Friday, January 28, 2011

The Week In Review

Holla mi amigos y amigas!

This has been a nice little surprise of a week and I wanted to share it with our now 67 followers and anyone else who is not scare the lurkers!

SUNDAY - Best Laid Plans

Well...this was not a very good day. My football team laid a fat stinking fart smelling egg sandwich of a performance on the field and so the wife and I spent the rest of the evening drinking and eating bbq while we caught up on our DVR required watchings. Don't know if it was a really outstanding craft brew with a smokey chocolate flavor or the 3rd episode in a row of Jeopardy that night, but the wifey and I ended the evening in the magic room for some frisky business.

I'm sure no one wants the dirty details of a husband making love to his beautiful bride, but then again why are you reading our dirty blog if you don't wants the dirty dirties, so let's be honest and here we go...

The BOOMBOOM was very very very good that night. It went down with me going down on the wife and then she returned the favor by giving me a long slow blow job. Carrie will never fully understand just how good she is at giving bj's because it's not just the mouth/penis thing. It's in the details. Carrie knows that I enjoy my giant misshapen goatballs played with and she rubs them with just enough pressure to make me groan with loving pleasure and not squirm in duress. I also love playing with my wife's hair as she is sucking on me. Carrie's hair is so long that I enjoy the way it feels spread out on my bare chest as her head is working on my laptop.

So...after a few more relaxing minutes of Carrie's heavenly sucking, I was ready to be in my wife. Carrie straddled me while my hands went straight to her behind. Carrie has always had an amazing ass and I can easily get a full-on hard-on after all these years together by just squeezing Carrie's big white booty.

The sex was intense for a Sunday with Carrie grinding her hips into me as my dick truly did its best to please her in return. Great SEX!

MONDAY - Hard Work Pays Off?

Wifey and I spent some hard earned money on Monday for a new bed frame. Carrie and I had nicknamed the old bed frame "The Time Machine" because when we had sex on it, the loud squeaky noise was...loud.

Well, once the new bed frame was done being put together, and it looks great by the way, Carrie and I were excited by all the possibilities that a new bed frame holds. Carrie joked about all the cock she was going to get on the newish bed and I didn't miss a beat by giving her my very best Brier Rabbit trickster plea of, "Please Carrie, don't entertain other men on our Marital bed!"

TeeHee I hope she bought it!


I got a job!

So you can just Eat it, feeling of being A-Hopeless-Unemployable-Wad-of-Homeless-Frog-Jizz!

Wednesday - And the winner is...

Carrie has been working a lot lately at her restaurant job and every so often I go down and hang out in the bar while she works. I like to hang out with Beer! with Scotch! and with Fancy Drinks! Carrie has worked at this place for about 3 years now and so I know most of the people she works with and like most restaurants everyone that works there is pretty attractive.

Now you may have guessed by now but one of my all time favorite activities is to watch...people, TV, or my wife with other men, but whatever it is, I always use my wide staring eyes to observe what's going on around me. So I was very eager to hear the two young male servers discuss who at the restaurant had the best ass. Now Carrie finds it hard to believe, but a lot of men are ass men and that doesn't mean tiny ass men. I can not speak for MANkind, but boobs are nice and friendly but a butt is the real test of a woman's sexy assets and I love Carrie's big beautiful behind.

20 years ago when I first met Carrie, it wasn't her boobs that got my attention, it was her round bottom that filled my body with a strong desire that is still running rampant in my pants today.

Well, it was no surprise to me that those two men were not considering small butts for best behind, who would, but I will confess I was sort of waiting for Carrie's name to come up in the top fanny discussion, butt to my great surprise, both men agreed that another lady had such a "FAT ASS" and therefore she was the winner winner of the rump dinner!

Huh? What! Wait a minute! What about my wife? OK, unfortunately it is true that Carrie's ass is not as big as this other girl's, but c'mon Carrie's rear deserved an honorable mention at least.

I told Carrie after work about her colleagues' ass vote, and this time it was Carrie who didn't miss a beat because her response was simply, "I need to go pants shopping" and for those who do not know what that means...look out Miss Booty, Mrs Booty wants her title back.

Thursday - We're Going To Need A Bigger...

So in a somewhat deja vu way, the wifey and I broke in the new bed frame and boy did I do something right.

The sex started much the same as Sunday's sex with my face buried between the best thighs in all of the creamy lands. I know I am supposed to be getting my wife off when I'm going down on her, but there is something that triggers in me once I see that delicious pink spot, because I become a maniac with an over-sized tongue. By the time I'm done, and by "done" I mean, usually when Carrie taps me on the head and says you're done, I've gotten everything wet. Carrie, the bed, the walls, my dresser, the tv...I have an overactive tongue and I LOVE eating Carrie's...

In other news, Carrie has been trying to be more fair in the oral sex department, so I got another bj before the sex was to commence, but I've already described Carrie's blow jobs to the best of my ability. You must try one for yourself someday, but what I really want to write about was the SEX!

First of all it felt spectacular going from Carrie's warm attentive mouth to her even warmer pussy so that's just what I did. The second Carrie released her lips from my cock, I pulled her up and got on top of her. I pinned her down under my body and in one confident thrust I entered my wife. I love how Carrie's pussy makes my dick feel so long and hard, like I could be measured in days and not inches. I started slowly moving my hips against her parted thighs as I ultimately went...wait for all time favorite dirty saying...BALLS DEEP into Carrie!

I do not know what came over me that night because I am in no way that sort of guy usually, but I took control of Carrie's body as we were fucking. When she rolled over to grab her vibrator, I grabbed her hips from behind and greedily jumped her bones right there; the entire time holding on tightly to her womanly hips. I even lifted her onto me from behind so that I was laying on my back with her laying on her back, on top of me. I loved the feeling of her gorgeous ass cheeks squished between her and me while I sucked on her strawberry colored nipples. From this position, Carrie turned over and like Sunday's sexytime, rode me cowgirl style facing me. Wifey was so incredibly wet at this time that I knew she probably wasn't feeling much penis sensation anymore since I'm more length than girth, so I pulled Carrie down so her breasts were pressed against my chest and I whispered in her ear...

...and then I just went for it!

I had to ask Carrie later that night if she could feel my manhood much at the end and she said it was kind of hard to feel anything when she is that wet but that it must have felt pretty good to get her that aroused. I agreed, but I still have to wonder if she had a lover with a bigger membership package, just how much she would enjoy both wet and stroking at the same time.


At Carrie's job there is a male god named, F. I'm about as gay as Clint Eastwood, but I will admit F is a very attractive man. F is about my age and my height but that's being very fair to me because F pulls the age and height thing off better than me. F is built with a tall, dark, and good looking base to go with the muscles and confidence that really puts the panties on the floor for all the ladies. Hell, even the hot fully lesbian cook gets all giddy and girlie around F, so I can not besmirch Carrie too much if she may also have a healthy F desire in her loins. The man really is that attractive that ALL the ladies want him and all the dudes want to hang out with him.
I must admit that at first I was not a big F fan and honestly because I knew when I met him that Carrie would like him a lot. Not that Carrie would ever leave me for F or any letter in the alphabet, but Carrie is a very healthy attractive woman and like most women, she is not impervious to a hot man who can offer a sexual cornucopia of pleasures. Jealousy is a bitch and I hated on F a little too much at first because I felt insecure about knowing that Carrie would be attracted to him even before she met him herself. Maybe it also has to do with a move he was describing to another server when I visited last summer. Apparently this monster sex move makes the ladies beg him to stop when he's on them but then they want it again and then he has them begging for it later. What kind of move could it be? I still want to know and it's killing me. But back to F and Carrie.

And sure enough, once Carrie and F met, I would always see them talking together in the restaurant when I would come to visit my Carrie. Hell she would spend more time with him and I got a little bent out of shape because I knew F from before when he was an out of control man slut who could and would bang any girl just because all chicks dig F and who wouldn't want to bang him. But F had changed over the years and he has declared his womanizing to be a thing of the past. Right?

After a few stupid fights with Carrie over F, I realized that I was overreacting quite a bit of F's intentions for Carrie. F is still very attractive and so he is a very real threat, but I could never see F and Carrie running away together. F has even come over to hang out at our place and I must admit that I like the guy myself. Since F, Carrie, and I are all about the same age it is fun to reminisce about Fraggle Rock, songs from movies, and other non-important topics.

Well, remember the new job from Tuesday? Well, Tuesdays giveth and they also must taketh too, because in the next few months, I will have to go out of town for a week of training. Carrie and I have only been apart 3 nights in our 15 years so this is going to be a new sensation for us as a couple. Now I know Carrie doesn't need to worry about me doing anything with anyone but I hope I can convince Carrie that she has earned after 15 years with me "PASS" for that week. Carrie will be for 5 days and 4 nights in all reality a free single woman, so I hope she will take full advantage of all her choices. What could a young bride with a PASS and a big house all to herself do for a week...

Just a thought, but I wonder if F could come by and tuck my innocent wife into bed while I'm away, and well maybe while he's there with Carrie, she could ask F for a demonstration of his incredible move. You know, for research

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