Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Dam Idiot no more...

You all are never going to believe this...He! Wrote! Back! Yes, our gently used mantoy Adam, finally wrote back. It had been almost two months since we sent him an email and then received no response. We figured he was dead, married, or worse...had turned to religion, when....BAM, one day an email appeared. It was a surprisingly lukewarm response at first but he did explain that he rarely checked that account anymore, he was interested still, and wanted to know what we had in mind. Our avid readers will remember that Hubby has been in the room the couple of other times I have fooled around with Adam. We have discussed that perhaps this next time it might be better for me to be alone with Adam. We trust him and he has been well-behaved in the past...maybe even a little too well-behaved! ;) Hubby and I discussed that I might have less inhibitions if he is out of the room and we are hoping Adam won't be too opposed to filming so that Hubby can watch...and watch...and watch some more..later. When Hubby responded to Adam's email he told him that he was willing to let Adam have me to himself for the day and/or evening. This elicited a quick and hearty response from him telling us how "definitely" interested he was and how hard he instantly became at the thought of my body. This was a nice little confidence boost and Hubby and I have been going at it like rabid little bunnies for two weeks now. One night I was so turned on even that I boldly blurted out, "Show me how you want Adam to fuck me." Hubby wasted no time grabbing my hips and thrusting with everything he had. I am almost certain our neighbors three houses down heard us and I almost certainly did not care.
So, here we are. In a bit of limbo due to my nerves with follow through and inability to meet due to a temporarily demanding schedule. We will have more free time soon and then I must finally commit to doing this. Hubby has wanted this so badly for so long and I can not deny that it turns me on to think of being with Adam. Of course, I am scared that it will change our marriage slightly or epicly, soon or 10 years from now, or in a way we are not even anticipating yet. I love Hubby more than life and would regret ever doing this if it changed us. I want to do this but I also want it to be an experience we can enjoy and be able to move on from. I don't want to discuss it everyday forever and I don't want to have a revolving door on our bedroom. On the other hand, I look forward to this amazing opportunity Hubby is presenting me with. I hope Adam turns me on like he once did, makes me feel sexy and beautiful, and that he fucks me like crazy.

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  1. Outstanding! Looking forward to hearing how it goes.