Monday, August 2, 2010

The Musings Of An Amusing Husband

It's been a real bummer of a last week and the wifey and I are a bit down. Not that we are fighting over the wifey taking a lover, and don't worry dear readers the hubby and wifey are not thinking of quitting on you, but work was a drag and throw in an extra heaping of gravity this week, and you'd look like the wifey and I right now...exhausted!

It is my turn to post, but with there not being a whole lot of "hotwife" news from this asshole of a last week to post about, I wasn't sure what to write...until the wifey and I had a great talk. I wanted to share Carrie's great insights into why we are thinking of getting the wifey a lover after all these years of just talking about it.

But first I, the hubby, wanted to give a mention to one of my favorite blogs "Hands in my pants..." I want to personally thank H for his great fantasy of him and my wife together, as I watch. I'm trying to get Carrie the panties that H mentions but Victoria's keeping her Secret from me. My wifey wants to do a little photo shoot for H after I buy her the panty set. I Love This Idea!!!

Also, the wifey and I want to play out H's fantasy with a "stunt dildo" in H's place, but to be honest we are going to have to go to the adult store first. See H was very specific about his "MEMBER" size and, well, to be honest, I'm not near his 7" and Wifey and I agree that I'm not exactly a thick dude, but I do try my hardEST!

Soooooooo, stay tuned for a future post dear readers, and if you haven't already, please go over and read H's fantasy fuck of my wifey.

Carrie and I have really enjoyed reading all these dirty blogs, and it has made it easier as a Hubby and Wifey to know that other Hubbies enjoy watching their Wifeys with other men as much as us. And even though Carrie and I didn't do anything worth while last week to post about, Carrie did say something that made a lot of sense to me about us as a couple.

It's not like Carrie explained relativity to me, or even Inception, but when she said that the real pleasure for both of us will be the "taboo" of her having an affair that I know about, more than the actual act of her having sex. Huh?

Let me explain.

Carrie and I do everything together. We choose to spend all of our time together because we are not only husband and wife, and superheroes, but more important, Carrie and I are each other's best friends. We know, big nerdy dorks as well. Basically we are high school sweethearts without ever going to school together. wit'chz gud becuz we wasent gud tat scoool.

So that's a big reason why the Taboo of Carrie fucking another man will be more intense for us as a couple because it is such a massive deal for us as a couple. We are including another man in our life to fuck Carrie silly, and this other man needs to understand that we don't do this all the time (yet ;-). Not that Carrie expects a courtship from this gentleman caller, but we don't do "AFF" because it is too "aff" like. Look someone up, say hi, and then let the fucking begin. Right? Wrong! More like find someone who lied about a key detail in the ad, and then spend the rest of the week trying to lie about all the reasons you don't want to talk anymore.

WTF? If this works for you, then keep on keeping on for god's sake, but for Carrie and I we need to be interested in the person. Hopefully this person exists because I'm more than ready for Carrie to find a passionate lover to rock her world while I make the apologies to the neighbors the next morning for our noisy bed and her orgasmic screaming all night.

Well, it is true that Carrie and I are ready to enjoy the hell out of our Dirty Thirties, together as a couple, it is also true that Carrie and I are not just going to pick someone off the corner, or worse, Craigslist.


  1. Thanks for the shout out in support of my blog. Can't wait for you two to play out my fantasy with you two (and those pics will be delish).

  2. Hubby,

    I loved reading this and hearing you explain yourself. My husband has been talking about this for years. While the idea of it sounds great, I have been hesitant for the reasons you mention. It would no longer be just talk. Also, how the hell do you go about finding the RIGHT person? There are so many reasons this can or can't work. I believe I would be more willing to go for it, if there was no planning involved, it it simply just happened. Will continue reading and enjoyed this post very much.

  3. Ah very interesting blog! having thought about opening my own relationship too, but we decided against it. Nevertheless I'm still thinking about the subject and it is nice to read about it too!

  4. Reading both perspectives is refreshing. With that and your frequent updates, your blog quickly became one of my very favorites. But now we haven't heard much from you in some time. I'm sure I don't speak for only myself when I say, we miss you! I hope everything's all right...