Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer is Heating Up

...and we are back.

I know, I know, we haven't been very good to you lately with almost no new feedings in such a long time, but I hope we may be on to something right meow and you may just want to pull up a comfy chair...

Wifey and I have been plugging a lot of holes this year on other people's boats, that's just kind of what we do, but at one point this summer it sort of just set in for the Wifey and I that we just aren't doing a lot for ourselves. Ever.

So Wifey and I, in addition to other things, have really gotten back into finding a male plaything for Wifey to play with, and I will say that the best decision so far, is this time, was to drop Adam from our booty call list.  Adam has had so many chances but even I know better to say he's had his last chance.

The here and now is that Wifey has been amazing this summer and has been so strong through a lot of "life" this year.  So when we start kicking around the idea of Wifey taking a lover, our bedroom heats up like a forest fire on dry clean bed sheets. 

I love, love, love when Wifey and I can't keep our hands off of each other and whenever we are looking for friends to play with for Wifey, it seems we become the horniest, the dirtiest, and the filthiest married couple alive. 

I should not want my wife more than I already do, and then she wears little white shorts and I want to tear her little ass apart with my tongue, but wait! Now add all the same looks of desire I see other men and women give my wife's ass (amongst all other parts of her snack-cake body) and I get so hard that it feels like my dick is going to rip off of my body.  And when Wifey releases my inner workings, I erupt with such intense force that nothing, nothing, could rehab me from this vampy Wifey addiction I most certainly have.

Now the best part of my life, that some of you must already know, is that it's best to have a Wifey like mine.  Like she may, just may, be even slightly, ever so slightly, more of a pervert than me.  That's it!  That's the fucking room full of gold for me!!!  I may never earn another peso in my life, but to find a best friend is rewarding enough and then that best friend agrees to marry you, because she likes you, is a fucking gift from the gods. It doesn't stop there friends, due to the fact that your best friend, who also is your wifey, is also into the same kinky shit that you're into too!

I'm surprised I don't burst with rainbows and unicorns, I'm so g.d. happy with my partner in life!!!

OK I've lost track thinking about my Wifey again, and I wanted to share more of her with you.  Like that she's on a dating site again and has seen A LOT of cock this summer.  Big ones, small ones, cloaked cocks, cocks with bling, etc. You get the tip. 

And, I get to sit next to my painfully sexy Wifey all night, while she chats with all sorts of strange men from literally all over the world.  I am the proud hubby of a Wifey that is desired by so many guys, and quite a few girls, that say all the things you can say to a Wifey on an adult chat room late late late at night.  My Wifey has made men with GIANT dicks cum from her dirty chats and sexy comments.  I have absolutely never gotten tired of hearing these attractive men gush in more ways than one over the pictures of my Wifey's big beautiful bottom, or those men who want to continue the knotting of Wifey with her binding corset on indeed.  She's made me laugh till my head looked more like a red tomato than a brown hubby head, after she told a man, without missing a beat, that his 7" COCK was...small.  Don't feel bad for him, he liked her verbal spankings.  Just as I liked wife's steamy descriptions of what she'd do for a pent up gent in a penthouse.  Let's say I was more than aroused with her IMing bj dialogue and I went full sextard immediately when she told him that she wanted to find a seat really near him and his two handed monster friend too. TEEhee

I love hearing how these men talk to my Wifey, but I get way more aroused by her responses to them, and I get even more turned on when Wifey enjoys the reactions she is getting from me.  In fact when Wifey told me that she liked me watching her sexchat other men, I really was ready for the good lord to take me cause I had tasted my heaven and I never wanted to leave the dining room.

Instead Wifey and my behavior on the internet with others makes me hustle her to the bedroom and bend her over the side of the bed. 
With her sexy legs hanging/standing near the side of the bed, I pull her skirt up and press myself down on her half naked body. 
I stretch both of her long tan arms to the other side of the bed as she is now fully facedown with her fully naked thighs and ass in front of me.
I stroke my vulnerable Wifey as she doesn't resist my hands moving from her perfect bare lower back, then over her supple rear, and down the outside of those full of creamy thighs. 
Seeing how relaxed Wifey looks with her long eyelashes huddled together, and the brilliance of her shiny ring on her very married finger, I try to calm myself from getting too excited. 
Excitement is rushing over me thinking about her recent "internet friend" that wants to take her out on a date with or without me but most probably without me and this drives my fingertips up the inside of my Wifey's thighs as she lays ready for me, or him, to continue this sensual massage. 
Since he isn't here, but knowing his desire is still out there somewhere for my Wifey, I reach the warmest and moistest place I've ever been before, I swear. 
I feel over all that wonderful area as the gentle touching turns to slight tugging and nudging into that responding spot. 
I can hear that area respond and my cock must have heard it too because he then on takes charge of manimal like desires. 
My hands are no longer mine and I'm left to watch as some part much closer to the scene is now in control of my body. 
Even though they are still clothed my balls want to feel the back of her ass and thighs, I can't resist their urges any longer. 
My arms reach up from her ends and then with palms opened, down comes two simultaneous slaps that are more than welcomed from her body's response. 
I can't believe how amazing this looks, feels, and sounds. 
The pinkish look of her fleshy ass after being swatted, and the feeling of controlling her delicate body in my hands over her shoulders, ribs, and back as they held her into the bedding, or the sexy sounds of her wetness being exposed as I pull and separate her pleasures gently apart.



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