Thursday, July 15, 2010

MFM Manners

I couldn't help but come over and write a post after reading a post over at Hotwife Experiences. Andrew is currently leaving us all in suspense about how his night went with a gentleman he picked out for his gorgeos wife. I can't believe how much my hubby and I sound like them too! It got me thinking...if many couples who are into this can feel the same, why can't the T.O.M. consistantly be what we want.

For example:

Punctuality: BE ON TIME!!
We are offering you an experience of a lifetime. We are nervous as hell. We will reward you later in ways that will wake the neighbors. Just. Be. On. Time.

Manners: Shake my husband's hand, make eye contact, be observant, have some personality, try to be discreet in public. We corresponded with a guy once and upon meeting him in person, he looked NOTHING like his pictures (can you guess which rule is next?). We released him back into the sea but for weeks he kept barraging us with requests for pics of wifey...wifey sweaty from the gym, wifey in lingerie, wifey making pancakes. Ughh, it got creepy!

Honesty: Look like your pictures!! We have met a few guys and each time been met with faulty advertising. We are getting better at questioning shots of a guy who is just a little too far away from the camera or if something is up with the lighting.

Hygeine: Dress like you are going on a date, because you are. You just so happen to be dating another man's wife. Dress even better because you aren't buying this woman Tiffany's you are earning the opportunity to impress her enough that she will...wait for it...have SEX with you, like, very, VERY soon. Don't you dare show up with a unibrow and chapped lips!!!

Disclaimer: Obviously, these are my very uptight, rigid standards about a T.O.M., but I'm okay with that. I am contemplating letting a man do something with me that only my husband has done, oh and my husband is going to sit across the room and WATCH the whole thing. It is a VERY big deal and I want the man I choose to think it is just as big a deal too.

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