Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The New Guy on da Blog

Let's begin...
I'm walking down a hallway carrying a load of "it-doesn't-matter" when I see an hombre with a pitcher of soda pop staring into a small room off the hallway. Some sort of sixth sense tells me that this proud cola drinker is enjoying a young lady, and judging from the angle of his gaze, I'm guessing that she must be busy because the sprite-man is not even trying to hide his eyefucking of this young lady's behind. And as I walk by it crosses my mind, my wife works at the same job as me and soda-eyes and in fact she is working right now, so it didn't surprise me when I turned to catch a look of my own and it was indeed my young bride who was making the young man enjoy his soda experience so much more. What should a husband do?

For me, this was the shit I love, because I don't get mad when other dudes check out my sweet innocent looking wife. I love when other men stare at my wife like she is a dancing porkchop, because I know that my wife is 100% sweet! but she isn't always as innocent as she looks. And that is what this blog is for...

Over the course of this summer and beyond, we would like to share our new journeys as we explore in ways most couples are not willing to explore. Wait for it...I want to watch my wife in the throws of passion with a handsome man who will toss her around and send her into a different orbit of orgasms. I hope to be able to write a record of how my wife gains a friend with benifits and how this experience builds to hopefully one of the greatest day/nights of my and my wife's life.

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