Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scarlet A For Adam / Well Almost

Well though Carrie and I are in a long, long, way too long, hotwife dry spell right now (boo!), but we still wanted to share a little more about our hotwife past, for all of our loyal readers. And thank you loyal readers, we really do appreciate your comments. Carrie and I have read every comment together, and we love to discuss them too, so please keep them coming!

O, the wifey and I have previously written about our journey into this lifestyle. First, Carrie told me about her meeting with D. I became an instant fan of the cuckold's intense feelings for his wife and then I wanted more. We then had a couple of bad meetings with couples. Finally our eventual, and failrly successful, meeting with our first offical T.O.M.-Adam (T.O.M. = The Other Man).

CliffNote Version of our 1st Adam experience: Adam took my wife and I to a strip club and then followed us back to our place for a little adult activity time. Using my favorite sport, baseball, as an anology, my wifey and Adam got to second base on their first date, but...five years went by since that night, and there still had not been a second date with Adam; until my amazing wife almost pulled off the greatest Cuckold B-Day Present Ever! And I mean EVER!

Get this, for over a year, before wifey gave me the B-Day present, she and Adam had secretly rekindled their relationship through emails; dirty emails. Without me knowing anything! Carrie later told me that she would write Adam dirty emails on her laptop while I was watching tv next to her on the couch. I'm either a naive hubby or a promising cuckold. I told you Carrie was AMAZING! Butt...before you start thinking bad of my sweet wife Carrie, that she may have cheated on your boy Doug somehow, let me explain why Carrie initiated the writing with Adam, after 5 years of no contact between them.

This may sound weird to some, that the wifey and I are married, this is true, but we are also each other's best friends. In the 15 years that we've been together, I have to say that it has been my absolute pleasure to get to spend so much of that time with such a beautiful and intelligent young woman. Who I now proudly call my wifey. She is my type of lady, and there isn't a thing in this world that I wouldn't do for her, and well...I guess that is part of my answer for why she would want to give me such a crazy gift. Because she knows I would love it.

Also, Carrie knows that she has my full permission to ENGAGE in any hotwife/cuckold activities that she wants, when she wants, and with whomever she wants it from. Carrie was only trying to give me my fantasy. That, again, is "love" bitches.

Getting us back to Adam, who wifey loved playing with the 1st time, but for some reason we had lost touch with him after our first experience (pssst-don't tell Adam's wife, but Adam is married, and I think his wife became a bit suspicious.)... 5 Years Anyways Later, Carrie wrote Adam with an idea of discussing dirty ideas to each other, saving all the emails between them, and then giving me the present of all these dirty emails from her and Adam. Great gift right?, but that's not all! During that year of emails, Carrie and Adam's emails went from dirty talk to Adam giving dirty assignments to Carrie that she would have to perform on yours truly, her unsuspecting hubby:)

Now, I'm a pretty mel-l-l-low dude and I think you know what I mean by that, so I try not to get too high or too low by everyday situations, but even I took notice of some of the different things that Carrie, all of a sudden, wanted to try. As a policy though, that I have with Carrie, we believe that it isn't my place, as Carrie's hubby, to tell her "No, I don't want to fuck you in a dark park after work, or No, I'm not into watching you flirt with random guys in front of me at the grocery store", but that is just us, and these are just some of the ideas that my wifey and her Adam wrote to each other over that wonderful year. That year that would eventually lead to my wife showing me just how much she loves me and how big her balls are, and by da way, wifey has BIG BALLS y'all!

{Spoiler Alert}

Speaking of BALLS, this story has an unfortunate sad ending, so if you don't want to give yourself a bad case of BLUE balls, I beg you to stop reading right now. Go to bed, get back to work or go walk the pets, because it isn't going to end well for you this time dear readers. Because,


Carrie gave me a few gifts on that B-Day, but it was the final gift that was so interesting. I will be honest, I had noooooo idea what it was at first. The final gift was a 3 ring binder! and inside! was! what turned out! later! to be a year's worth! of dirty emails from my wifey to her Adam and from Adam to my wifey! But I wasn't processing those emails at first. At first I was drawn to, and lost in, in the first page of the binder. Like a mysterious relic, I stared at that first page. What did it mean?

I sat stunned as I read the plan for the next 2 nights of my life:

Carrie booked a room in the city for 2 nights. The first night she bought tickets for her and me to go see my favorite professional baseball team. Really good tickets because that is how my Carrie rolls for her hubby's bdays. The second night, Carrie bought me IMAX tickets to go see the new "Batman" movie, which was excellent by the way! Thanks for asking.

This alone would have been an OutStandIng BDAY Vacation, but between the baseball game on the first night, and the IMAX movie on the second night, Carrie had made the most devious plan.

Carrie had made plans for Adam, our 1st T.O.M., to join us in our hotel room, for a No-Strings-Attached-Afternoon-Delight-Hotwife-Style-Session. Hey Now!

I sat stunned. I couldn't understand what I was reading. I had no idea what Carrie was up to or what she had already done. Carrie had to explain it all to me like I was a ret-tard, just what that page meant, "Adam was going to be our special lunch guest"

Fast Forward:

Maybe it was my favorite team losing badly that ended the first night of the vacation with me feeling restless heartburn sleeplessness, or maybe it was the enticing images of my wife and Adam fucking in our hotel bed in less than 12 hours, but I couldn't wait for the first day to end and the fantasy-2-reality to begin.

The Good Parts:

It began as a bright warm sunny late spring afternoon. I waited in the hotel room while my wifey and Adam met in a nearby major coffee shop. You may know the place. They talked for a few minutes, but that was all they did. There. Wifey then had Adam come up to our hotel room where I was already waiting. It didn't take long for wifey and Adam to start making out on our hotel bed while I sat in one of the two chairs, to the side of the bed.

Wifey sat down next to Adam on the bed, with both of their backs facing me. Adam wasted no time and began petting the wifey and rubbing her neck and shoulders. It was sexy to watch my wife lower her head and give her neck to Adam for him to massage. Adam just stared at my wifey, with a look like, "I can't believe I get you to myself, again." Soon the couple softly began kissing and soon the kisses became more intense, more passionate. Adam helped my wife out of her blouse and bra and it didn't take him long before he was sucking on my wife's tits like they owed him money. I could hear Adam's heavy breathing from the chair as he was eating my wife alive pratically. I thought Adam's labored breathing sounded funny but wifey told me later that she completely enjoyed Adam's attention to nipple detail. What do I know, that's why I like to watch other men sample my wifey, so I can pick up new tips for wifey's tits. Just an example.

Soon, Carrie took off Adam's polo and ran her nails down his back. Later Carrie said that she knew I would enjoy watching her claw Adam's back from my view on the chair. Slowly my wifey and her Adam were losing their clothes and my cock was beyond throbbing! watching it all happen before me. I was loving every second!

Carrie, by the way, was wearing black gater and stockings under her outfit, (a blouse and tight slacks) that was now on the floor beside the bed, next to the pile of Adam's clothes. It was when Carrie was topless and Adam was completely naked, that I made a brave decision to change my seat without asking. I hope I didn't surprise anyone else in the room, but I moved to the chair that was facing the foot of the bed. It was the best view. Adam and Carrie were laying naked in front of me, like a foot away!, kissing and rubbing each other all over. My dick hurt! watching all this but I wasn't going to miss a second with blinking.

Now, it was only for a moment or two, but one image that I can still see to this day happened at this time. Adam and Carrie were lustfully embracing and I don't know who reached first but I still remember the sight like it was happening in slow motion. Carrie reached down, and took hold of Adam's semi hard cock, but it was only semi-hard for a second because once Carrie's fingers wrapped around Adam's shaft, and began to firmly squeeze, as she pulled it back and forth, Adam's cock became fully swollen. I was rivetted to the view of Carrie's freshly painted crimson fingernails as they tugged on Adam's penis.

But that was only half of the most beautiful scene because at the same time, my eyes followed Adam's hands as he too reached for Carrie's good time spot. I gazed as Adam took a couple of his fingers and traced the outline of Carrie's puffy lips before taking his index finger and running it over Carrie's clit and then between her lips. Stopping at her wet opening. And then it happened, when he finally pushed that lone finger into Carrie's sweet honey pot. It was incredible to see Adam's finger disappear into a spot that only I had previously known.

I must have blacked-out after seeing Adam fingering my wifey, because the next thing I knew, Adam moved up in the hotel bed (actually I don't know if Adam knew it or not, but he moved to the very spot where I slept. He even had his head on my personal pillow that I had brought from my bed at home because of my hate for hotel pillows - O, the simple pleasures of being a cuckold). Carrie crawled on her hands and knees to lay on top of Adam. It was awesome. I still can't believe that I witnessed my naked wife laying on her equally naked boyfriend, as I listened to them make out some more from the chair at the base of the bed.

My 2nd favorite moment! from Adam's visit took place next, as my wife lay naked and exposed on Adam's naked muscular body.

(Just a note: My favorite spot on my naked wife's body is a spot that we call her "diamond". Basically, when Carrie lays face down on her stomach, with her legs together, her ass and legs meet in an area that looks like a soft fleshy diamond! Very sexy:)

Anyways, Adam took his manly hands and placed one on each of Carrie's creamy ass cheeks, and gave her big ass an even bigger squeeze. Whew! I just had a moment now, thinking about wifey getting an ass squeeze from her boyfriend, but it wasn't until later when wifey told me that Adam actually was playing every cuckold hubby's favorite game, "Just The Tip" with my wifey during the ass massage time that I was watching.

Apparently, it was only 2 to 3 thrusts, but Adam had briefly entered my wife, bareback! And I didn't see that part! I must have missed it because I moved back to the other chair, the one on the side of the bed, just as Carrie got up on her hands and knees and made her way down Adam's body, until she was just on her knees, bent over blowing Adam.

I watched intently, cotton-mouthy, as my sexy wife put Adam in her mouth, and then began to slowly move up and down on his cock. I stared as Adam grabbed a handful of my wife's long hair and pulled it back so that I could see her face, and most important, her mouth wrapped around his erection.

I could tell that Adam was taking more control of Carrie's blow job this time than he did the first time Carrie blew him five years before. Adam held Carrie's hair in his left hand, so that he could set the pace of Carrie's bj performance, and then he took his right hand and began to play with Carrie's breasts. He pulled her hair up when she reached the base of his cock in her mouth, and then gently pushed her head back down on his cock once her wet mouth had gotten to the tip of his dick. Carrie could tell that Adam was about to explode, Hell! I could tell!, so it didn't surprise me that she took her mouth off Adam's member and asked him in a soft whisper that I could barely hear, if he wanted her to stop and put a condom on so that he could fuck her.

Now, I wish Adam would have said yes, "YES! I must have you right now! I must bury my Adamness deep in you while your husband can only watch and listen to his wife get fucked in ways that he can't fuck her", but... But, Adam said no. A big selfish NO, and Carrie did as she was told and continued to suck Adam off. It wasn't long, and once wifey began to play with his balls with her hands, as she continued to suck on his pulsating thickness, well, Forget About It!

Which brings us to my last favorite moment from our last threesome. Once Carrie's delicate fingers started to play with Adam's engorged balls, well, he went off like a rocket in Carrie's mouth. The mouth that I kiss every night before I go to sleep. The mouth that tells me that she loves me. My wife's mouth! I LOVED EVERY GOD DAMN SECOND of Adam's hot eruption in my wifey's mouth!

Carrie swallowed some of Adam's orgasm, but I loved actually seeing Adam's cum slide down his still erect cock, even as Carrie continued to suck on him. As soon as Carrie finished with Adam, I couldn't take it any longer. I jumped over to the bed and asked if I could get a bj too. I know it was selfish and pathetic, but I had to cum! Or I would explode in my pants. Carrie took pity on me, though the cuck in me wishes she wouldn't have, and my beautiful wifey gave me a wonderful bj that only took 20seconds from start to finish. That's why I think wifey deserves a more manly man in the bed, because I strike like lightning with quick orgasms. POW!

The Bad Parts:

I must tell you, honestly, this second experience with Adam was a complete disappointment and also a HUGE reason why my wife is only now starting to get interested in Hotwifing again after taking a Zero-Interest Break that lasted for few years.

Why a disappointment?

After my wife planned and set up this entire experience for me, Adam, and herself, Adam ended up being over 3 hours late for his free sex with my nervous wife. My wife was going to fuck you and you show up 3 hours late?! WTF?!

Then, after Adam cums, does he return the favor? Does he whip out his dick and fuck my wife? Nope. Adam gets weird and while I'm getting my blow job, I looked down and he was rubbing my wife's ankle. Her Fucking Ankle! WTF is that?! Her Ankle?! I don't know how Adam returns a favor to his own wife in bed because a gentle ankle rub did nothing for my wife. Luckly, he got the hint that the wife and I wanted to keep on keeping on in the bed, so Mr. Man put on his clothes and walked out the door. I got my wifey off and then took her to a nice dinner.

Lastly, the biggest reason that this 3some kinda blew, sorry couldn't resist, Adam just got old on the wifey. 5 years before, Adam was muscular and exciting for my wifey, but those years in between must have been difficult for Adam because he didn't look the same as before. He had lost some muscle and gained a couple of pounds. Not that my wifey should judge her "bull" like most men and women judge women who get older, but we invited a "bull" and got a piece of...

OK, Adam wasn't quite the same the second time, but damn it, he has done more to fuck up my fantasy for me than I ever could on my own. Thanks Adam. Buy a watch the next time you big dummy!


  1. I almost pissed my pants when I read he was rubbing your wife's ankle!

    Sounds like Adam got a bit of 'stage fright' and was not mentally ready for it. Just keep in mind, some progress is better then no progress.

    Slow and steady wins the race.........but too slow can be frustrating.


  2. I know how an inconsiderate ass can screw up a wife from wanting to add a new lover to a marriage, from my own experience. My wife has had the "hots" for our high school friend for over 30 years. He is the only other guy she dated in high school. We had broken up for about 2 weeks and my friend decided to take her out. I only recent found out that on the one night he took her "parking" that she had is cock out and was giving him a hand job, while the kissed. At the time they went out I found the situation funny because I new he was gay (still in the closet) and she did not.

    I found out about 5 years ago that they have been in touch by mail and occasional calls all this time. To make a very long story short during one of our arguments about this guy (she had started going over to his apartment and would hide this from me, or lie to me if I asked her about it). She admitted that she had wished they had fucked or at least that she had given him a blow job, and has been curious of what his cock felt like in her (other than just her hand).

    To help her get him out of her system and to show her that she could be honest with me about him I had her invite him over to our house. My problem with the situation was not her seeing someone else, but hiding and being lied to.

    We spent the better part of a month going out together as a threesome which ended up him staying with us for most of the time. For most of the month if we were alone (the 3 of us) at home, both of us guys would be nude. She said she loved see her 2 guys walking around butt naked. During this time we all had sex in all differing combo-nations. A few threesomes, she had her time alone with him, and we had our time alone with out him.

    This is were the problem came in, she new that he was gay, but he kept stating he wanted to make love to her. I found out later, the time they spent alone consisted of her just giving him head and holding each other. (One of the best memories for me was when I walked in on them while she was sucking his cock, she just looked up at me with one of the biggest and nicest smile I have ever seen light up her face.) When ever she tried to get him to fuck her he would make some excuse like I'm tired or some other lame excuse.

    The only time she could get his cock into her was while we were in a Threesome. She said her favorite position was when he was laying down, she was sitting on him cowgirl style and I would reach in and play with her clit and be sucking and playing her big tits. This is the only way she would be able to come with him inside of her.

    Towards the end of our time together they were having some time alone, she came out to get me and brought me back to join them. She made suggestions on things she would like to see and do. At her suggestion I let him suck me off. Then she got on him cowgirl style, when she finished riding him she wanted me to clean her pussy juice off his cock so I did. Then she had me fuck him while she sat and watched.

    Later the next day, he asked her if she thought he and I could have some time alone for sex. She got ticked and told him it was time for him to go home. She told me later that she felt so humiliated, and that she never wanted to have another threesome again.

  3. I know how a bad lover can turn your wife off the idea of adding lovers to your marriage. So far that I know of my wife has brought 2 lovers into our marriage bed. The 1st was a gay friend of her's who she invited into our home. The sex lasted off and on for a few months. They had sex alone and we had a few threesomes. Found after it was over the only time she was able to get off was during our threesomes when I was fucking her or when he was and I was playing with her clit and titties.

    The second was a lady my wife met at the local gay bar. She told me she wanted to experiment with her "BI" side. So we invited the lady home. The lady wanted my assurance that I would not be in the room with them and that I would not try having sex with her. I spent the night in the guest room. The had our king size bed. When they came out the next morning all the lady would keep saying is that she was just waiting for me to bust down the door and beat her up for having sex with my wife. what a loon.

    My wife did not get to enjoy either lover, and now she states she is not interested in sex with anyone except me. I feel this is a shame, I wish she would have had a better lover (either male or female) and could have rocked her world.

  4. sorry for the 2 comments above, my system said the longer 1st one did not take. So made a shorter one and they both took.