Friday, July 9, 2010

Really, Hubby?!

I had no idea that my time with D that weekend would ever ultimately lead to or explain the MFM fantasies you have today!! Wow! We really could have skipped some weird fights way back then and I could have fulfilled some strong desires by doing more with him. Unfortunately, we weren't where we are now and I was trying not to hurt you but still trying to have a little fun too. Oh, how we've grown!!

Since we have never REALLY talked about what we did here ya' go...

D was not a large man, but he was strong and toned and tan from working outside with his hands all day. He was sweet, polite, and had an intense way of looking at me like he wanted to kiss every part of my body. The weekend he came to town, you and I had just started exploring that weird transition between "we've been hanging out a lot" and "should we be more?" However, he and I had already been corresponding for some time and there was definitely some sexual tension that had been brewing. I had gone to his hotel room with the intention of JUST picking him up so we could go explore the town...that plan lived a short life. I wasn't in the room but a few minutes when he grabbed me around the waist and brushed my hair behind my ear (note to all men: big points!! in the girl world if you can pull this off successfully!). His move knocked the wind out of me. I felt warm all over and he began to firmly kiss my neck. We were quickly touching each other all over and I could tell he was becoming quite excited. We moved to the bed and he pressed all his body weight on me as simultaneously grabbed my hips, waist, was like he had eight hands! I took off his shirt and took in his smell, muscles, and tattoo. At this point, every part of us was throbbing and warm. We continued to kiss and it felt amazing, but I started thinking of you and how I had told you "don't worry, nothing is going to happen." So, with all of my being I took a huge deep breath and told him we needed to slow down. He continued to kiss me for several seconds, but then let out a deep, disappointed moan and buried his face in my hair. We both laid there for a wet, him hard, me thinking of you, him respecting my boundaries.


  1. DAY-AM!

    That was smokin' hot! I'm loving this husband/wife back and forth. It's great to hear both sides of the story! Looking forward to more!

  2. Thank you Anonymous! Glad you are enjoying reading about us. You left the first comment on our blog...whew, we aren't comment virgins anymore! Was it good for you? Hehe!