Thursday, November 25, 2010

HNT - Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I love the holiday season, and Thanksgiving is the perfect middle between the sexy Halloween and the joyful Xmas. The food, the football, and the food make for one gluttonous delightful day for this hubby and I just want to give a huge shout out to my amazing Wifey, because she puts my Thanks in Thanksgiving.

I am Thankful for my Wifey because everyone thinks she is so Sweet and Innocent in our boring normal lives but you, our now 52 followers! get to read and see a side of her that would shock those loud people that fill up our everydays.

I am Thankful for my Wifey because she fills my belly every Thanksgiving with the most amazing foods and treats. She buys me wine and weed whenever I am in need and she makes me crazy tasty dinners all the time, not just on the 3rd Thursday in Novemebers. Seriously, she's a black belt in Kick Ass meals.

Finally, I am Thankful for my Wifey because she is just the best Wifey in the world. She is way too pretty for me and she even puts up with my spells of moodiness. She deserves a much better husband, or at least a hot Friend With Benefits, but until she comes to her senses...let me share my wifey with you in a picture that I have named, My Orange Crush:


  1. No doubt about it she is SMOKING HOT!

  2. Your red on black font choice is virtually illegible. Recommend something like old fashioned black on white or green on black.
    I am 46 and recently became a Hot Wife. My husband loved to watch. Sex between us is even better now. I am glad I took the step. You should too.