmanuelle and her husband as they are arriving in Thailand. Apparently the hubby is some sort of political big pants and he is off on a lot of business, but the hubby has always encouraged E. to take a lover. This leaves the beautiful young innocent wife, Emmanuelle, all alone. Except she isn't all alone. There is a blonde cougar who takes to E. right away. There is also Marie-Ange, who decides to masturbate in front of E. in a wicker chair of all places. And finally Mario.

I don't remember Marie-Ange too much other than her masturbating in front of E. scene. There is a part of me that can totally accept a woman unzipping her tiny jean shorts and stroking it in front of another woman but then the other part of me goes...really? I would love to live in a world where women spontaneously maturbated in front of other women but this probably doesn't happen too much outside of the San Fernando Valley. Marie-Ange did shock E. with the whole solo thing but E. begins her own finger session while re-living a very strange plane flight where E. got fucked by one guy in a window seat and then taken to the restroom by guy #2 after guy #1 finished.

Now the Wifey and I aren't haters, and both agree that the whole plane scene was pretty hot. E. is restless on a night flight and soon the man across from her comes over to where E. was sitting. E. is married but she freely gives herself to the attractive stranger. The stranger begins to rub his hands over her body while kissing her neck and lips. Soon the stranger has E.'s skirt hiked up and he is taking E. from behind. The stranger kisses the back of her neck as he reaches around her to rub her breasts, and while this seduction is taking place between E. and her stranger, there is another man watching from a few seats behind the cuddling couple. After stranger #1 has spent himself, and gone back to his seat, that is when stranger #2 comes over and in a very tender moment, he picks the nearly naked E. out of her seat and carries her back to the plane's restroom. The Wifey liked the way E. put her exhausted head onto stranger #2's muscular shoulders, as he carefully took E. into a more private area of the plane to have his turn with her, but not in a dirty "sloppy seconds" way but more of E. really being into giving herself to these two men.

Good movie so far right? No...great movie, but wait.

This brings us to the cougar and this is where the movie begins to come off the tracks for the wife and I. Now the wife and I are not opposed to the idea of cougars but maybe we should change our views of older women because in this movie the cougar is not so nice.

The cougar fucks E.'s hubby, and though E. didn't have a problem with it, I myself have a problem with it, as a hubby who wants his wife to take a lover. I don't want Carrie to think for a moment that I want freedom to fuck other women because that couldn't be further from the truth. I want my wife to have the sexual freedom in our relationship. This would be a good time to mention that E.'s hubby is a huge prick because he only married his wife because she loves sex and not for any sort of love.

Now, I don't know about other hubands who share their wives but this is fucked up to me. I married Carrie because I love her and the turn on for me, in her taking a lover, comes from Carrie's and my love for each other. But another problem with the cougar is she also encourages E. to meet Mario, and Mario is an asshole.

The movie builds to E.'s meeting with Mario. E. is told that she can't consider herself a real woman until she has taken a lover, and the cougar insists that Mario is the shit.

I thought, in my Pollyanna way, that Mario would be the type of older man who knows how to seduce a young woman that I want Carrie to find, but Mario is so much more. Mario does seduce E. with his power and swag, but he also gets her raped by two guys and then later during an mma fight, Mario gets E. to fuck a boxer in front of a group of shocked fight fans. And the entire time E. gives up her wife body, Mario's motto is "There is no love except the love of three people introduced by force"

Thanks! the good people who made this movie, because you've probably disgusted Carrie away from becoming a hotwife forever. It's one thing to make E. an innocent young woman being seduced by both men and women while her hubby completely encourages her to live it up, but instead the movie makes E. a dim wit in the end who gets taken advantage by both the cougar and Mario.

So, for the WIfey and I, two thumbs down on this one and it is too bad because the beginning began well until the end ended up sucking.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hubby Questions Wifey

The Wifey and I not only enjoy writing our blog, but we also enjoy reading other blogs about Hotwife/Cuckold relationships (See ExtraCurricular Reading for some of our favorite blogs).

We've seen on quite a few blogs lately that the authors write themselves questions and then answer them so that they can share with their readers. Well, I asked my Wifey if she would be interested in being interviewed by her very own Hubby, and after a skeptical moment of hesitation, or maybe it was more a suspenseful moment of suspicion, the Wifey agreed to answer my tough hard hittin' questions. So please enjoy as we learn what makes my Wifey so darn cool:

Wifey, I'm sure after seeing a few of your HNT pictures, your readers have a favorite part of your body, but would you please share what part of your body that you like the most? clothes, I criticize myself to death, but out of clothes I have come to appreciate my body a lot more as I've gotten older. I love that my breasts, although smaller than most women's, are extremely perky and sensitive. I have always been blessed with a flat tummy and skinny waist and I have come to really love my grabable hips.

Wifey, you are so delicate and delicious looking. Would you let your readers know what are some of your most sensitive spots that you like to have...squeezed? rubbed? kissed? lightly touched? or sucked on?
Oops, I guess I answered that in the previous question. Squeezed? Hips, when I am on top of you. Rubbed? Shoulders, firmly. Kissed? Once in a while you kiss my back and it gives me wonderful chills. Lightly touched? You know I love to be teased...over my panties when you are warming me up.

Wifey, for the next few questions think about what your requirements are for a potential male friend with benefit relationship?

Hair...long? short? shaved head?
No requirement, but it must suit him and be clean.

Body Type...muscular? swimmer's body? a little chubby?
I do like muscles but not crazy body builder types. I like tall and lean, but toned.

Manscaping...trimmed? natural? no body hair at all?
I'm not so much into furry bears. I don't expect a guy to shave everything, but DO want some manscaping to go on "down there".

Penis...cut or uncut? doesn't matter?
Definitely cut.

Penis...thick? long? size doesn't matter?
"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."
I like it ruff...hehe.

Race...doesn't matter? matters? 32 flavors to try?
Doesn't matter. I will admit that I am shallow and prefer a handsome man with a spark over just any ol' anybody.

Age...younger? older? doesn't matter?
I definitely prefer older than myself. Always have.

Sexually...dominate? submissive?
This one is tricky because my mood changes. Sometimes I like to be in charge and sometimes I want you to ravage me.

Wifey, I have seen a lot of women over the years who have had more than small crushes on you, but! do you have any interest in women?
I think women are beautiful and intriguing and terrifying.

Wifey, do you like your feet to be played with in bed? do you like to play with feet?
Absolutely not and absolutely not. Feet make me nauseous.

Wifey, what is your favorite part of receiving foreplay?
That you are the most amazing Hubby! You give more than you receive and it never stops you from giving me more. I love you and you deserve more, I'll work on that.

What is the first thing you notice in a man (other than your hubby)?
This one is difficult to answer because I feel like I don't assess someone who is attractive the way most people do. For example, I figure a guy who is into boobs, just looks at women's boobs all day. Or a girl who is into big muscles only seeks out huge guys. In this respect I think I am both not picky and extremely picky. I see a man and involuntarily assess him as a whole quickly. Does he have some sort of style? I like businessmen types as we all know, but smart guys (have you read a book in the last 6 months?) and creative looking guys (artists, musicians, writers) are also appealing. Is he polite and well-mannered? I don't feel like I am answering the question, but don't know what to say other than just because a guy has one certain feature doesn't mean he is instantly attractive to me.

What is your favorite male body part?
I like a nice, strong upper body...arms, shoulders, back.

Least favorite male body part?
Ewww, feet.

What is your favorite part of a woman's body?
I think if I were a raging lesbian, I would like boobs. I'm rather fond of mine so I think I would like others, maybe some a little bigger than mine but not the obscenely large floppy ones.

Least favorite female body part?
I really can not imagine going down on a woman. It's so wet and complicated!

What's your favorite/least sexual position?
Favorite? Me on top.
Least favorite? Is there such a thing?!

What do you like more: to give oral or to receive oral?
I'm greedy....receive.

Describe your favorite piece of lingerie?
I. Love. Lingerie.
I love feeling sexy and seeing your eyes do that cartooney "Baaaa-ooooga!!!" thing when you like what you see. I love pretty, sexy things. I love wacky little costumes. I love boy shorts and tank tops.

Better place for man watching: TV? Internet? Bookstore? Pub? Coffee Shop? Grocery Store?
Yes. Attractive men are everywhere.

One thing that excites you about a friend with benefit relationship?
Being surprised. Having that new, exhilarating feeling when you kiss someone for the first time.

One thing that you don't like about a friend with benefit relationship?
I am having a very hard time figuring out the logistics of how to separate actions and emotions. My biggest fear is that we will fully go through with this and it will tear us apart.

Well, thank you Wifey for answering these tough questions. And if you, our readers, would like to ask Wifey a question please feel free, and if you are really bored and want to ask me, the Hubby of the greatest Wifey on Earth, then please leave your question in the comment area.

Til next time...


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Better Hurry Up, I'm In Dutch With The Wifey

Well things don't always go as planned and sometimes I make mistakes. Yesterday was one of those days and I think I need to publicly apologise to my Wifey.

What Went Wrong:

1. Sharing my Wifey has always been my thing. At times she is willing to participate at different levels but for the most part Wifey doesn't fully understand why I am so insane about getting her to find a lover.

We were at a hotel pool one night and there were 3 Russian mobsters sitting at a nearby table smoking and talking in a language that sounded like they were eating stones. Now true story, the Wifey is a bit of a dolphin and she takes to water like...a dolphin, so she didn't notice that the Cold War table was watching as she played in the empty pool by herself. I, of course, did notice the Russians staring at my wife, so I "Begencouraged" the Wifey for like 25 minutes to "Do Something!" I get sooo fucking desperate sometimes and finally to shut me up, my wife swam over to where the 3 Stalins sat. She got out of the pool right in front of them, and went up to their table. I sat frozen, unable to hear the conversation, but one of them reached down and gave my wife something that I couldn't see from where I sat. My wife then slowly turned around and walked back to where I was. The mobsters watched my wife's ass as she walked away. I was struck stupid.

"What did they give you?" I asked.

"A cigarette." My wifey doesn't even smoke but I was more than impressed by her daring that we quickly went back to the room and I can still remember fucking my wife with such intensity that I broke the condom. You could probably guess, but I'm not the condom breaking type of guy, so I felt like the fuckin Incredible Hulk when that tiny piece of latex snapped under the pressure of my passion for the wife.

Another reason why this really is my fantasy is for the longest time Wifey felt suspicious about my intentions for her to find a lover because she thought that I may use her extramarital fun as a reason for me to have my fair share of fun with other women. Now, I may not be as hot as my wife, but I get a few looks and smiles from other women from time to time, but I have absolutely zero desire to fuck other women. I'm not gay and I think women are amazing, but for me it starts and stops with my wife. I'm nuts for my Wifey and I couldn't find a better woman, so why bother. Wifey is the ultimate. She cooks, she cleans, she's entertaining, and, as you all can tell from our HNTs, Wifey is flat out beautiful.

2. I have always had a problem distinguishing between fantasy and reality. No, I don't think there are superheroes out there in attractive spandex costumes. I don't believe in aliens, ghosts, or even Justin Bieber. I play video games but I have never lost touch with the Call of Duty world while on a Sunday afternoon at Petco buying dog food. But I do have a problem with fantasy when my Wifey is my fantasy, and she is gorgeous and I get to see her naked all of the time. Like almost everyday. I get to have sex with my fantasy and it's incredible. She touches my dick, it goes hard. She coughs and my dick goes hard. She does the dishes and my dick goes hard. My Wifey puts the bone in my boners.

3. This blog is not exactly helping me keep my fantasies in check. When my Wifey posts her HNT and she gets a great response, this makes the Wifey very happy. For me though, I also love reading other gentlemen's comments about how attractive my wife is but this feeds my fantasy which makes it hard for me to separate fantasy v. reality, and this pretty much makes it totally impossible for me to not understand why Wifey wouldn't be at the same level of interest in her being shared as I am.

Also, even more than hearing what other men think of my wife's HNTs, I love reading my wife's posts. Not only do her readers learn about my wife's kinky side, but I have learned a lot from just reading her posts too. I have learned about previous Wifey experiences that I thought I already knew everything about, and that has been worth making this blog, but then I also get to find out more about my wife's fantasy. I don't know if she would agree with my calling her additional restaurant service a fantasy, but I think more than needing the money, my wife would really like to role play with another man so that she could please him so much that she could learn her sexual value. I could be completely wrong again about her fantasy like I was in my post "WifeyCANDY" but that is why this blog has been so much fun for me and I hope for my Wifey.

I guess it comes down to how me and the Wifey enjoy the fantasy. I don't know if my wife will ever enjoy the fantasy in the way that I would like her to enjoy it, but I need to appreciate that I am lucky to have such a wonderful wife who does love me enough to try to accept my strange fantasy. I have no doubt that Wifey would enjoy the excitement, desire, and passion that would come from her taking a lover, but she isn't there yet and all my confidence comes off as insensitive pressure to just do it already. That wouldn't be great for anyone. I'm just a stupid hubby who loves his wifey too much at times. And I owe my sweet Wifey an apology and an even more important public statement of trust that if this happens it will happen and if it doesn't happen, I still have an amazing wife to fall back on.

I love you Wifey :-)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Wifey's Clarification

Editing note: For my post to make just a little more sense, it might be helpful to scroll down, read Hubby's post "WifeyCANDY" first and then come back up here and read my post. Otherwise, keep the comments coming...we love hearing your thoughts.

Hmmmm, interesting. I thought my hubby's interpretation of what we discussed to be very interesting. However, not quite where I was going with the idea or the concept that I had in mind. I guess in print we are technically saying the same thing but in theory I found his wording to be off track. Let me explain...

He is right that we are hustling a little to make ends meet these days. He is right that I adore clean cut, so well-dressed, so professional and usually well mannered, they travel, they are powerful, they usually smell nice...ahhh. However, I see vulnerability and loneliness in them too. They are forced speak meeting-speak all day and required to act appropriately for long periods of time. I see someone who goes back to a boring, beige, cold, silent hotel room at the end of a long day. I see someone who might want to unwind with a glass of wine and some friendly, real conversation about whatever is on their mind.

I wait on these men, or groups of men, constantly and I always sense a sort of hopefulness from them. In some men it comes across as creepy and dirty or just down right desperate. This icky feeling comes from the men who see a waitress and automatically assume we are all easy sluts who will screw anything that will throw a few extra bucks at us. Some men see a waitress and see a captive audience for misogynistic remarks they can't dole out to their bitter, unhappy wives. Some men treat a waitress like a piece of meat who needs to laugh at their every horribly unfunny joke and then fetch them their every need only to not repay them with an adequate tip for dealing with their bullshit.

Sorry, bitter waitress tangent, back to the hopefulness...

the men I am attracted to emit a hopefulness without even knowing it, maybe it's because I give them a smile or accidentally brush against their shoulder when I refill their water. Then, a sort of mild chemistry starts. They notice when I come to the table, they look me in the eye but do not stare, they have manners, they tip well. Maybe they feel a little like themselves for the first time all day and don't want it to end but can't just ask the waitress to come back to their hotel room in front of all their coworkers.

So, I started thinking. How could my food service and adequate tip escalate into more than just food service and more than just and adequate tip? I, in no way, want a sugar daddy as hubby suggested. Having a sugar daddy implies I just want to be spoiled for no reason. No, I'm a hard working girl and am willing to earn my dough. I was especially careful with my wording too when talking to hubby so as not to make him think that his faithful, innocent wifey is all the sudden having prostitute fantasies! I guess I just fantasized about two people meeting by chance, having some chemistry, and fulfilling some needs. It is only natural that I would continue to see my customers as customers...but in a different light. You still following me, here? It's a slippery slope.

Imagine the possibilities.

We meet back at the hotel bar. He has had a long day. He flies home tomorrow to where-ever-land. We have a glass or two of wine and talk about whatever and nothing. He asks if I'd like to come back up to his room for a little bit. He sits in one of the hotel room chairs. I help him loosen his tie and move behind him to rub his neck and shoulders. He pulls me around to stand in front of him. He moves his hands up my legs and once he gets to my hips I straddle him. We kiss slowly and passionately. I begin unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his neck. I untuck his shirt and he removes mine. He kisses my neck and firmly holds me to him. He picks me up and places us on the bed....I'm sure you kind readers know what goes on from here without all the gory details, as my hubby has made quite clear I am rather shy and figure you have your imaginations from here on out. In the end, my businessman had a good time and a warm body to caress. I leave with my gratuity and smirk.

What do you think? Would this really happen? Would any of you weary travelers do something like this if the oportunity presented itself? Just wondering. Tell me about it.


I don't know how to start this post, but My Wifey just came up with an interesting idea and I wanted to share it and see what our readers think. This idea has given me a bunch of new ideas but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Our Thanksgiving was long and tiring but not in a family dinner way. The Wifey and I had to work this year, and at the Wifey's restaurant job, she had the pleasure to serve an unpleasant looking gray Turkey dinner for other family's Thanksgiving.

Now the Wifey and I don't enjoy working on Thanksgiving, but in these tough times we got to hustle a little just to pay rent nowadays so there isn't a lot of extra. After the Wifey's shift tonight, as we were relaxing on the couch, watching an intense Apprentice episode on DVR, that Wifey came up with this interesting product.

Wifey is about the most innocent looking woman ever, so maybe it was the wine or it could have just been the Apprentice synergy but Wifey suggested a new way to add a little spice to our bank account. WifeyCANDY

Wifey is always serving groups of businessmen, and the men of business are her weakness and they usually eat up her cutesexiness. She loves the whole clean cut smart classy man sort of thing and they love her girl next door look. Let's just say that we never miss an episode of Mad Men in this house.

So the Wifey told me that recently she has had an impulse to pick out a lonesome businessman from her night job. In her restaurant, businessmen are everywhere and they are always waiting for their flights or in town for a conference, and maybe they would like a little cute wifey attention. Maybe they are married and the idea of bringing another woman back to their hotel room has always been their fantasy and their own wife would never find out about my wifey. The wifey would be a wonderful treat after a long business conference, and if the tip was nice then everyone would win. WifeyCANDY for a SugarDaddy?

I love this naughty idea from the Wifey, but we wanted to hear what other people thought about Wifey getting a businessman SugarDaddy who would treat my Wifey and my Wifey would treat them in her fantastic way, and I would finally get to become the Cuckold Hubby who waits for his Wifey at home while she is getting all hot and bothered, businessman style! Whew!

I really think that my Wifey deserves a lover who could send her to another orbit of pleasuretown and I have no problem if that lover wanted to treat her with treats. I am laying down the challenge to the Wifey. You, the reader, know what my Wifey looks like nearly naked, and I promise her face is just as sexy as her body, so help me encourage the shy Wifey to accept, not just my challenge, but OUR challenge to go for a BIG extra TIP from her next handsome businessman customer, and who knows, maybe you will get seated in her section.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

HNT - Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I love the holiday season, and Thanksgiving is the perfect middle between the sexy Halloween and the joyful Xmas. The food, the football, and the food make for one gluttonous delightful day for this hubby and I just want to give a huge shout out to my amazing Wifey, because she puts my Thanks in Thanksgiving.

I am Thankful for my Wifey because everyone thinks she is so Sweet and Innocent in our boring normal lives but you, our now 52 followers! get to read and see a side of her that would shock those loud people that fill up our everydays.

I am Thankful for my Wifey because she fills my belly every Thanksgiving with the most amazing foods and treats. She buys me wine and weed whenever I am in need and she makes me crazy tasty dinners all the time, not just on the 3rd Thursday in Novemebers. Seriously, she's a black belt in Kick Ass meals.

Finally, I am Thankful for my Wifey because she is just the best Wifey in the world. She is way too pretty for me and she even puts up with my spells of moodiness. She deserves a much better husband, or at least a hot Friend With Benefits, but until she comes to her senses...let me share my wifey with you in a picture that I have named, My Orange Crush:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

HNT- In bed with Wifey

It was that kind of Thursday. The kind of Thursday that kicks your butt and takes names! I came home exhausted and immediately changed into something more comfortable before diving into bed for a nap. Helpful Hubby gave good hugs before allowing me to catch some zzzz's before dinnertime....oh, and he couldn't resist sharing my sleepwear with you...perfect for HNT, right?
Sweet dreams!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

HNT- Veteran's Day Edition

Hello Veterans!

Wifey and I hope you are having a nice day. Since Wifey hasn't yet had the pleasure to thank a brave rugged soldier in her own special way (she came very close though this year) Carrie would like to give back to all the soldiers out there with the gift of a HNT.

We haven't posted a picture in awhile and it was Wifey who suggested we make our grand return with a thank you to our veterans for all of our freedoms. Like the freedom for a Watchful Hubby to share a half naked picture of his Playful Wifey, so that maybe a soldier somewhere today will look at my nearly naked Wifey and know that he is protecting her delicate creamy white thighs, her sultry hips, her enticing breasts, and those alluring lips from all the bad people out there.

So for the veterans and anyone else who likes looking at another man's wife on Thursdays, please enjoy my beautiful wife...

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Department Story

Well it's been way too long since we last posted, but it's still all good with me and the mrs; except that we've been getting our B-Hinnies handed to us by the MAN.

We've moved...We've changed jobs like 2 times each...and that's only been the last couple of weeks. We have lifted and carried boxes from one box spot to another box spot. We had temp jobs, and, as so often happens, the temp jobs have gone POOF! And now we have a big O home and a whole lot of time on our hands now.

What's a Watchful-Hubby and his Playful-Wifey to do...?...

Location: National Department Store

SubLocation: Lawn Center

Reason: We needed a lawn mower

Conflict: No one works in the lawn center apparently

Resolution: Fuck! I guess I WILL GO look for a store employee!

Hotwife/Cuckold Report: So, I get pissy when no one will come to my consumer aid, and without waiting for my beloved wifey, I storm off like a broke ass diva needing a snickers. I weave quickly through the congested aisles in a desperate hope of just finding some old man to ring up a lawn mower so I can just go home! Fuck i just wanted to go home!

Well, in my haste to find help, I ended up at the register by myself. I got in line like a little bitch, and looking around for my wifey, I noticed that she wasn't behind me like a good wife. Instead she was talking to some 22 year old kid who looked like he had been lifting weights for 21 of his years on Earth. This kid was huge. WTF does Sears need a monster like this working on a Monday evening for?

Now I am built like one of those Toddlers and Tiaras kids, so I guess I wasn't too surprised that the wife went for help from this fine example of minimum wage and steriods. I walked back to where the wifey and the machine were talking and the transaction quickly went down...

Speaking of down...Apparently, while I was paying the young man for my new saturday chore, my wifey was going down on the beefcake with her eyes.

Later, when I'm looking at the open lawn mower box, in my front room, like it was a car accident, the wifey asks me, "I don't know if you noticed...but the clerk had a huge bulge in his pants. What kind of underwear do you think makes his stuff look like that?"

OK, I explain to the wifey, for like the 17th time, that I never look at guys' junk, but I was pleasantly surprised when she went on to explain her observation that the young clerk was wearing tight flat front pants and well there was a "perky" bulge in his pants. Wifey must have thought a little about this dude's johnson while I was paying because she reasoned that he must not have been wearing boxers because his junk would just be hanging down, so like a kinky Sherlock Holmes, Wifey concluded that he must have been wearing tighty-whiteys.

I love that she noticed his lunchbox, and I am always encouraging her to act on her sexual curiousities; even when it's just using her penis imagination in line at a department store.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scarlet A For Adam / Well Almost

Well though Carrie and I are in a long, long, way too long, hotwife dry spell right now (boo!), but we still wanted to share a little more about our hotwife past, for all of our loyal readers. And thank you loyal readers, we really do appreciate your comments. Carrie and I have read every comment together, and we love to discuss them too, so please keep them coming!

O, the wifey and I have previously written about our journey into this lifestyle. First, Carrie told me about her meeting with D. I became an instant fan of the cuckold's intense feelings for his wife and then I wanted more. We then had a couple of bad meetings with couples. Finally our eventual, and failrly successful, meeting with our first offical T.O.M.-Adam (T.O.M. = The Other Man).

CliffNote Version of our 1st Adam experience: Adam took my wife and I to a strip club and then followed us back to our place for a little adult activity time. Using my favorite sport, baseball, as an anology, my wifey and Adam got to second base on their first date, but...five years went by since that night, and there still had not been a second date with Adam; until my amazing wife almost pulled off the greatest Cuckold B-Day Present Ever! And I mean EVER!

Get this, for over a year, before wifey gave me the B-Day present, she and Adam had secretly rekindled their relationship through emails; dirty emails. Without me knowing anything! Carrie later told me that she would write Adam dirty emails on her laptop while I was watching tv next to her on the couch. I'm either a naive hubby or a promising cuckold. I told you Carrie was AMAZING! Butt...before you start thinking bad of my sweet wife Carrie, that she may have cheated on your boy Doug somehow, let me explain why Carrie initiated the writing with Adam, after 5 years of no contact between them.

This may sound weird to some, that the wifey and I are married, this is true, but we are also each other's best friends. In the 15 years that we've been together, I have to say that it has been my absolute pleasure to get to spend so much of that time with such a beautiful and intelligent young woman. Who I now proudly call my wifey. She is my type of lady, and there isn't a thing in this world that I wouldn't do for her, and well...I guess that is part of my answer for why she would want to give me such a crazy gift. Because she knows I would love it.

Also, Carrie knows that she has my full permission to ENGAGE in any hotwife/cuckold activities that she wants, when she wants, and with whomever she wants it from. Carrie was only trying to give me my fantasy. That, again, is "love" bitches.

Getting us back to Adam, who wifey loved playing with the 1st time, but for some reason we had lost touch with him after our first experience (pssst-don't tell Adam's wife, but Adam is married, and I think his wife became a bit suspicious.)... 5 Years Anyways Later, Carrie wrote Adam with an idea of discussing dirty ideas to each other, saving all the emails between them, and then giving me the present of all these dirty emails from her and Adam. Great gift right?, but that's not all! During that year of emails, Carrie and Adam's emails went from dirty talk to Adam giving dirty assignments to Carrie that she would have to perform on yours truly, her unsuspecting hubby:)

Now, I'm a pretty mel-l-l-low dude and I think you know what I mean by that, so I try not to get too high or too low by everyday situations, but even I took notice of some of the different things that Carrie, all of a sudden, wanted to try. As a policy though, that I have with Carrie, we believe that it isn't my place, as Carrie's hubby, to tell her "No, I don't want to fuck you in a dark park after work, or No, I'm not into watching you flirt with random guys in front of me at the grocery store", but that is just us, and these are just some of the ideas that my wifey and her Adam wrote to each other over that wonderful year. That year that would eventually lead to my wife showing me just how much she loves me and how big her balls are, and by da way, wifey has BIG BALLS y'all!

{Spoiler Alert}

Speaking of BALLS, this story has an unfortunate sad ending, so if you don't want to give yourself a bad case of BLUE balls, I beg you to stop reading right now. Go to bed, get back to work or go walk the pets, because it isn't going to end well for you this time dear readers. Because,


Carrie gave me a few gifts on that B-Day, but it was the final gift that was so interesting. I will be honest, I had noooooo idea what it was at first. The final gift was a 3 ring binder! and inside! was! what turned out! later! to be a year's worth! of dirty emails from my wifey to her Adam and from Adam to my wifey! But I wasn't processing those emails at first. At first I was drawn to, and lost in, in the first page of the binder. Like a mysterious relic, I stared at that first page. What did it mean?

I sat stunned as I read the plan for the next 2 nights of my life:

Carrie booked a room in the city for 2 nights. The first night she bought tickets for her and me to go see my favorite professional baseball team. Really good tickets because that is how my Carrie rolls for her hubby's bdays. The second night, Carrie bought me IMAX tickets to go see the new "Batman" movie, which was excellent by the way! Thanks for asking.

This alone would have been an OutStandIng BDAY Vacation, but between the baseball game on the first night, and the IMAX movie on the second night, Carrie had made the most devious plan.

Carrie had made plans for Adam, our 1st T.O.M., to join us in our hotel room, for a No-Strings-Attached-Afternoon-Delight-Hotwife-Style-Session. Hey Now!

I sat stunned. I couldn't understand what I was reading. I had no idea what Carrie was up to or what she had already done. Carrie had to explain it all to me like I was a ret-tard, just what that page meant, "Adam was going to be our special lunch guest"

Fast Forward:

Maybe it was my favorite team losing badly that ended the first night of the vacation with me feeling restless heartburn sleeplessness, or maybe it was the enticing images of my wife and Adam fucking in our hotel bed in less than 12 hours, but I couldn't wait for the first day to end and the fantasy-2-reality to begin.

The Good Parts:

It began as a bright warm sunny late spring afternoon. I waited in the hotel room while my wifey and Adam met in a nearby major coffee shop. You may know the place. They talked for a few minutes, but that was all they did. There. Wifey then had Adam come up to our hotel room where I was already waiting. It didn't take long for wifey and Adam to start making out on our hotel bed while I sat in one of the two chairs, to the side of the bed.

Wifey sat down next to Adam on the bed, with both of their backs facing me. Adam wasted no time and began petting the wifey and rubbing her neck and shoulders. It was sexy to watch my wife lower her head and give her neck to Adam for him to massage. Adam just stared at my wifey, with a look like, "I can't believe I get you to myself, again." Soon the couple softly began kissing and soon the kisses became more intense, more passionate. Adam helped my wife out of her blouse and bra and it didn't take him long before he was sucking on my wife's tits like they owed him money. I could hear Adam's heavy breathing from the chair as he was eating my wife alive pratically. I thought Adam's labored breathing sounded funny but wifey told me later that she completely enjoyed Adam's attention to nipple detail. What do I know, that's why I like to watch other men sample my wifey, so I can pick up new tips for wifey's tits. Just an example.

Soon, Carrie took off Adam's polo and ran her nails down his back. Later Carrie said that she knew I would enjoy watching her claw Adam's back from my view on the chair. Slowly my wifey and her Adam were losing their clothes and my cock was beyond throbbing! watching it all happen before me. I was loving every second!

Carrie, by the way, was wearing black gater and stockings under her outfit, (a blouse and tight slacks) that was now on the floor beside the bed, next to the pile of Adam's clothes. It was when Carrie was topless and Adam was completely naked, that I made a brave decision to change my seat without asking. I hope I didn't surprise anyone else in the room, but I moved to the chair that was facing the foot of the bed. It was the best view. Adam and Carrie were laying naked in front of me, like a foot away!, kissing and rubbing each other all over. My dick hurt! watching all this but I wasn't going to miss a second with blinking.

Now, it was only for a moment or two, but one image that I can still see to this day happened at this time. Adam and Carrie were lustfully embracing and I don't know who reached first but I still remember the sight like it was happening in slow motion. Carrie reached down, and took hold of Adam's semi hard cock, but it was only semi-hard for a second because once Carrie's fingers wrapped around Adam's shaft, and began to firmly squeeze, as she pulled it back and forth, Adam's cock became fully swollen. I was rivetted to the view of Carrie's freshly painted crimson fingernails as they tugged on Adam's penis.

But that was only half of the most beautiful scene because at the same time, my eyes followed Adam's hands as he too reached for Carrie's good time spot. I gazed as Adam took a couple of his fingers and traced the outline of Carrie's puffy lips before taking his index finger and running it over Carrie's clit and then between her lips. Stopping at her wet opening. And then it happened, when he finally pushed that lone finger into Carrie's sweet honey pot. It was incredible to see Adam's finger disappear into a spot that only I had previously known.

I must have blacked-out after seeing Adam fingering my wifey, because the next thing I knew, Adam moved up in the hotel bed (actually I don't know if Adam knew it or not, but he moved to the very spot where I slept. He even had his head on my personal pillow that I had brought from my bed at home because of my hate for hotel pillows - O, the simple pleasures of being a cuckold). Carrie crawled on her hands and knees to lay on top of Adam. It was awesome. I still can't believe that I witnessed my naked wife laying on her equally naked boyfriend, as I listened to them make out some more from the chair at the base of the bed.

My 2nd favorite moment! from Adam's visit took place next, as my wife lay naked and exposed on Adam's naked muscular body.

(Just a note: My favorite spot on my naked wife's body is a spot that we call her "diamond". Basically, when Carrie lays face down on her stomach, with her legs together, her ass and legs meet in an area that looks like a soft fleshy diamond! Very sexy:)

Anyways, Adam took his manly hands and placed one on each of Carrie's creamy ass cheeks, and gave her big ass an even bigger squeeze. Whew! I just had a moment now, thinking about wifey getting an ass squeeze from her boyfriend, but it wasn't until later when wifey told me that Adam actually was playing every cuckold hubby's favorite game, "Just The Tip" with my wifey during the ass massage time that I was watching.

Apparently, it was only 2 to 3 thrusts, but Adam had briefly entered my wife, bareback! And I didn't see that part! I must have missed it because I moved back to the other chair, the one on the side of the bed, just as Carrie got up on her hands and knees and made her way down Adam's body, until she was just on her knees, bent over blowing Adam.

I watched intently, cotton-mouthy, as my sexy wife put Adam in her mouth, and then began to slowly move up and down on his cock. I stared as Adam grabbed a handful of my wife's long hair and pulled it back so that I could see her face, and most important, her mouth wrapped around his erection.

I could tell that Adam was taking more control of Carrie's blow job this time than he did the first time Carrie blew him five years before. Adam held Carrie's hair in his left hand, so that he could set the pace of Carrie's bj performance, and then he took his right hand and began to play with Carrie's breasts. He pulled her hair up when she reached the base of his cock in her mouth, and then gently pushed her head back down on his cock once her wet mouth had gotten to the tip of his dick. Carrie could tell that Adam was about to explode, Hell! I could tell!, so it didn't surprise me that she took her mouth off Adam's member and asked him in a soft whisper that I could barely hear, if he wanted her to stop and put a condom on so that he could fuck her.

Now, I wish Adam would have said yes, "YES! I must have you right now! I must bury my Adamness deep in you while your husband can only watch and listen to his wife get fucked in ways that he can't fuck her", but... But, Adam said no. A big selfish NO, and Carrie did as she was told and continued to suck Adam off. It wasn't long, and once wifey began to play with his balls with her hands, as she continued to suck on his pulsating thickness, well, Forget About It!

Which brings us to my last favorite moment from our last threesome. Once Carrie's delicate fingers started to play with Adam's engorged balls, well, he went off like a rocket in Carrie's mouth. The mouth that I kiss every night before I go to sleep. The mouth that tells me that she loves me. My wife's mouth! I LOVED EVERY GOD DAMN SECOND of Adam's hot eruption in my wifey's mouth!

Carrie swallowed some of Adam's orgasm, but I loved actually seeing Adam's cum slide down his still erect cock, even as Carrie continued to suck on him. As soon as Carrie finished with Adam, I couldn't take it any longer. I jumped over to the bed and asked if I could get a bj too. I know it was selfish and pathetic, but I had to cum! Or I would explode in my pants. Carrie took pity on me, though the cuck in me wishes she wouldn't have, and my beautiful wifey gave me a wonderful bj that only took 20seconds from start to finish. That's why I think wifey deserves a more manly man in the bed, because I strike like lightning with quick orgasms. POW!

The Bad Parts:

I must tell you, honestly, this second experience with Adam was a complete disappointment and also a HUGE reason why my wife is only now starting to get interested in Hotwifing again after taking a Zero-Interest Break that lasted for few years.

Why a disappointment?

After my wife planned and set up this entire experience for me, Adam, and herself, Adam ended up being over 3 hours late for his free sex with my nervous wife. My wife was going to fuck you and you show up 3 hours late?! WTF?!

Then, after Adam cums, does he return the favor? Does he whip out his dick and fuck my wife? Nope. Adam gets weird and while I'm getting my blow job, I looked down and he was rubbing my wife's ankle. Her Fucking Ankle! WTF is that?! Her Ankle?! I don't know how Adam returns a favor to his own wife in bed because a gentle ankle rub did nothing for my wife. Luckly, he got the hint that the wife and I wanted to keep on keeping on in the bed, so Mr. Man put on his clothes and walked out the door. I got my wifey off and then took her to a nice dinner.

Lastly, the biggest reason that this 3some kinda blew, sorry couldn't resist, Adam just got old on the wifey. 5 years before, Adam was muscular and exciting for my wifey, but those years in between must have been difficult for Adam because he didn't look the same as before. He had lost some muscle and gained a couple of pounds. Not that my wifey should judge her "bull" like most men and women judge women who get older, but we invited a "bull" and got a piece of...

OK, Adam wasn't quite the same the second time, but damn it, he has done more to fuck up my fantasy for me than I ever could on my own. Thanks Adam. Buy a watch the next time you big dummy!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Movie Review I

Well it sucks to report again and again, but there is still absolutely no news to report on our hotwifey journey. Unless you count a few dirty old men eyefucking the mrs. everytime she served them a drink at a catering job we did this week. In case that dirty old man is reading right now, um..., how can I say this nicely, but you ain't helping my hotwife cause by creeping the wifey out. FUCK! Look, appreciate, and then look away. My wifey is a bit like the sun, you don't want to over do it with either of them.

Butt. Since our hot-wife-life is d.o.a. right now, the wifey and I decided to try something a little bit different for this post; a movie review.

Before we get to the moive review, let me and the wifey say this right now, we are not racists. We voted for Obama and hell, we even like Spike Lee movies, but after watching this movie, we felt dirty. Really Dirty. At one point, wifey just shook her head.

So for our first movie review, the wifey and I watched:

Mandingo (1975)

First, this movie is some racist bullshit, but I've always heard about this movie, and the term, and well you know how that old saying goes,

"Curiousity killed the cuckold hubby,
but his wife's satisfaction brought him back"

Also, once I saw that one of my favorite actors from back 'n the day was in this movie, well, damn it! made it too easy to buy Mandingo along with my more mundane online purchases. Who is this actor? Wait for it. Wait for. Seriously, Wait.



It's your boy James Mason!

(insert cricket sounds here)

You know, from Lolita. The movie Lolita. Yeah nevermind.

P.S. I must confess to you, dear readers, that I was sort of under the impression that Mandingo was the type of movie that you would find on Skin-A-Max in the late 1980's, but in fact, I was wrong. Yeah! I know! Right?

Mandingo has very little sex and a whole lot more over acting. Actually, for a movie over 2 hours long, I would say there is more sex in a Matlock episode.

So the movie is about a young southern gentleman in the 1800-something-slave-plantation-mississippi-days. This gentleman, let's call him WhiteShadow, has a thang for the dark side of the moon if you know what I mean.

Well, WhiteShadow's dad, James Mason by the way, wants a grandchild. A lil'whiteshadow if you will. So Humbert Humbert, errr, James GrandWizard Mason sends his manchild son to NuOrleeens for some white lady to marry, but before he finds his piece of strange, WhiteShadow hangs with his cuz Charles.

I don't know about you but every Charles in this world is bound to be a sadist mutha and well a long story short, this Chuck is noooo different. He swings a belt like "the babe" did in the World Series against the Cubs. This upsets the delicate Whiteshadow. He likes a more pure woman to marry, and who does WhiteShadow marry you say?

Yep, his cousin, who is almost as pure as my own wifey. The cousin, let's name her Bat/Shit/Crazy, or just BSC, has only been with `1` other dude than WhiteShadow, but once WhiteShadow finds out that BSC isn't as pure as my own wifey was when I married her, well, WhiteShadow does what all men would do in this situation---he takes his slaves to auction.

Well, during his time away, BSC gets the "fever" and by "fever" I really mean she gets the fever all white wifey's go though at one time or other; the fever for BBC, and by BBC I really mean WhiteShadow's fightclub champion, Mede-a Mandingo, which is a BBC. See I told you this movie was deep. Balls Deep!

Well, while the young cuckold cracker is away, his horny wifey and mandingo will play. TeeHee

I don't want to wrong you all by giving the ending away butt let's just say it was your typical mid 70's hollywood plantation wife gives birth to a black baby, shit hits the fan, and someone gets boiled alive in a huge cauldron. Yeah. I know!!!


Hubby B+
(For a marlveous performance from BSC, but a phooey for making me and the wifey wait over 90mins for the BBC vs BSC in the marital bed of WhiteShadow and BSC. WooHOO!!!)

Wifey C
(Wifey was confused. A little unsure how she should feel about it. Hilarious over-acting by BSC but equally disturbing content.)

PPS-Bat/Shit/Crazy had only been with one other man besides WhiteShadow and Mandingo and that was that sadist bad boy FuckyChucky. Yep~I Know!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hotwifeland - Real or Not? - Let's Discuss

Carrie and I work together in life and at a job, and at work today Carrie was getting a giant dose of "Everyone Loves Carrie!" Seriously.

My beautiful wife was in the back, and I was doing my morning "Hey, What's Up"s to all the coworkers. We work with all sorts of people. There are older and younger, with just about any background you could imagine. A real wonderland of characters, but I love these people and they seem to love Carrie and I as well.

It all started today with an older Spanish woman, as most stories do nowadays. And though she is an older woman, she is also a hot mamacita. I say hi and the Spanish Cougar says hi back, and then out of nowheres the Spanish Cougar starts to tell me how beautiful my wife is, and it didn't stop with just a simple random compliment to me about my wife who wasn't even present at the time. The Spanish Cougar delved into greater detail as to why my wife is beautiful. She went on and on about how great Carrie looks and all I could do was blush and wonder why she couldn't throw me a, "and you don't look bad for being Carrie's husband either". Nope, the Spanish Cougar purred on and on about Carrie's skin and her face. I told her thank you and that I completely agreed with her. I know that I am a lucky man for having such a hotwife. So speaking of my Hotwife...

So recently, Carrie has been getting a lot of attention from other...
...women, and I know that most guys would jump at the possibilities of two chicks, but I will be honest, that just isn't my thang. I know I'm supposed to want to see Carrie and another woman make sweet love to each other, and then to me, but I've never really seen myself as the type of guy that could polish off two chicks in one night. I'll be honest, I don't even like talking to 2 chicks in one night, and I barely have the stamina for Carrie. That is why my fantasy has always been seeing Carrie with another man.

Let's get a little dirty...


Carrie and I like to vacation, and I love the idea that Carrie will meet another man while we are far far away from home. I always picture Carrie down at the pool while I'm in the casino sportsbook watching 17 baseball games and smoking the most obnoxious cigar you could possibly imagine.

Maybe Carrie strikes up a conversation with an attractive man and maybe they decide to meet up later because they like each other so much. I like the idea of Carrie meeting a man on her own because it seems that as soon as guys see me near Carrie they stop looking or talking to my wife. I wonder why? I trust my wife and as her husband it drives me wild when she flirts with other guys.

Later Carrie's new friend and her would meet for drinks while I wait for her text to tell me that it is time for me to meet her boyfriend for the night. I want to give them time to get comfortable together and a third wheel, even if it's a husband, can be a third wheel at times.

Imagine the night is going well, but getting the courage to do "it" will take alcohol. At least for me it will, so maybe I will stay behind at the hotel bar when Carrie and her boyfriend decide to take a tour of our hotel room. I would try to take my time with the drink(s) but my mind would be bouncing with ideas of the scene in our hotel room right now. Would Carrie and her friend just be talking in the chairs, kissing on the bed, or plain old fucking on the floor? This is what would be mind fucking me in the bar while I wait.

After what would feel like 5 hours but would in fact probably be only 2 1/2 minutes of waiting in the bar, I would race to the room to find my wife in the pleasures of another man. I could spend the rest of my days describing what I would love to see my wife do with another man, but really I want to see her have lots of selfish fun. I would sit away from the fornicating couple so that my wife could get lost with the feelings of her new friend. I don't want to interrupt my wife while she is getting pounded to her 9th orgasm with a pathetic plea of trying to get her to jerk me off. This night is about her and though I would have a raging monster hard on, I would just sit and watch and watch and watch and watch.

I would want my wife and her boyfriend to do whatever they wanted all night long. I love the idea of them taking a shower together, away from me, though I'm still in the room. Maybe I could hear moaning and water splashing but I would wait til the next day when the other man had left to get the details from wifey of what took place in the "ShowerRoom".

After fucking my wife unconscious, I would want my wife's boyfriend to quietly thank her for a wonderful night and then leave the wifey and I alone. This is where it would be the hardest for me, but I wouldn't want to jump my poor tired wife's bones even though I'm sure there will be a super strong husbandly desire to reclaim my wifey. I would pet my sweet, sweaty, sticky, naked wife's body as she fell to a deep sleep dreaming about her new wild life experience.

And what will I do after a night of watching wifey fucking another man? I promise I will pack my pipe with some green and write everything that happened in the blog so all our dear readers could continue to share in our journey to HOTWIFELAND!!!

HNT-Red Hotness

Yes, we have been bad bloggers.
Yes, we have been neglecting out followers.
Yes, we have been letting our busy lives get the best of us.

We received a very nice comment this morning in which an Anonymous reader said they missed us...awwww! Everything is fine by the way, we just sort of had a dry spell with all this MFM business and didn't feel like boring you all with the mundane details of going to work and grocery shopping, etc., etc. Hubby and I did in fact have several conversations the last few days about how other people go about this lifestyle. How do they sneakily find other kinky people to play with? How do you balance work and this sort of play? I guess we are sinking our own boat since we want something so specific. We do not want a fly by night, Craigslist adventure (not that we condemn those who do, it's just not for us). We want to do this with someone that I, Wifey, has a at least a little bit of an emotional connection with but fear leading another man on. What happens afterwards? Is it awkward? Okay, I'll stop, but this is seriously a peek into the neurosis of Wifey...sigh!

In order to apologize for our absence, we present you with a little HNT love. Enjoy!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Musings Of An Amusing Husband

It's been a real bummer of a last week and the wifey and I are a bit down. Not that we are fighting over the wifey taking a lover, and don't worry dear readers the hubby and wifey are not thinking of quitting on you, but work was a drag and throw in an extra heaping of gravity this week, and you'd look like the wifey and I right now...exhausted!

It is my turn to post, but with there not being a whole lot of "hotwife" news from this asshole of a last week to post about, I wasn't sure what to write...until the wifey and I had a great talk. I wanted to share Carrie's great insights into why we are thinking of getting the wifey a lover after all these years of just talking about it.

But first I, the hubby, wanted to give a mention to one of my favorite blogs "Hands in my pants..." I want to personally thank H for his great fantasy of him and my wife together, as I watch. I'm trying to get Carrie the panties that H mentions but Victoria's keeping her Secret from me. My wifey wants to do a little photo shoot for H after I buy her the panty set. I Love This Idea!!!

Also, the wifey and I want to play out H's fantasy with a "stunt dildo" in H's place, but to be honest we are going to have to go to the adult store first. See H was very specific about his "MEMBER" size and, well, to be honest, I'm not near his 7" and Wifey and I agree that I'm not exactly a thick dude, but I do try my hardEST!

Soooooooo, stay tuned for a future post dear readers, and if you haven't already, please go over and read H's fantasy fuck of my wifey.

Carrie and I have really enjoyed reading all these dirty blogs, and it has made it easier as a Hubby and Wifey to know that other Hubbies enjoy watching their Wifeys with other men as much as us. And even though Carrie and I didn't do anything worth while last week to post about, Carrie did say something that made a lot of sense to me about us as a couple.

It's not like Carrie explained relativity to me, or even Inception, but when she said that the real pleasure for both of us will be the "taboo" of her having an affair that I know about, more than the actual act of her having sex. Huh?

Let me explain.

Carrie and I do everything together. We choose to spend all of our time together because we are not only husband and wife, and superheroes, but more important, Carrie and I are each other's best friends. We know, big nerdy dorks as well. Basically we are high school sweethearts without ever going to school together. wit'chz gud becuz we wasent gud tat scoool.

So that's a big reason why the Taboo of Carrie fucking another man will be more intense for us as a couple because it is such a massive deal for us as a couple. We are including another man in our life to fuck Carrie silly, and this other man needs to understand that we don't do this all the time (yet ;-). Not that Carrie expects a courtship from this gentleman caller, but we don't do "AFF" because it is too "aff" like. Look someone up, say hi, and then let the fucking begin. Right? Wrong! More like find someone who lied about a key detail in the ad, and then spend the rest of the week trying to lie about all the reasons you don't want to talk anymore.

WTF? If this works for you, then keep on keeping on for god's sake, but for Carrie and I we need to be interested in the person. Hopefully this person exists because I'm more than ready for Carrie to find a passionate lover to rock her world while I make the apologies to the neighbors the next morning for our noisy bed and her orgasmic screaming all night.

Well, it is true that Carrie and I are ready to enjoy the hell out of our Dirty Thirties, together as a couple, it is also true that Carrie and I are not just going to pick someone off the corner, or worse, Craigslist.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are You There Wifey?...It's Me Your "Cuckold Bitch"

Well I was a little surprised by how many people enjoyed the fact that I was left with blue balls. I knew you all were preverts, and I think that is why I like you all so much, so here is my view of what happened and what could happen "maybe" in the future if Mistress Carrie comes back.

Blue Balls. Let's discuss. I don't know if I've ever really felt this unique sensation before this exxxperience with Carrie. After she rolled over and went to sleep, I could feel a pressure terrorizing my nutshack. I've haven't ever felt so helpless with my aching nuts. My boxers were wet and sticky as my dick leaked my excitement even though there was going to be no relief for me in the near future.

Don't get me wrong lady or ladies...I don't always demand sexual satisfaction everytime Carrie gets off. Hold your applause please. I'm just a gentleman like that. In fact, I've always enjoyed it a little more when Carrie has more fun in bed than myself. Who would have guessed that the cuckold in me enjoys the unbalanced sexual orgasam total, but then came my experience with Mistress Carrie.

I remember the last thing I asked Mistress Carrie before she went to sleep, "Would you ever cuckold me?" and her Playful Wifey response, "Maybe."

My balls went into a panic. They cried, "What did you just ask for?" Did I really want Carrie to cuckold me? Do I really have the hubby size confidence of King Kong to allow my wife to cuckold me?

I guess a cuckold is different to me than just a Watchful Hubby. As you may or may not know by now, I have always wanted to watch Carrie go through the entire experience from the choosing of another man to watching her have sex with him in front of me. I want to see and hear all the intense moments of passion that will stir in my sweet wife and her male companion. I want to see his "action star" perform feats of daring sexual exploration on the sweet, and nearly virginal, territory of my darling Wifey. I want him to send my wifey into levels of pleasure that she deserves because I truly think Carrie deserves a hot torrid sexual affair in her life. Maybe that does sound like a cuckold?

Again, I guess a cuckold to me is different. In a cuck experience, Carrie would probably go on a "girls only" vacation. Carrie would inevitably meet someone at a bar that her girlfriends take her to on a night of bar hopping. Maybe Carrie would approach the other man or maybe the other man would approach Carrie while her friends were talking, but she wouldn't be left alone for long, even with her wedding ring on display. Then Carrie and the other man would have some drinks and their conversation would probably quickly lead to flirtation and then more. Carrie feeling a little buzzed would probably make the ultimate move when she would more than likely suggest that the other man come by her hotel room after she says goodnight to her girlfriends.

Maybe Carrie would send me a text right before he knocks on her hotel room. Just to tell me that her kness are weak with anticipation and that her panty area is getting terribly warm. I've always wanted a text that would tell me bits of info without giving too much away. Text or not enough texts, my wifey would fuck him and then he would fuck her and back and forth all fucking night. Then the next morning, maybe Carrie tells her girlfriends that she "cheated" on her faithful hubby who is miles and miles away or maybe she tells them the truth, that right now her cuckold hubby is so excited as he waits to hear all the details and reclaim his wifey.

I can't lie to you or the blog...I could love the idea of becoming a cuckold and letting Carrie do all sorts of crazy things but I don't know if I could just sit at home and wait. I'm not a patient man. I would swell with anticipation just like our friend Violet when she went on that candy factory tour. I would go Taxi Driver frisky with the knowing and not knowing of what Carrie was doing. It would remind me of that time when Carrie was away with D and I couldn't be near her or talk to her because she was with him. Whew! But it was nice once Carrie came back to me. And I love when she tells me things about D and the time she spent with him.

Maybe I am a cuckold?

Monday, July 26, 2010

"Cuckold Bitch"

Hubby and I have been helping a friend out this summer by being servers for her catering company. Last night, after I showered, I was getting ready to go while only wearing a white bra, white tank top, and white panties. I was hot after my shower and was trying to hold off on putting on the black pants for my uniform as long as possible. After I had put on make-up and lotion and deodorant and girly spray and was sitting on the bed putting some more lotion on my legs, Hubby just couldn't take it any more. He came over to me, lovingly pushed me down on the bed, spread my legs to put all his weight on me, and began kissing me on the neck. We NEEDED to leave in about five minutes mind you. He kissed me over the top of my clothes, starting at my neck, down to my breasts, and quickly down to my thighs. He held my legs open as he kissed me over my panties. Have I mentioned,!? I raised my hips up in pleasure of his warm breath on my panties and instantly began to tingle all over. Unfortunately, it was time to put on our monkey suits for the night.

Later in the night, I was extremely busy delivering food and drinks to my portion of the party. Hubby was too, but he was having a harder time concentrating after our earlier encounter. While I was entering a drink order into the computer he came up behind me, grabbed one of my ass cheeks and said under his breath,
"I want to take you home NOW and do devious things to your ass."
"Promise?", I said with a grin.
This went on pretty much all night with much grab-ass and naughty comments being made, mostly revolving around Hubby saying that he wanted to finish what he started earlier and didn't even care if he got his.

When we got home, much later and much more tired than anticipated, we unwound with a bottle of wine. Hubby massaged my tired legs as we watched some benign show. I don't know if it was just because I was so tired or because I hadn't eaten much for dinner, but the wine went straight to my head. Hubby pestered enough about still wanting me, so I said I would go take a shower if he promised to be quickish so I could go to bed soon. I stood under the hot, steaming water for several minutes and begun to realize just how tipsy I might really be. Hubby surprised me by jumping in the shower with me. He grabbed my spongy/bath/loofah thingy and carefully cleaned my breasts, neck, stomach, back, arms, and ass. It felt really good to just stand under the warm water and have Hubby soap me up. When he was done, I turned to press and wiggle my soaped up ass against his cock and he immediately became hard. We rinsed off and moved to the bedroom. Now, remember, he had advertised all night that all he wanted to do was go down on me with NOTHING in return. Also remember that I am tired and buzzed. He proceeded to go down on me and because I was a little numb all over, I wanted him to be more aggressive than normal. I pushed his head into me, moved his hands to my breasts with my hands and made him squeeze HARD. Errr....I'm not normally this aggressive. He continued to go down on me with the climax ending in me saying like, "Suck harder! Harder!" Errrr....still not something I've done before. Afterward, I could tell he had enjoyed what he was doing because his cock was dripping. I reached down to see if he was hard but he was not so I let go.
He said, "Oh, that was mean!"
I said, "I was just checking what was going on down there. You said you didn't want anything, but now you are dripping all over."
He said, "I would take something if you are giving."
I looked at the clock...nearly four in the morning.
I said, "I'm really tired and you weren't nearly as quick as you said you would be."
He said, "I was really enjoying myself."
I said, "Mistress Carrie is tired and not happy with how long this took. You could have done better so now you will have to wait until tomorrow."
He said, "Ohhhhmyyyygodddd, that is so hot!"
I rolled over and went to bed.

When we woke up in the morning, I asked with a smirk how he liked being my cuckold bitch. He said he wouldn't want to get into all the time but it was way more hot than he thought it would be. He asked me what I thought. "I feel terrible that I left you blue, but I was tired and kind of drunk", I said, "I owe you one...after I have some coffee and Advil."

Friday, July 23, 2010

48 Hours and 15 Minutes - The Conclusion

Part II

Tuesday, 12pm

I woke up feeling really good. I would even say I had a hop to my step. The first part of our vacation was amazing and I felt like anything could happen on our last day, maybe even the ultimate fantasy of Carrie meeting another man, though even I must admit that the casino was stocked full of some of the oldest human beings still waddling around the world.

Carrie and I woke and went down to the casino for a bit of a walkabout. At one point I had to use the restroom, I have a bit of a teacup bladder, and Carrie decided that she would go play a slot. I wasn't gone very long but Carrie managed to tell me later that I missed out on a moment. Apparently, Carrie noticed a blonde haired man playing a slot nearby that was checking her out. Of course I walked up and killed the moment, but as we left, Carrie and the other man made eye contact and she gave him a little smile. Nice.

Tuesday, 1:11pm

Carrie and I came back to the room after our walk and a visit to the gift shop for water, red bulls, and beer. We were back for 3 seconds when Carrie jumped on the bed with her beverage of choice and a candy bar. As Carrie floated down to the bed, her black skirt opened and I could see her black panties. Now you don't know this yet, but I have a thing for Carrie in these black panties that she wears. Carrie has the creamiest skin color and the black thong looks so sexy as it covers some of my most favorite parts of Carrie's body.

That glimpse of her panties was all it took and I went for her honeypot without any warning to the Wifey. Before I knew it I had my wife's panties pulled to the side and I was licking all over her always warm and always wet pussy.

I don't normally lick and tell, but I will share that I am guilty of sucking on Carrie's lips really hard. I did it. I also licked Carrie from the bottom of her slit, in long slow licks, as my tongue parted her lips, until I was flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue. I did that too. And I am also guilty of the taboo of running my tongue all over my wife's ass. My wife's moans were encouraging me but that was nothing compared to the sight of her pulling on her own nipples as I worked my tongue all over her bits.

I know what your thinking..."Doug we've all seen porn where the ladies pull their nipples and say 'moan, moan'," but that my dear readers is not what I'm talking about. My wifey is never like a bored porn star. When Carrie isn't into sex she doesn't try to fake it. I've never caught her lying about sex or anything. She is one of the most honest people I've ever met and I'm glad she is mine, but back to the story, and she was really really squeezing the hell out of her nipples as she pulled her breasts away from her body until they couldn't stretch any further. If I never see anything else in my life, that image is going in my all time top ten list.

I continued to devour my wife until she came, but even her coming didn't stop me from playing with her sweet spot. I teased her pussy with my tongue as I blew warm air up and down her still writhing pelvis. After a few more flicks or maybe it was after a couple of more licks, the wifey tapped out and I felt like the king. There is something very powerful about getting the wifey off with my mouth and after a job well done, we were ready for lunch.

Carrie and I ended back at the pub for some lunch and happy hour beers. I love my wife and I love happy hour beer. Hooray for Wifey/Cheaper Beer!!!

Tuesday, 4:20pm

We head back to the room to unwind and one thing led to another and before I knew it the wifey was seducing me again. Picture me innocently enjoying a smoke, as I looked out our 13th floor room toward a decaying city landscape. Then comes the lil' diabla as she leans over the window's frame, she wiggles her behind. WTF? I know I've been with my wife over 15 years but everything she does gives me at least, at the very least!, a partial chub. Her butt wiggling led to her sitting on my lap with her legs over one side of the chair.

I rubbed Carrie's back which of course went straight to me spanking her ass. Yeah, I Know! I have never in the 15 years had Carrie bent over with her skirt hiked up and my hand spanking her thong-wearing bare-ass until it went from pink to red. I didn't know that Carrie enjoyed this sort of thing so much because I took a break from the ass spanking and rubbed her pussy over her panties. Carrie told me how much she was enjoying my fingers running over her swollen lips and I could tell because her panties went from dry to warm to moist to hot and wet. I pinched her pussy lips over her panties and pulled on them until Carrie let out soft moans. I ran my fingers from her stomach, between her legs, and then up her ass.

Tuesday, 4:45pm

Carrie told me to close the curtains and take off my clothes. Then she told me to sit in the chair until she got back. I'm not going to make a big deal about the next part, and in case you think I'm only going to write Skin-A-Max porn bullshit, the chair sex didn't go so well. I was hard, and Carrie was wet, but somehow we could not line up our bits to make them do what they do. It was frustrating. I couldn't take it any longer and I bent the wife over the bend. Carrie looked so tiny and pettite. I was already about to come from everything and I went to grab a condom when Carrie had an idea.

Carrie's ideas are the best and I'm usually always down, so she suggested that I fuck her bareback but pull out and "come where you want to, just not in my hair". I couldn't argue with that logic and I pumped like 2 more times before I pulled out and came on her ass.

It was beautiful. My dick was rock hard with bulging veins running up and down the shaft. I jerked off a couple of times and the cum came a coming in beads of white rain on Carrie's ass. I was impressed with how much spunk I still had after this weekend and I truly felt "drained".

Carrie and I got dressed again and headed back down for a dinner and drinks evening. I enjoyed watching other men look at Carrie as we walked through the casino and the crowd got younger as the night went on. A pitboss in a suit stared at Carrie's legs as she cashed out a ticket and there was a moment in the bar later when a couple of older men were hooting it up over winning a $1, that I thought Carrie might flash them to shut them up, but the night was ending and so was the vacation.

Wednesday, 12:50am

As we were leaving the Casino's parking structure, we realized that the parking attendent really wanted us to have our ticket validated in the hotel. We had forgot. So when we decided to leave early in the night like gypsies, the parking attendent seemed even more suspicious of me and my wife. He said that he needed either $20 for the parking fee or our hotel key or receipt for validation. We had our hotel key still, we like to keep them for...I don't know why we keep them, and he took the key and slid it into his machine. I don't know what showed up on his computer, but his expression seemed shocked. It was like he had a list of all the shit we had done over the last 48 hours and 15 minutes.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

48 Hours and 15 Minutes by The Hubby

And the Adventures continue...

So I must first say thanks to all of the very nice comments that my wife and I received for her 1st ever HNT. The Wifey just told me that she felt a little giddy today after the sweet comments she read. Thanks again and we are already thinking about next Thursday, but I digress.

We just got back from our 2day Holiday to a SinFul little place that we enjoy from time to time, and boy are my balls tired. I mean that. My wife nearly fucked me to death. I mean that too. I'm lucky to be alive right now, but she said that she would let me live so that I could tell our, NOW SIX, followers the dirty, dirty, dirty story of our 48hours and 15 minutes of Naughty-Holiday Fun.

Monday, 12:35am

We arrive in the cover of darkness to Casino/Motel thing. We've been here before, but somehow the warm night air felt different; like there were going to be some pre-established morals tested soon. We checked in and went to the room. As a hubby who has a strong desire to watch his wife have sex with another man, in front of me, I always scan the room for its potential capacity to serve my voyeur fantasy. There are two queen beds in the room, one for wifey to sleep on and one for hubby to sleep on. There are also two chairs that could have all sorts of useful uses for a pervert hubby like myself. I get excited by the slight chance that this may be the room that my wife has sex with a stranger from the casino. O. Immediately I begin to attack my innocent wife with my touchy hands. My wife protests. She claims to be hungry and in need of a hot shower. We go to coffee shop which worked out swell because they had THEBEER so after 2 of THEBEERs for me and a warm dinner for both of us, the wifey and I hurried back to the room to shower and touch each other's bits.

I'm not a religous man by any goddamn means, but when my wife comes out of the shower all naked and warm, I swear that I'm the most blessed man in this world. Her long burnette hair falls like a sexy veil over her shoulders and chest. My wife's sweet and shy face stands out, with her innocent expressions somehow not seeming to fit with her body, because everything else about Carrie's body screams orgasm maker; from her delicate neck down to her perfect strawberry nipples that sit atop of her squeezable breasts. Then beneath her breasts, her hips curve out to give this world one of the greatest behinds ever seen from behind or the side or any other direction. And lastly, from that World Class Ass, you can travel down two of the most lovely lady legs that are both soft and firm, and creamy and sweet to look at, to feel, and of course to taste. I love my wife's body and after her shower, that is exactly what I did.

I quickly buried my head between Carrie's freshly showered legs and began enjoying my wife. I love going down on her and have worked on my techniques (Thanks for the advice "Hands..."), so that Carrie enjoys herself as much as I enjoy her. It didn't take Carrie long to come from what my tongue was doing to her, and then she got on her hands and knees, and put her beautiful ass over the edge of the bed so that I could take her from behind. I entered Carrie and nearly lost it immediately, but I tried to relax and enjoy the sensations of me burying myself into her, as I squeezed her sexy latina ass. I didn't last long, but I pounded Carrie from behind until I couldn't take the intense friction of my throbbing penis that comes after I come. We cleaned up and went to bed.

Just before Carrie turns the light off, she tells me that she is going to dream of other men. I love my wife.

Monday, 3:33pm

Carrie and I finished our lunch at the pub in the casino and were feeling horny after having two beers each and splitting a pizza. My wife has found a blog written by a married man who has all sorts of interesting ideas that he posts about. He wrote a post about "Eating Pussy" that my wife really enjoyed and he even wrote us with a Suggestion that I try to replicate his techniques with my wife. (For the rest of this sexytime post, read wifey's last post) All I will say is thanks again to "Hands..." my wife loved your techniques.

Monday, 9:00pm

Carrie and I were looking for something to do, so Carrie suggested that we should go check out a local gentleman's club that offered attractive females who enjoy dancing in a nearly pitchblack room that encircled a tiny stage. Carrie and I spent two hours in "da club" watching middle-aged runaways smack their asses and kick the stage with stripper shoes so that they could keep the attention of the paying customers, like Carrie and myself. It was fun hanging out with my much sexier wife while watching women pretend to enjoy the Tommy Bahama crowd that came in after us. At one point I thought the Tommy Bahama group of sausage might fight the Polo Shirt group of sausage for the attention of one stripper, but calmer bald heads prevailed. We had a couple of offers from girls who wanted to dance for her or us, but we both like hot, classy strippers, not hot, trashy strippers.

Monday, 11:59pm

Carrie was frustrated because she told me later that she wanted to get a lapdance for us, and when I say for us, I mean, she wanted to get a lap dance that I could watch her get, but none of the strippers were that cute so Carrie went to plan B.

Plan B, or as I now refer to it as "the perfect night", had me sitting in the hotel room with the lights dimmed. Carrie had turned on her iphone music and then she put on a sexy outfit, and I mean sexy. She had on the hot pink bra and panty set from Victoria Secret that is featured in today's HNT. As the music began to fill the room, there was my Carrie giving me my very first lap dance. It was incredible to see Carrie in only a bra and panty dancing inches from my face, and the little devil wouldn't let me touch her! I could only sit there helpless as Carrie slowly wiggled her ass in front of my face and grinded on my crotch just like the dancers we saw in the club. She slowly, and I mean s...l...o...w...l...y..., pulled her panties down to reveal her warm pink spots.

I had the biggest hard-on I have ever had in my life, and then that's when Carrie undid my belt and pulled my pants and boxers off. She put a pillow on the floor and kneeled in front of my cock.

Now, I must say that my wife is the type of girl that looks like she doesn't give a great blow job. She is a sweet and caring woman and never gives the impression that a dirty thought has ever crossed her mind, but watching my cock slide into her mouth, then feeling her tongue stroke my shaft, and finally the rubbing of her hands on my balls was all I could take before I shot my...

Wait! There is one more thing about my wife's blow jobs that drives me up the wall with pleasure, and before the money shot, picture yourself seated in a chair. You're watching Carrie's lips wet your rigid shaft. You can feel her tongue going up and down your cock while you're in her hot wet sucking mouth. And don't forget about her fingers as they play with your balls. Carrie then will rub her hard nipples up and down your bare thighs as she strokes the orgasm out of you with her mouth. FUCK who needs a cigarette!?!

And this completes Part I of 48 Hours and 15 Minutes

Hot, Pink, Hot Pink HNT

I have made it fairly clear that I love sharing my wifey. So, when I googled HNT to find out what it meant, I couldn't wait to post the following. Thursdays are my new favorite day!

Cheers to our first HNT!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Winna, Winna, Chicken Dinna!

Well, since H over at Hands in my Pants was the only one to play along, he is the big winner of our "Suggestions?" game. Congrats H!!

We loved your suggestion, however we had to modify it for a couple of reasons. One, forgot to pack my strap-on...truth be told, I don't even own one. I know, I know, what proper hotwife doesn't own a strap-on, right? Two, I have yet to come around to being turned on by putting things up hubby's ass, much to his disappointment. Maybe someday.
Okay, so what we did do was still exciting. I read H's post about Eating Pussy and made him follow H's directions exactly. Some quick background: I don't know why but throughout the years, hubby and I have been hit and miss in the giving Wifey head department. Sometimes I have been too stressed, self-conscious, and distracted to enjoy him going down on me and sometimes he doesn't focus or get attuned enough to my needs to make it worth making a wet spot on the bed. Lately, we have been a lot more in sync and he has been going downtown much more frequently and with more consistent results. But, when I read H's post, I got so turned on that I told Hubby, "you should read offense."

So, I pulled up H's post on my phone and started reading,
H wrote, "I started by kissing her neck, and with my hand touching her inner thighs, tracing my fingers just outside her pussy lips and clit, but never actually touching either."
I absolutely love being teased and feeling like hubby is exploring me for the first time everytime, but he gets so excited most of the time he just goes straight to work. So I loved this part. I love the anticipation and the nerves and the goosebumps and chills I get when his hands are so close but hardly even doing anything yet.

H wrote, "I slowly kissed, licked and gently nibbled down her body, making sure to lick her entire breast not just the nipple, working my way down her body, to her stomach, belly button, taking my time. The entire time I am kissing, licking her body, my hands are caresssing all around her pussy, but never touching her clit or lips"
Hubby did exactly as I said and I loved that he was having to wait much longer than he usually has to touch my already wet, sweet spot.

H wrote, "As I reached the top of her pelvis area, I spend a lot of time kissing, licking her lower stomach, and with my tongue trace that beautiful "V" area the top of her hips make with her mound. While licking the V area, my hands, trace her pussy lips, caress her clit, slowly I increase the pressure on her clit with my fingers."
Hubby had a hard time with this part because he is hardly what I call patient and isn't used to having to wait before diving in. I, however, am loving all the extra attention to all my lady parts. Thanks, H!!

H wrote much more and of course we did every little detail. If you want to read it for yourself, go to:
Thank you for the suggestion and great writing. It was incredibly hot and a lot of fun!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hello fellow watchers,
Hubby and I have been having a lot of extra fun with this blog lately. As we have mentioned, we have been together for a long time and although we were not in any kind of sexual rut in the least, the blog has certainly kick started more bed-shaking lately. I don't know if it is my spectacular writing that is turning him on or the fact that I have been seeming more open to going through with his MFM fantasy, but it has been great. I am proud of us for still enjoying to squeeze in a "quickie" that turns into a "not so quickie" and we end up leaving the house when we should be arriving at a dinner party, despite our usual strict observance of punctuality.
In keeping with all this new-found fun, I though it might be interesting to see what our fellow pervs out there have in mind. We have noticed we have a couple followers (hey, you two!)...although we would LOVE more. We have also noticed we already have had some visitors to our blog from all over the world. Well, we will be going on a little getaway in a few days and I thought it might be fun if our readers left a comment suggesting something I could surprise hubby assignment of sorts for wifey. I want to see what is going through all your sick little heads...of course I mean this in the kindest way possible. Hopefully, you will have some good suggestions and I can write about it when we get back. So let's hear it!

Friday, July 16, 2010

She Said...,or excuse me while I whip this out!

So you've hopefully had a chance to read my wife's post about Adam, but I wanted to give my perspective, as wifey's husband, since Carrie was kind of busy at the time.

My memories of that spring night are burnt into my head. Seriously; it was a super ass hot mutha of a night, and I am in no way referring to the weather that night. My wife and I met Adam at a national restaurant chain and in hindsight that was a strange experience in itself. I felt like the waitress knew immediately what our threesome was going to be doing that night after we left her table but I didn't give a shite. No one ate that night except for me. I enjoyed dinner because I wasn't apparently as nervous about the rest of the evening as my wife and her boyfriend appeared to be because they didn't eat or drink anything. I don't remember much conversation at dinner and I began to worry that the night might get cancelled due to apathy, but when I left to use the restroom; the night picked up.

I spent an extra amount of time in the restroom so my wife and Adam could have some time alone together. I remember reading the entire sports article about Yao Ming at the urinal, not because I'm a fan, but I wanted Adam to make his move. And he did.

When I got back to the table, Adam took off to the restroom, and Carrie hit me with his idea. She said that he wanted her to ride with him in his car to the strip club, and that I could follow behind him. I don't know why that shocked me, but I was instantly aroused. Holy Shit! Adam wanted my wife to himself and she was cool with it!! And I was completely cool with it!!! Holy Shit!

I love my wife's post about seeing me from another car at the bank while Adam went to the ATM. I know she wasn't doing anything with him at the time, but to see my Carrie sitting in his car was intense. I highly recommend it. The rest of the ride wasn't as exciting in my car as what was going on with Adam and Carrie in his car, which I had no idea about til reading Carrie's Memories post. (You must read her post for yourself)

I followed Carrie/Adam to the strip club like I was a cop from Dragnet. I could just see their heads, and the not knowing what was going on inside his car was going to give me a heartattack. We went into the strip club but honestly it could have been a library to me. I've never been very good at strip clubs eventhough Carrie doesn't usually mind going to them. (I really do have the best wife in the world!) She even got a private lap dance one time from a woman that she picked out; I'm 36 and I've never had a lap dance, but that's why me and Carrie work because I get off when she is very happy.

I remember that Carrie went to restroom before we all sat at a table like two fucking feet from the damn stage. I don't know why we sat that close to the stage because as soon as Carrie left, a stripper came up to Adam and me and wanted to know which one of us was with Carrie. I said she was mine, maybe too quick, but she is and always will be mine.

Carrie's post about the strip club was on point describing this because once I came back from the restroom and saw Carrie's hand squeezing Adam's very much larger arm than mine, and his paw pushing its way up Carrie's skirt to rub her soft soft soft thigh, I was ready to go. Check please!Sorry strippers but you are not the best show in town tonight. So off to home we went.

Adam followed us to our appartment, and we all crept into the appartment like it was XXXmas inside and we didn't want to surprise Santa with our dirty intentions. Carrie went to the restroom and told me to put some music on. I offered Adam a drink but this dude was in the zone and he declined. I offered Adam a seat on the couch but again he ignored my suggestion because he stood like a gentleman waiting for Carrie to return.

Carrie came out of the restroom and Adam and her sat on the couch side by side. Adam was sweet to Carrie and didn't just jump her bones which is one of my favorite moves. Instead he rubbed Carrie's neck and shoulders. It seemed like that worked because Carrie began to relax and soon Adam pulled one of the greatest moves I've ever seen done to my wife.

Adam very smoothly grabbed Carrie at her hips and lifted her onto his lap. Fucking INCREDIBLE! Then they began to make out and that was when pornography died to me. You can never watch porn and feel anything more naughty and dirty than seeing your wife make out with a handsome man in front of you.

Their clothes quickly came off and Adam sure did seem to know how to make Carrie happy. He sucked on her breasts harder than I thought was possible and she loved it. He grabbed her ass like it owed him money and lifted her up and literally rubbed my wife on his stiff junk. Her wet panties made the sexiest noise as the sheer pink thong was being tested with the friction of their grinding.

I remember Carrie looking over at me at one point and asking me to get the flavored condom that we had bought 4 hours earlier at the adult shop. I can't properly describe one of my wife's blow jobs. Imagine the best blow job you've ever had, Carrie's blow jobs will make that look like a handshake. So I didn't blame Adam because it did not take him long before he groaned like a bear in the woods. I thought for a moment that my wife was hurting him but the dude came hard.

Fuck dude we have neighbors, but I loved this night a lot. A WHOLE LOT!!!