Thursday, April 28, 2011

The State of the Union Forever

Well, Well,. Well,.,
Where the hell have all you been?
Ok, I know the Wifey and I have disappeared for awhile, but we had this whole Royal Wedding thing to plan for our friends.
Sorry that was a terrible lie, and after our last April Fool's Day post too.
Speaking of that last post, so we knew it was a bit unbelievable to our critically thinking followers, but to let you in on a who-the-fuck-cares little secret...the Wifey and I took turns writing each paragraph of that post.
The Wifey and I had never written any porn together and I have to admit that I had a big butt lot of fun smutting the internet up with my wife, but most absolute best friend.
So we've been gone for awhile (Did you miss us? It's not like you write or call anymore now that you got your big plans with your...what do you call them? friends?) and there has been a major update to our hotwife adventures. But it is not good, not good at all..and well, to be completely is my fault y'all, and sort of your fault too really...
When we left off, Carrie and F were getting friendly, and to make a difficult story as short as possible...I may have blown a very possible possibility, but to be me, you see, is that nothing comes easy.
Turns out dear readers, your's truly can be a bit of a jealous jeffery. Like ugly WTF type jealous jeffery.
Tsk Tsk.
Not pretty my pretties.
And hear this shit!
My wifey was just doing what I have been begging and begging her to do for like 79 years! Ain't that some turd. Basically, if a wannabe hotwife hubby could shoot himself in the foot with a hydrogen bomb, well...yoo hoo! that's this p-rick.
Well, I am not going to dwell in the caca-well of April wowzers, because I cannot lie friends, followers, and perverts, I am still consumed with the desire to become the proud hubby of a wife that is allowed to explore her sexuality with other men and women.
I know what your thinking, "Dude, c'mon, you sort of lost your b.m. over Carrie getting friendly with F", and yes DICK, your absolutely right for bringing that up, but
in my
after waking up the last few mornings with some 19 year old wood in my very deeply dirty 30 cock-a-doodle-doooo, and a past of not going metalhead when my wife tries to give me my dream cuck-a-dude-blue fantasy cum true, I'm gonna put my funny money on being briefly a bit of a twitter, and not a wanna be cuckold quitter.
So, it is my hope my fellow freaks, twinks, and polysexuals, that my, no, "our" Wifey will overlook my recent behavior for what it really internal meltdown of sorts...and get down to getting down with someone other than her hubby the clown.


  1. Sorta tough to follow all that, but glad to see you posting again!

  2. Yeah... What happened?