Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Haha, hubby! Wow, your post sure did bring back some memories! Those couples were way too much crazy for us to handle. Plus, I think we were really young back then and needed to age a little before we really realized what we wanted. I am glad we have come to the agreement that maybe just one is enough for us. Since you brought up memories, I thought I would pick up where you left off and tell you my favorite one since we began this search.

Ahhh, our first T.O.M., let's just call him Adam for all the kindly readers out there. We met Adam on an adult dating site and I was still very wary of this whole thing, but in print, this guy was into what we proposed, seemed polite and was not very ax-murdery. Then came a picture of him...hello! I instantly tingled all over at the site of his handsome smile and muscular arms. We decided to meet for dinner, even though we were all too nervous to eat since we thought everyone in the restaurant knew what we were up to! We had a couple drinks and decided to head to a strip club. Why did we do that anyway? To get MORE turned on?! I don't think that was possible! We decided last minute that I would go with Adam in his car while you followed behind us. I remember that he had to stop at an ATM and it was so surreal looking over at you in our car while I sat in his. I looked at him standing at the ATM machine and admired/wondered how nice he would look when I took off those jeans and polo shirt. As we drove to the club, I was extremely nervous...nervous to be in another man's car, nervous about what he wanted or could do to me, nervous about if he liked me. I was so stupid, young and self conscious and nervously asked, "are you really attracted to me or are you just doing this because you think you might get some no strings sex?" In retrospect it was a shallow and rude thing to say, but Adam calmly told me that he held no expectations for the night and he would be happy with whatever happened or didn't happen. Then, he very gently put his hand on my knee and slid his hand slowly up my leg, moving my skirt up slightly. He gave my mid-thigh a firm squeeze and said, "but to answer your question, yes, I am attracted to you." It was nice to hear the reassurance and as much as I loved his hand on my leg and wanted him to move higher, I put my hand on his and told him, "I'm not sure how this works. Maybe we should wait for Doug." He smiled and moved his hand back to the gear shift. I watched his hand and wished I hadn't said what I had said and wished his hand was back on my leg.
We all arrived at the nearly empty club and choose a table in the middle of the room. I sat between you two and we ordered some drinks. As we waited for drinks, we mostly just stared silently at the dancers, unsure of what to do next. You excused yourself to the bathroom and while you were gone Adam and I pretty much sat in tense, silent nervousness. I thought, "oh great this guy is more nervous than me! We're really never going to get anywhere!!" But just then, he reached under my chair and pulled me as close to him as possible. My heart raced. Our legs were touching. He once again put his hand on my thigh and this time I let him keep it there. At this point, I told my inner prude to go take a nap and took the opportunity to grope his arm that was closest to me. I reached up under his polo shirt sleeve and was impressed at the hard muscle and warm, soft skin. You returned from the bathroom and your eyes nearly fell out of your head! :) If I remember correctly you said, "Alright, you guys ready to go?!" even though we had only been there about ten minutes! We tipped our waitress and hustled out of the club. You and I got in our car together and he got in his. We raced to our apartment and all went inside. You turned on some music and a dim light. I sat next to Adam on the couch and you sat across the room in a chair. Adam immediately started touching my legs and kissing my neck. I thought, "whew, glad he is taking the initiative, because I am frozen solid!" He quickly defrosted me and before I knew it we were kissing passionately and I was straddled on top of his lap. He used his hands to grab my hips and grind me on top of him. It felt amazing! I remember the thrill of him taking my shirt off, pulling my bra down, and using his strong tongue to vigorously kiss my nipples. I remember undoing his belt, unbuttoning his pants, and feeling his warm hardness between my hands. I remember learning quickly that if I did not hold the base of the strawberry flavored condom while I went down on him that the condom would go down my throat as I sucked on him voraciously. Lastly, I remebered how he groaned SOOO loudly when he came that I was afraid the neighbors would complain the next day! The rest was pretty much a blur of kissing, and touching, and rubbing. Although we decided to not go all the way that night, it was an extremely satisfying introduction into the MFM world.

I also remember that we had amazing sex after Adam left!

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  1. Holy s***! I just found this blog and it is HOT to hear what appears to be actual experiences of a young couple new to the lifestyle - nice! I know this is almost 3 years ago by now....but still HOT!