Monday, July 22, 2013

MidYear ButtDate

2013 is half way over
2014 is half way here
I wish I had more to share with you
I am loving being still
Dear readers,
Please excuse our disappearance, or yours, on whatever, or whomever, that has gotten in the way of me loving on my wifey, all day, everyday, but until our sexy slothfulness, pays the bills here, or...there are times when wifey or myself or all three of us are going going to be gone from home sweet home.
Now if you want to know about those boring workity worktimes,
then please read the phone book or your medic alert shirt, 
but if you and I want to get to
the nit-titty,
that makes me
I too, 
want to share with you,
and you,
and you
about how my wifey is on an online dating site
and tho before you say ho!,
wifey has not accepted one,
or any
of her many
indecent proposals.
I wish,
that wish,
that we once talked about,
that my sweet wifey,
my only ever wifey,
would give me,
and only me,
my watchful wish...