Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pandora's Box

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Life is good right now. Like getting really good.

My sweet and innocent Wifey has turned a bit feral lately and I'm just trying to hold on. She warned me years ago to be careful for what I wished for because I might just get a surprise when I get home someday.

I still can not believe that my wife posted her boobie picture last week and I hope she will share more great pictures in the future with our followers. Also, thanks to Get8More and H for your compliments. Although I tell Carrie every second of the day that her body was built for deviousness, she still gets concerned that I am bias because, you know, I married her and all. Now she has other men's opinions about her breasts and I'm pretty sure there will be no stopping Carrie. Like today...

We both had a rough week at work and wanted to get out of town for the day. We have been talking about renovating our backyard and heard about a home and garden show about 45 minutes away. Sounds kind of mundane, right? Well, I was promised some sort of beer and grub so went along for the ride. The weather has been crap lately and of course continued to be terrible today. We sloshed through wind, rain and overall gloom and still arrived at the event 15 minutes before it opened. "Great, now we wait", I'm thinking as I pull into a nearly empty parking lot in front of a row of warehouses. As soon as we parked though Carrie looked at me and said, "well, we've got 15 minutes. Wanna hop in the back and fool around?" BaBaWHAA? I froze and contemplated every worry possible. Then, before I knew it Carrie was rubbing her hands together and saying "sexual deviance, Hubby!" as she was hopping in the backseat of out tinted window SUV!

Carrie laid down on the floor, pulled her jeans down and covered herself with a blanket. My hand was immediately all over her freshly shaven warmness and I slipped my middle finger down the part in her puffy pink lips. She was already wet and my fingers went from rubbing her button one moment to pushing one and then two fingers deep into her moistness.

I kept lifting my head up every once in awhile to see if anyone was around but it didn't take me long to lose myself with my wife and I really just enjoyed the rain tapping on the roof of the car. It was just so peaceful and though every car that drove by felt like a police car approaching, I was only focused on my gorgeous wife.

Carrie's breathing began to get louder and heavier as we were kissing. My hand was all over her honeypot and I could not resist my own urges. I gots urges! I began to touch Carrie's ass and not just her voluptuous cheeks but her tight beautiful special occasion hole. I could not believe how fucking intense it was to basically be giving my amazing wife the "Shocker" in the middle of a now very much busy parking lot in the middle of the day.

Sadly one car pulled alongside us and then two seconds later another car pulled up along the other side. Trapped!

Luckily, Carrie and I waited them out and the mood got a little too distracted for both of us. Carrie pulled up her pants and I licked my fingers clean. We headed into the event, me with a throbbing dripping hard on and Carrie with wet panties. As we looked for the entrance to we saw this and couldn't help but laugh devilishly:

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  1. Your wife sound so damn hot, and well from her previous pictures she is.... your a lucky man