Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hotwifeland - Real or Not? - Let's Discuss

Carrie and I work together in life and at a job, and at work today Carrie was getting a giant dose of "Everyone Loves Carrie!" Seriously.

My beautiful wife was in the back, and I was doing my morning "Hey, What's Up"s to all the coworkers. We work with all sorts of people. There are older and younger, with just about any background you could imagine. A real wonderland of characters, but I love these people and they seem to love Carrie and I as well.

It all started today with an older Spanish woman, as most stories do nowadays. And though she is an older woman, she is also a hot mamacita. I say hi and the Spanish Cougar says hi back, and then out of nowheres the Spanish Cougar starts to tell me how beautiful my wife is, and it didn't stop with just a simple random compliment to me about my wife who wasn't even present at the time. The Spanish Cougar delved into greater detail as to why my wife is beautiful. She went on and on about how great Carrie looks and all I could do was blush and wonder why she couldn't throw me a, "and you don't look bad for being Carrie's husband either". Nope, the Spanish Cougar purred on and on about Carrie's skin and her face. I told her thank you and that I completely agreed with her. I know that I am a lucky man for having such a hotwife. So speaking of my Hotwife...

So recently, Carrie has been getting a lot of attention from other...
...women, and I know that most guys would jump at the possibilities of two chicks, but I will be honest, that just isn't my thang. I know I'm supposed to want to see Carrie and another woman make sweet love to each other, and then to me, but I've never really seen myself as the type of guy that could polish off two chicks in one night. I'll be honest, I don't even like talking to 2 chicks in one night, and I barely have the stamina for Carrie. That is why my fantasy has always been seeing Carrie with another man.

Let's get a little dirty...


Carrie and I like to vacation, and I love the idea that Carrie will meet another man while we are far far away from home. I always picture Carrie down at the pool while I'm in the casino sportsbook watching 17 baseball games and smoking the most obnoxious cigar you could possibly imagine.

Maybe Carrie strikes up a conversation with an attractive man and maybe they decide to meet up later because they like each other so much. I like the idea of Carrie meeting a man on her own because it seems that as soon as guys see me near Carrie they stop looking or talking to my wife. I wonder why? I trust my wife and as her husband it drives me wild when she flirts with other guys.

Later Carrie's new friend and her would meet for drinks while I wait for her text to tell me that it is time for me to meet her boyfriend for the night. I want to give them time to get comfortable together and a third wheel, even if it's a husband, can be a third wheel at times.

Imagine the night is going well, but getting the courage to do "it" will take alcohol. At least for me it will, so maybe I will stay behind at the hotel bar when Carrie and her boyfriend decide to take a tour of our hotel room. I would try to take my time with the drink(s) but my mind would be bouncing with ideas of the scene in our hotel room right now. Would Carrie and her friend just be talking in the chairs, kissing on the bed, or plain old fucking on the floor? This is what would be mind fucking me in the bar while I wait.

After what would feel like 5 hours but would in fact probably be only 2 1/2 minutes of waiting in the bar, I would race to the room to find my wife in the pleasures of another man. I could spend the rest of my days describing what I would love to see my wife do with another man, but really I want to see her have lots of selfish fun. I would sit away from the fornicating couple so that my wife could get lost with the feelings of her new friend. I don't want to interrupt my wife while she is getting pounded to her 9th orgasm with a pathetic plea of trying to get her to jerk me off. This night is about her and though I would have a raging monster hard on, I would just sit and watch and watch and watch and watch.

I would want my wife and her boyfriend to do whatever they wanted all night long. I love the idea of them taking a shower together, away from me, though I'm still in the room. Maybe I could hear moaning and water splashing but I would wait til the next day when the other man had left to get the details from wifey of what took place in the "ShowerRoom".

After fucking my wife unconscious, I would want my wife's boyfriend to quietly thank her for a wonderful night and then leave the wifey and I alone. This is where it would be the hardest for me, but I wouldn't want to jump my poor tired wife's bones even though I'm sure there will be a super strong husbandly desire to reclaim my wifey. I would pet my sweet, sweaty, sticky, naked wife's body as she fell to a deep sleep dreaming about her new wild life experience.

And what will I do after a night of watching wifey fucking another man? I promise I will pack my pipe with some green and write everything that happened in the blog so all our dear readers could continue to share in our journey to HOTWIFELAND!!!


  1. this was very pleasant to read. Thank you!

  2. Don't try so hard... it can and will happen if you let it. Personal experience brought me to a place I certainly didn't expect.

    In the meantime, just enjoy the fantasy as it builds toward the day that becomes reality.