Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Beautiful Life with A Perfect Wife

Greetings from Sunny Florida!!!
And welcome to the last days of Spring Training before a brand new season is upon us.  Well, it's actually two new seasons because not only is a glorious new season of seasoned baseball players ready to play baseball, and I'm ready to watch them overpriced gents from a completely insanely uncomfortable plastic seat with my exquisite @PlayfulWifey by my side and an absurdly incredibly expensive beer in my hand, but also about that equally important new season that has also sprung from the depths of wintery blue balls to the promise land of a warm new world of carnal delights...

HotWife Season is HERE!!!

The chicken satay its stay too long and the eggnog question has expired and now I'm left with which comes first: the Hotwife or the Baseball season. 

Closely tied in standings, they seem.

The winters are miserably cold outside and very warm in our house at the same time which means there is lots of eating and fucking at home nights to be enjoyed; buttass in the spring, the Wifey's clothes seem less and less the more and more out into the warm hot public days/nights...and sweet cheese and brown rice does the Wifey have a wonderful body of nice to display for all I hope to enjoy.

Cum one! Cum all!! Cum thinking about my naked hotwife!!!
I know I got some on the wall!

This last winter wasn't all balls, well they weren't blue balls that's for sure.  The wifey and I aren't on here much, but we still get up to a bunch of no good from time to all the time and well to begin...

Unfortunately, if you read, and I hope you did, the Wifey's last post, her fantasy of me driving her to some businessman's office for him and her to get down on each other's business, I'm sad to write in my latest TPS report didn't happen, but the wife and I have stayed actively active in our search for the next playtoy for my Wifey to devour. 

Not sooo active that we have met any candidates but Wifey and I keep an AFF account open, except there's no accounting for some of the accounts on AFF.  Dudes can be weird, and they really aren't helping anyone's cause sometimes when they offer to rape, impregnate, or smoke meth with my Wifey.  Really, we appreciate these truly odd and sometimes illegal offers but we were looking to go in a different direction with sharing my wife with others.

Not all is rotten in the land of AFF and some guys have actually entertained my Wifey on more than one or more occasion with either some witty word exchanging stuff, some charming good looks, or with some good O'fashion whip/tug a big it out on webcam action. Let's just say, I've seen more than my fair share of peni recently and this may sound weird to say in a church bathroom, or not, but it turns me on like a lamp when Wifey gets all these guys to perform on webcam for her.  Every time she gets these strange men off, and they have that glassy "oh shit" look in their sleepy eyes afterwards, Wifey tells them good night and then off to bed the wife and I go to make sure the neighbor's still do not doubt who is the loudest sex noise house on the block.  

OH! the different dicks I've seen. Fun fact, the biggest one wasn't attached to a black gentleman but instead the meat monger lived in Italy so don't bet on Italy to win the World Cup this year with those extra pounds slowing them down (insert trumpet WahWah sound)

And just don't you think it's unfair or that maybe after all that cock, my mind now goes there...Wifey isn't all bats and balls, she is still very much the type of wifey who gets down for a lady show after a few rounds.  Eating, drinking, smoking, fucking, and drinking is pretty much the family crest on our front door, so when we go a few miles (kilometers) from that front door, the depravity only intensifies more.  We attack a foreign city like Vikings, or Godzilla, pillaging and plundering and leaving a big tip for the hotel staff know...hotel sex.

We usually break a new hotel room bed in immediately upon entering more than the room.  Let it know who's boss here until check-out time 11am.  The room's walls and the city streets are never the same after what they see and I'm proud to have found my fellow delinquent life partner whose enjoys the same drinking holes and the same titty poles as I do, and not just on my birthday dirty mind you, but I don't mind bragging about bagging the type of wifey who would rather go to a nudie club than a dancedance club any day including twice on Sundays and even on our Valentine Day weekend getaway.

Much like the AFF box of chocolate, you never know what you are getting into once you pay your couple's fee to enter a naked lady revue.  There are plenty of moody girls there acting like I'm the reason their fathers' left home, and once those DD's (Debbie Downer's) go away, it becomes really the best place to watch all kinds of people.  Sure there are naked ladies doing their naked lady thing, but if you look beyond all the butts and the sensory overload, there is just so much going on in that cool dark misty room.  Plenty of weird guys in groups or by themselves to observe what flavor of naked chick's calling gets them closer to the stage.  There's also plenty of naked girls of course looking for transactions of all levels, but sometimes if you aren't paying attention, they write their college papers in a dark booth or hang out together in groups to talk about me of I'm sure.  It's not a theme park in LA for everyone, but that's why they build theme parks in LA for everyone. 

Before you fully become conscience of there being no pictures or video of my Wifey in this post let me leave you with this truly pants constricting true story from on the road. 

I've seen a million sunsets, and I remember each one, but I will never forget the last evening of our return road trip home from one of our last licentious vacations.  I love my cat, although my wife is my favorite pet, and I love to pet my pet.  Usually as I drive, we will touch each other from time to time.  It's not like we don't spend enough time together, although I could always go for more if you know where I can get it. I love touching her all over her alluring body and NO PLACE has been safe from a touch, kiss, or lick so it probably wouldn't surprise anyone here with me on this page, that my hands started on Wifey's bare knee and then my fingers did some walking up thigh and um...there might have been some finger like lewd behavior on the freeway home that night as we passed by you all.

And not to leave you hanging...When we got home later that night, I went to work on things.


  1. This is one hilarious and well-written journal entry. While I prefer erotic tension and movement on that front, I'll accept this bit of wit in the meantime. My favorite thing. Strippers looking at you like you're the reason their fathers left home. Shot coffee out of my mouth. Perhaps you don't stay till closing time but the saddest last song at most strip clubs is the one girl dancing to "Better Man" by Pearl Jam. Seen it more than a few times.

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