Friday, February 25, 2011

Knock On Wood


I should not be this excited about another man doing things to my gorgeous wife, but I am. And the best part is I can not believe how close Carrie and I are to finally making my, or may be it is now "our", fantasy come true of sharing her with another man.

My wife works with this other man and I have accurately described him before as tall, dark, and you know...My wife has given him the letter "F" as his alias and I hope it is becoming of him and her soon. F is a friend of both my wife and I, but definitely more of my wife's friend. They have been flirting with each other for awhile but it seems that the Wifey's Dirty 3o's have kicked in and I, just might, get one hell of a story to post about to you, our dearly believers.

My wife and I have done some naughty stuff before and of course shared it with y'all, but this could be the naughtiest of naughty for the wifey and I, because for this one, and hopefully a few more times, your's truly will not be watching the wifey with her boyfriend. I know for many this is a Tuesday for you, and I'm jealous, but for the wifey and I, this will be something new and already exciting.

So...since I won't be there, I wanted to make a prediction, guess, or wish for how I think my wife and her bf will play'n'out.

Act I

Once Upon Next Week...

I tend to kiss my wife goodbye in the morning before I go to work, but this kiss will be different. Not more tongue or the like, but after the usual hot grandma peck, I believe this will be the appropriate time for my wife to inform me that F is going to be coming by to finish what I started the night before.

My dick will go instantly rigid and my balls will begin making happy sauce, on khaki day of all days!

I will try to linger for more or any details, but Wifey's doorhand is strong and she has her own details to detail.

I will possibly stare at my closed front door too long, and neighbors may wonder why, but I will will myself to push on with my day like the last 47 seconds didn't happen, but my day will be all fucked now that that had just happened. Not bad fucked, but fucked in a way that hopefully won't get me fired at the office for being a little on edge to coworkers, management, and the lady who smells like she owns a successful cat breeding side business.

Act II

My wife will spend her morning in her wife cave, or you may have one called a shower, either way once she's used all the hot water in the Northern Hermisphere, she will pamper herself with scents that make her smell like a delicious mouthwatering wifecake, colors that make her kung-fu penis grippers like the last ten pieces of candy on earth, and oils that make her skin so soft that 20 year old girls weep as she passes them by.

Soon F will arrive and park in my spot in the drive way. F will take the very same steps I did this morning except he will be going towards my house and then towards my wife. I can not imagine much going on in the house other than some awkward talking before the inevitable sex that will take place in places I have yet to sex my wife in. You snooze you loose, so I hope our quiet little house gets a good run for its rent money this month.

My wife likes to kiss and fondle, or foreplay, so I bet F will get his first base badge from my wife on the couch. Kisses will lead to clothes leaving bodies and soon my wife will have F's shirt off so she can get her some of that and I'm not even kidding or making stuff up about F's shirtlessness because the guy wore the tightest shirt possible to my wife's New Years party last year. Man nipples anyone?

Now my chest was built from the finest soft serve ice cream in all the land at the time, so I won't think less of my wife if she has her first orgasm of the day from the oodles and oodles of muscles that beefcake F contains under his tiny shirts. I hope F will see how deprived my wife is and will formulate the best game plan, because my wife has flat out told me that she thinks she can wear out Mr. F. Honestly, I love my wife and all, but if I had to put money on it...meh...uh...hum. Fuck it, I love you honey, but my money is on F knocking your booty out in the fifth round.

Down Goes Booty! Down Goes Booty!

Butt back to my prediction.

My wife is great at finding the happy trail even if there isn't one due to deforestation, and I hope F has the goods to back up all that cock-iness so I don't have to come home to the wife nagging me all night about... I'm like a stick figure with more dick issues than Playgirl magazine, so I'm crossing my fingers for my wifey that F is much bigger but not like a choo choo train size cuz I hope he brought his own condoms then. Think of me as more Motel Six than Super 8, if you will.

I believe my wife gives some amazing head so sit back F and try not to think about the pleasure tongue bath your penis is getting from my wife. Carrie drives me nuts with her tongue and almost always she gets me speaking in strange tongues before all is done. When I'm done wifey spits but with F, it could go either way because he is uberman when it comes to healthy health.

I don't foresee F being much of an oral dude, strikes me as a bit selfish, so let say there's a 65% chance that the wifey's delicate shaven pink candy won't be licked too much if any, at least until I get home.

If F does go there he will never be the same again. If my plane was going down, I hope the last thought I have will be about my wife's exquisite pussy and how great it tastes, but that's just me ladies and gentlemen. I'm sure you have your own favorite places on my wife's body.

I'm sure once F has my wife naked he too will find places in my house to fuck my bride. I hope she bounces up and down on F on my side of the couch while the nosey neighbor walks her little dog for the tenth time that day. I hope F bends my wife over the counter in the kitchen while she tries to make my dinner, sloppy joes? I hope my wife gets pounded to multiple throbbing orgasms while F covers her like a blanket with his engorged chiseled body. Finally, I hope my wife surprises herself with how kinky her and F get in the shower before he leaves and I get home, or maybe...

Act 3!

Maybe instead of my wife taking a shower with F before he leaves, Carrie will be so ko'd by F's barge of impaling that she will fall fast asleep until her husband comes home to awaken her with a gentle kiss on a flushed cheek.

My first guess that my wife really did have a guest over for the afternoon while I was working will be the front door. Always locked, today it will be open. Once inside the quiet house I will notice that the couch looks especially lived in today. I will walk to the kitchen to see a mess from where it looks like two raccoons had a fight over my dinner with splashes of sloppy joes everywhere. I cross the hall and go towards the bedroom. The door is shut and I'm sort of worried that my wife's worst case scenario may have come true because it is so damn quiet in the house.

Once I open the bedroom door, I want to smell the pungent odor that an afternoon spent having rigorous sex will leave in a closed up room. I want to see the blankets broken like a cloud exploded on the bed and an obvious use of my pillows for leverage or what not. I want to see my naked wife's body sleeping on her side. I want to run my hands over her bare legs and up to her still wet and swollen lady parts. I want to see red scratch marks down her snow white back. I want to find her hair a tangled flowing mess. I want to crawl behind her naked body and spoon against her as I begin to reestablish ownership of my wife's supple breasts. I also want to easily smell another man's scent on my wife's neck. I want to pull her close and wake her with a kiss. I want her eyes to open slowly and her mouth to whisper the words, "I wore F out."

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  1. Hi

    I just found your blog. Great reading for me.

    This post is interesting - I can so relate to it.

    I wonder how you will feel if/when you come back and she has done those things (without you).

    How will you feel when you hear that:-

    - she reached for his fly of her own accord, not as his request, unzipped it and took his cock out - because she wanted to play with it?

    - she sucked his cock and did everything to him that she ever does to you and 'really loved it - it was great'?

    - she did 'other' thins with him that she's never done with you, and they were 'really great to'?

    How will you feel when you hear that they fucked on your bed, him from behind, doggy style, really ramming it in. Her with her high heels on because he asked her to keep them on?

    And that he came three times while he was there - first in her mouth and then twice in her pussy - once in the sitting room and once in your bedroom?

    I wonder how you will respond when she tells you that they fucked so much that they got thrsty, so they walked down to the kitchen naked to get a drink. They kissed as they stood next to the fridge because they could not resist each other ('and he is SUCH a great kisser'). The kiss turned to more, his 'woonderful cock' got hard and she dropped to her knees and sucked it right there - they actually didn't get a drink because they forgot that's why they'd gone down stairs...

    :) I'll be fascinated to hear how you react to these little findings - I know I struggle with them!

    Keep us posted, and good luck!

    Lovely looking wife by the way! More pics please!