Monday, July 26, 2010

"Cuckold Bitch"

Hubby and I have been helping a friend out this summer by being servers for her catering company. Last night, after I showered, I was getting ready to go while only wearing a white bra, white tank top, and white panties. I was hot after my shower and was trying to hold off on putting on the black pants for my uniform as long as possible. After I had put on make-up and lotion and deodorant and girly spray and was sitting on the bed putting some more lotion on my legs, Hubby just couldn't take it any more. He came over to me, lovingly pushed me down on the bed, spread my legs to put all his weight on me, and began kissing me on the neck. We NEEDED to leave in about five minutes mind you. He kissed me over the top of my clothes, starting at my neck, down to my breasts, and quickly down to my thighs. He held my legs open as he kissed me over my panties. Have I mentioned,!? I raised my hips up in pleasure of his warm breath on my panties and instantly began to tingle all over. Unfortunately, it was time to put on our monkey suits for the night.

Later in the night, I was extremely busy delivering food and drinks to my portion of the party. Hubby was too, but he was having a harder time concentrating after our earlier encounter. While I was entering a drink order into the computer he came up behind me, grabbed one of my ass cheeks and said under his breath,
"I want to take you home NOW and do devious things to your ass."
"Promise?", I said with a grin.
This went on pretty much all night with much grab-ass and naughty comments being made, mostly revolving around Hubby saying that he wanted to finish what he started earlier and didn't even care if he got his.

When we got home, much later and much more tired than anticipated, we unwound with a bottle of wine. Hubby massaged my tired legs as we watched some benign show. I don't know if it was just because I was so tired or because I hadn't eaten much for dinner, but the wine went straight to my head. Hubby pestered enough about still wanting me, so I said I would go take a shower if he promised to be quickish so I could go to bed soon. I stood under the hot, steaming water for several minutes and begun to realize just how tipsy I might really be. Hubby surprised me by jumping in the shower with me. He grabbed my spongy/bath/loofah thingy and carefully cleaned my breasts, neck, stomach, back, arms, and ass. It felt really good to just stand under the warm water and have Hubby soap me up. When he was done, I turned to press and wiggle my soaped up ass against his cock and he immediately became hard. We rinsed off and moved to the bedroom. Now, remember, he had advertised all night that all he wanted to do was go down on me with NOTHING in return. Also remember that I am tired and buzzed. He proceeded to go down on me and because I was a little numb all over, I wanted him to be more aggressive than normal. I pushed his head into me, moved his hands to my breasts with my hands and made him squeeze HARD. Errr....I'm not normally this aggressive. He continued to go down on me with the climax ending in me saying like, "Suck harder! Harder!" Errrr....still not something I've done before. Afterward, I could tell he had enjoyed what he was doing because his cock was dripping. I reached down to see if he was hard but he was not so I let go.
He said, "Oh, that was mean!"
I said, "I was just checking what was going on down there. You said you didn't want anything, but now you are dripping all over."
He said, "I would take something if you are giving."
I looked at the clock...nearly four in the morning.
I said, "I'm really tired and you weren't nearly as quick as you said you would be."
He said, "I was really enjoying myself."
I said, "Mistress Carrie is tired and not happy with how long this took. You could have done better so now you will have to wait until tomorrow."
He said, "Ohhhhmyyyygodddd, that is so hot!"
I rolled over and went to bed.

When we woke up in the morning, I asked with a smirk how he liked being my cuckold bitch. He said he wouldn't want to get into all the time but it was way more hot than he thought it would be. He asked me what I thought. "I feel terrible that I left you blue, but I was tired and kind of drunk", I said, "I owe you one...after I have some coffee and Advil."


  1. Love this post, HOT. Working on our adventure now and will post later today.

  2. Carrie/Doug: Wrote our story, it left me hard and spent, let me know what you think and when the exact time and date will be.

    Your the best

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  4. Wow, H! Nice story! Sorry for the delay, got caught up in a work project the last few days. I tried to find the panties in your picture to buy for Carrie but can't seem to. We are looking forward to role playing your fantasy, but Wifey likes to be spontaneous so I think we will act it out and let you know all the juicy details afterward. Besides, we need to go shopping for a bigger dildo...good for you!