Friday, July 23, 2010

48 Hours and 15 Minutes - The Conclusion

Part II

Tuesday, 12pm

I woke up feeling really good. I would even say I had a hop to my step. The first part of our vacation was amazing and I felt like anything could happen on our last day, maybe even the ultimate fantasy of Carrie meeting another man, though even I must admit that the casino was stocked full of some of the oldest human beings still waddling around the world.

Carrie and I woke and went down to the casino for a bit of a walkabout. At one point I had to use the restroom, I have a bit of a teacup bladder, and Carrie decided that she would go play a slot. I wasn't gone very long but Carrie managed to tell me later that I missed out on a moment. Apparently, Carrie noticed a blonde haired man playing a slot nearby that was checking her out. Of course I walked up and killed the moment, but as we left, Carrie and the other man made eye contact and she gave him a little smile. Nice.

Tuesday, 1:11pm

Carrie and I came back to the room after our walk and a visit to the gift shop for water, red bulls, and beer. We were back for 3 seconds when Carrie jumped on the bed with her beverage of choice and a candy bar. As Carrie floated down to the bed, her black skirt opened and I could see her black panties. Now you don't know this yet, but I have a thing for Carrie in these black panties that she wears. Carrie has the creamiest skin color and the black thong looks so sexy as it covers some of my most favorite parts of Carrie's body.

That glimpse of her panties was all it took and I went for her honeypot without any warning to the Wifey. Before I knew it I had my wife's panties pulled to the side and I was licking all over her always warm and always wet pussy.

I don't normally lick and tell, but I will share that I am guilty of sucking on Carrie's lips really hard. I did it. I also licked Carrie from the bottom of her slit, in long slow licks, as my tongue parted her lips, until I was flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue. I did that too. And I am also guilty of the taboo of running my tongue all over my wife's ass. My wife's moans were encouraging me but that was nothing compared to the sight of her pulling on her own nipples as I worked my tongue all over her bits.

I know what your thinking..."Doug we've all seen porn where the ladies pull their nipples and say 'moan, moan'," but that my dear readers is not what I'm talking about. My wifey is never like a bored porn star. When Carrie isn't into sex she doesn't try to fake it. I've never caught her lying about sex or anything. She is one of the most honest people I've ever met and I'm glad she is mine, but back to the story, and she was really really squeezing the hell out of her nipples as she pulled her breasts away from her body until they couldn't stretch any further. If I never see anything else in my life, that image is going in my all time top ten list.

I continued to devour my wife until she came, but even her coming didn't stop me from playing with her sweet spot. I teased her pussy with my tongue as I blew warm air up and down her still writhing pelvis. After a few more flicks or maybe it was after a couple of more licks, the wifey tapped out and I felt like the king. There is something very powerful about getting the wifey off with my mouth and after a job well done, we were ready for lunch.

Carrie and I ended back at the pub for some lunch and happy hour beers. I love my wife and I love happy hour beer. Hooray for Wifey/Cheaper Beer!!!

Tuesday, 4:20pm

We head back to the room to unwind and one thing led to another and before I knew it the wifey was seducing me again. Picture me innocently enjoying a smoke, as I looked out our 13th floor room toward a decaying city landscape. Then comes the lil' diabla as she leans over the window's frame, she wiggles her behind. WTF? I know I've been with my wife over 15 years but everything she does gives me at least, at the very least!, a partial chub. Her butt wiggling led to her sitting on my lap with her legs over one side of the chair.

I rubbed Carrie's back which of course went straight to me spanking her ass. Yeah, I Know! I have never in the 15 years had Carrie bent over with her skirt hiked up and my hand spanking her thong-wearing bare-ass until it went from pink to red. I didn't know that Carrie enjoyed this sort of thing so much because I took a break from the ass spanking and rubbed her pussy over her panties. Carrie told me how much she was enjoying my fingers running over her swollen lips and I could tell because her panties went from dry to warm to moist to hot and wet. I pinched her pussy lips over her panties and pulled on them until Carrie let out soft moans. I ran my fingers from her stomach, between her legs, and then up her ass.

Tuesday, 4:45pm

Carrie told me to close the curtains and take off my clothes. Then she told me to sit in the chair until she got back. I'm not going to make a big deal about the next part, and in case you think I'm only going to write Skin-A-Max porn bullshit, the chair sex didn't go so well. I was hard, and Carrie was wet, but somehow we could not line up our bits to make them do what they do. It was frustrating. I couldn't take it any longer and I bent the wife over the bend. Carrie looked so tiny and pettite. I was already about to come from everything and I went to grab a condom when Carrie had an idea.

Carrie's ideas are the best and I'm usually always down, so she suggested that I fuck her bareback but pull out and "come where you want to, just not in my hair". I couldn't argue with that logic and I pumped like 2 more times before I pulled out and came on her ass.

It was beautiful. My dick was rock hard with bulging veins running up and down the shaft. I jerked off a couple of times and the cum came a coming in beads of white rain on Carrie's ass. I was impressed with how much spunk I still had after this weekend and I truly felt "drained".

Carrie and I got dressed again and headed back down for a dinner and drinks evening. I enjoyed watching other men look at Carrie as we walked through the casino and the crowd got younger as the night went on. A pitboss in a suit stared at Carrie's legs as she cashed out a ticket and there was a moment in the bar later when a couple of older men were hooting it up over winning a $1, that I thought Carrie might flash them to shut them up, but the night was ending and so was the vacation.

Wednesday, 12:50am

As we were leaving the Casino's parking structure, we realized that the parking attendent really wanted us to have our ticket validated in the hotel. We had forgot. So when we decided to leave early in the night like gypsies, the parking attendent seemed even more suspicious of me and my wife. He said that he needed either $20 for the parking fee or our hotel key or receipt for validation. We had our hotel key still, we like to keep them for...I don't know why we keep them, and he took the key and slid it into his machine. I don't know what showed up on his computer, but his expression seemed shocked. It was like he had a list of all the shit we had done over the last 48 hours and 15 minutes.


  1. I really love your blog. Wifey is very sexy, your a lucky man, and I think your pretty cool too.

    Can't wait to read more

  2. Doug, Carrie, love your blog. I have a erotic thought, Doug you mentioned that you want to share Carrie and you two have played out my eating pussy blog already, what if I posted a blog that involves the three of us, me fucking Carrie, Doug you will be involved, then you two play out this fantasy, look at photos of me from my blog, and at the exact same time I will masturbate to pics of you two (you will have to use dildo for my part in the story of course.)

    leave a comment on my blog if you wanna play, give me a detail or two that you want incorporated into the story.

    If your not into it, that's cool too.

  3. Absolutely, H! We would love to see what you come up with...sounds fun.
    Hmmm, details? I really want you to show us your unbridled creativity but I think you should pick out what I should be wearing. I love to surprise hubby with new lingerie, even if it is just new boy shorts and a matching bra. It is fun to still see his eyes fall out of his head 15 years later! :)Wifey